Humanities English 10: Turnitin

Humanities English 10: Turnitin

Humanities English 10: Student Guide

Class ID:
Class Password: is a plagiarism detection service that “fingerprints” documents and compares them to sources on the Internet. When you have finished your paper you must submit it to A hard copy must be submitted to your teacher.

Step 1: Set Up Your Personal Profile

Before you can access the system you must create a user profile. A user profile

consists of an email address, a user created password, and your first and last name. You do this only once. So if you did it before for a previous class, don’t do it again. IF you need to do this here is what you must do.

1. Open a web browser on your computer. In the address location field, type in the URL:

2. Click on the enter button to begin.

3. Click on the create a new user profile button.

4. Enter an email address that you check frequently. The password you create here is for your account, not your email account. Write this down in the box below, then click next.

The email account you will use for / *Make sure it is an active email and one you will continue to use as you must use the same email account for all classes. Write this information down where you won’t lose it.
Your Password: / *Passwords are case sensitive. 6-12 characters long and must contain at least (1) number and (1) letter for security purposes.

5. Enter your personal information in the following fields and click next.

6. The following screen confirms the information entered. If it is correct, click next.

7. The final screen confirms the new user registration. Click login to continue.

Step 2: Join Our Class

The first time you enter, you will not be enrolled in any class. Before you can begin using the service, you must enroll in an instructor-created class. Here is how:

  1. Click User Login on the main page or go to the login page at
  2. Enter the email address and user password you used above. Select student as the user type. Click login.
  3. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, click on join new class.
  4. Enter the class ID number and the class enrollment password above.
  5. Click submit and the newly enrolled class will appear on your student home page.

Step 3: Submit an Assignment

The first page you will see upon entering our class is your class portfolio, which serves as an active archive of all submissions. To access the class portfolio for your class, click on the correct class from the student homepage. Your class portfolio will initially be empty.

  1. Log in to and click on the class for which you wish to submit an assignment.
  1. To submit a paper, click on the turn it in! button on the navigation bar. The paper submission page will open.
  1. Information from your user profile will be automatically entered into the first name, last name, and author ID fields. Before you can submit your paper, you must first select an assignment and enter a title for your paper. Then, choose how you want to submit your paper – either by file upload, or by copying and pasting the text of your paper into your browser.

File Upload / Papers can be submitted in MS Word, rich text format (RTF), PDF, Postscript, HTML, or plain text format. To upload a paper, click on the browse button on the paper submission page. Once you have selected a file, click on the “submit” button to upload your file.
Copy & Paste / To copy and paste text, first make sure your document is saved in a plain text format as only plain text (text only) can be pasted into a browser. Next, highlight the text you would like to transfer and select copy from the edit menu of your word processing program. Finally, place your mouse cursor in the “main text” box in your browser and select the paste command from your browser’s edit menu. The text of the paper will be transferred from your word processing program into your browser.

When finished, click "Submit." Do not forget to click submit or your assignment will not be submitted to You will then receive a confirmation of your Submission via email. You should print a copy of this. A few hours later you need to get an originality report. Log on to the site, find your submitted paper, click on “originality report” and print what appears on the screen. If it is not ready try later.