HR180U: UCIT Billing Primary Headcount by Org Unit

HR180U: UCIT Billing Primary Headcount by Org Unit

Revised 7/26/2016

HR180U: UCIT Billing Primary Headcount by Org Unit


HR180U is a report that was designed to identify the headcount that will be used during a fiscal year for billing the UCIT monthly bundled services.

Report Usage

 Departments may wish to run the HR180U report to identify the employees that will be counted for the bundled services headcount in advance of November 1 to determine if there are any employees who should have been terminated (such as students, adjuncts and corporate employees).

 UCIT will execute this report on November 1 each year to determine the number of employees each organization will pay the bundled services fee for. WARNING: If a separation PCR is still in workflow, an employee will show up on this report and will be counted. Therefore, departments should process separation PCRs well in advance of November 1 to make sure they aren’t paying for employees who are no longer working for them. Also, since HR information changes daily and actions can be done retroactively, only the data reported when HR180U is EXECUTED ON November 1 will be valid.

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Data Definitions

 Though employees may have several positions at UC, this report only counts their PRIMARY position and all are in ACTIVE status except Emeriti who are normally Inactive.

 The following groups of employees are included in the report:

o Faculty: All Faculty & Librarian subgroups F1-F7 and L1-L3 PLUS ROTC Faculty

o Adjuncts: F9 subgroup plus FB to FD

o Staff: A1, H1, I1, O1, P1, U1-2, E1-3, plus T1 and C1 excluding AFSCME and IUOE

o AFSCME and IUOE: C1 and T1 Employee Subgroups in Personnel Subarea U004 and U005

o Graduate Assistants: Employee Group 1, Employee Subgroup S1

o Student Workers: Employee Group 2, Employee Subgroup S1

o Emeriti: Employee Subgroup R2, Active and Inactive Status

o Corporate: Employee Subgroup N4

o Special: Employee Subgroup N3

Headcount Percentages by Grouping

Use this link to the UCIT document that defines the percentages that are applied to the groups above.



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HR180U Relationship to Other Reports

HR180U reports only CURRENT data. This same data and attributes of its variables can be partially found in the various HR BW reports.

HR180U Relationship to R/3

Since BW data is as of the previous day's business, this report will not include any activity that has posted today in R/3.

Additional Information:

N1 – Spouse/Dependent is a group of spouses and dependents of deceased retirees that were converted from HRMS in order to manage their benefits

N3 – Special is a group of employees who are not paid by UC. Normally they are Visiting Faculty who are paid by another institution and not UC.

N4 – Corporate is a group of contractors and employees of the College of Medicine’s Private Practices who need access to UC Flex plus the Clinical Instructors at University Hospital

O1 – Out of Area is a group of Post Docs who work outside the local area

a is a group of Post Docs who work outside the local area