HS Math 1Teacher: Mrs. Jamie Getz

HS Math 1Teacher: Mrs. Jamie Getz

HS Math 1Teacher: Mrs. Jamie Getz

Room: 264E-mail: Planning Period: 4thHour Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:15-4:00pm

Classroom Procedures

  • Come to classprepared. This includes: binder, assignments, agenda, and pencil.
  • Follow the expectations for conduct posted in the classroom.
  • Come to class on time.


  • Write assignments in agenda each day.
  • Put your name on your homework legibly, use pencil only, and show all work.
  • Turn in your homework on time. Missing assignments will be recorded in the grade book as a 50%.

Absent Work

  • If you miss school, you are responsible for the assignment(s) and notes missed.
  • If you leave school early due to illness or a school function you are responsible for receiving your work before leaving and turning it in the next day with the rest of the class.
  • You will be given two days to complete absent work. Any absent work that is not received will be counted as a missing assignment.


  • Taking notes is required but there will be no grade given.
  • These notes are YOUR guide for studying and for test help
  • If you miss a day of notes, be sure to copy these from the teacher or friend as soon as possible.


  • My PRA website will be updated frequently!
  • There will be an abundance of resources for each and every chapter covered. PLEASE use them.

Grading Policy

  • As a Middle School, Learning Activities will account for 20% of a student’s grade and Assessments will account for 80% of a student’s grade.
  • Learning Activities: Homework and Classroom Activities
  • Homework will be recorded as a percentage.
  • Any grade less than 60% will be recorded as a 60% in the grade book.
  • Homework will not be allowed for retake as it is for practice and not to show mastery.
  • All late homework is due by the test date. Any missing work will be recorded as a 50% in the grade book.
  • Assessments: Tests, Projects, Exams
  • 90-100% A
  • 80-89% B
  • 70-79% C
  • 0-69% F
  • All tests will have the opportunity for a retake.
  • The best test score will be recorded from a retake. It will not be averaged.
  • The opportunity for a retake is to show mastery among topics.
  • Every test has the opportunity for retake during office hours. Once the semester is over, these tests are no longer available for retake.
  • Final Exams will account for 10% of the semester grade.

Behavior Management Plan

  • The classroom is sacred to teaching and learning.
  • We will be focusing on early intervention, gateway behaviors and language.
  • “Think Sheets” will be filled out when necessary at the back table.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the cell phone and personal device policy in the PRA School Handbook.

Outline Guide (Possible changes may occur!)

*Arithmetic to Algebra

*Expressions and Equations



*Exponents and Functions

*Statistics and Fitting Lines

*Introduction to Geometry

*Congruence and Transformations

*Intro to Right Triangle Geometry

*Intro to Quadratics