Huntingtown High School Boys Lacrosse

Huntingtown High School Boys Lacrosse

New River Valley Lacrosse Club

2015 Boys Player Contract

As a student/athlete on the New River Valley Lacrosse Club (NRVLC) Boys Lacrosse Team, I promise:

- To be a positive leader within my school, understanding that my position as a student/athlete is one of privilege and responsibility.

- To be a worthy representative of my team, teammates, coaches, and sport, abiding by school and community expectations and reflecting my team’s values of commitment, hard work and sportsmanship.

- To maintain my health and fitness levels by following the training rules as prescribed by the coaching staff.

- To reflect the knowledge that a commitment to excellence is nothing without the commitment to hard work and practice.

- To attend every practice and game unless excused by my coach.

- To accept the responsibilities of team membership and sportsmanship such as cooperation, support of my teammates, shared responsibilities, positive interactions, and mutual respect for everyone.

- To reflect a positive attitude by expressing my feelings and ideas intelligently and appropriately.

- To refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products, illegal substances, or any other substances that will have a negative effect on my performance as a student/athlete.

- To understand the proper behavior is expected at all times, and that time spent in ISS (In School Suspension), OSS (Out of School Suspension), or in Saturday School will result in decreased playing time and possibly dismissal from the team.

- To understand that any knowledge I have of player contract violations or actions that compromise the integrity of the NRVLC Boys Lacrosse Team must be addressed with my coaches or I may be subject to the same consequences as the offender.

  1. Classroom Expectations

- Players must maintain passing grades and good attendance while on the lacrosse team.

- Players must conduct themselves in the classroom and at school as a positive representative of the NRVLC.

  1. Practice Expectations

- Players must be on time to practice.

- Concentrate, Listen and Learn. Move quickly to get in position for each drill. When an activity is stopped to correct an individual, or a team, pay close attention in order that you will not need the same correction.

- Give your best effort at all times.

- Make your teammates better. Praise and encourage your teammates. NO CRITICISM, ALIBIS, EXCUSES or COMPLAINING.

- Accept responsibilities for mistakes. Know your assignments and plays.

- Have all your equipment with you everyday.

- Be enthusiastic. Enjoy yourself.

  1. Game Expectations

- Whether you are playing or not, all members must remain supportive of each other and recognize that every individual sacrifice is directly related to the team’s success.

- Players will execute the coach’s instructions to the bests of their abilities.

- All players must have all of their equipment. (including mouthpiece)

- Players will respect the opposing team, opposing coaches, referees and fans.

- No players will leave the field until all equipment and trash is in its proper place.

IV. Travel Expectations

- Players will carpool to and from games with teammates in vehicles driven by parents/adults. (Remember you are representing your team, sport, and NRVLC.)

- Exceptions will only be made in extreme circumstances, when prior arrangements have been agreed upon by the coach and parents of the involved player(s), and when both the passenger player and driving player have submitted completed NRVLC driver/passenger forms to their coaches.

  1. Violations and Consequences

As a member of a team you have a responsibility to yourself, your teammates, and coaches to be at every practice and game. By missing practice and/or game time you are missing valuable experience with your teammates and valuable instruction from your coaches. Other than medical or family emergencies there are no excused absences from games or practices. Coaches should be notified of any forthcoming absences PRIOR to the practice/game you expect to miss. Any and all scheduling conflicts should be made known to the coaches PRIOR to the start of the season.

Late to practice or leave early from practice:

- 1st Offense – Warning

- 2nd Offense – Will not start following game and possible reduced playing time

- 3rd Offense – 1 game suspension

- 4th Offense – Player may be removed from team.

Missing Practices or Games:

- 1st Unexcused Absence – Will not play in 1st quarter of following game, P.T. for remaining 3 quarters may also be reduced

- 2nd Unexcused Absence – 1 Game Suspension

- 3rd Unexcused Absence – Removal from team

- Please note excessive excused absences could also result in removal from the team.

- If a player misses the practice a day before a game that player is not eligible to start in that game.

Violations of classroom, practice, game, & travel expectations: (Consequences are handed out with the sole discretion of the head coach.)

Consequences include, but are not limited to:

- Not Starting

- Sitting out a quarter or a half

- Sitting out the remainder of the game

- One game suspension

- Removal from the team

I have read and understand the rules and regulations for player conduct for the New River Valley Lacrosse Club Boy’s lacrosse team. I understand that lacrosse is a team sport and in order to be successful we must have full dedication by all the players on the team and abide by the above rules and regulations. I have been made aware of the consequences for any inability I might have to follow the guidelines put in place by the coaching staff.

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Boys lacrosse team.

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