How to Create a Referral Using Auto-Populating Arden Referral Letter

How to Create a Referral Using Auto-Populating Arden Referral Letter

How to create a referral using auto-populating Arden referral letter

Please be aware that there may be some variation in practice when creating the referrals.

Step 1

Click the orange “communications” arrow

Step 2

Choose the type of referral (2ww or routine) then click on write letter – specify the number of consultations that are to pulled into the letter

Step 3

Click write now

Step 4

Type in letter dictation. Review letter content.


To enable use of the tick boxes on 2WW forms you must activate the form protection button. This must be deactivated before saving.

Step 5

Once letter has been checked and is finalised, select ‘Save Final Version’ (select ‘Save For Future Editing if letter is not yet complete).

Step 6

Then right click on ‘Referrals’ and select ‘New Choose and Book Referral’

Step 7

Select the referrer and the urgency of the referral

After pressing ok, a box will appear that will say “Requesting UBRN from spine. Please wait”. The box will go after a couple of seconds and the second box will appear.

Step 8

Fill in the referrer’s details, organisation, the read code and the department you are referring to. The read code is added by pressing the R button.

Then click book appointment – the e-Referral website will then open.

Step 9

Fill in the referral information then click search all.

Step 10

Click the check box for the service you require and then click appointment search.

Step 11

Click on the most suitable appointment for the patient and then click book.

If not able to contact patient then print out the first available appointment with the password from the e-Referral screen and post it to the patient. This reduces the risk of the referral being missed.

If there are no clinics to book on to, choose “defer to provider” and follow the same process of printing the details and password.

Step 12

The appointment details are displayed. Click on the patients name to retrieve the password (make a note of the password in the patient’s record in case this needs to be accessed at a later date by the patient). Click submit.

Step 13

Click close and return to SystmOne.

Step 14

Click on write now.

Step 15

Write a short sentence stating please find the referral letter attached. To attach the referral form click on letter.

Click send final version.

Step 16

Save the patient’s record.

The referral is complete!

The website below also contains useful guidance with regard to making e-referrals.