How Did the Annual Review Go?

How Did the Annual Review Go?

How did the Annual Review go?

In Oxfordshire we are interested in how you thought the Annual Review went. We’d be really grateful if you could answer these questions either by completing the online survey at EHCP Annual Review Meeting - Young Person Feedback or filling out this form and posting it to us at the address shown at the end. Your answers will help us to see what is working well and what could be better. Thank you

Before the meeting

1. How helpful was the information and support you received?

 Very helpful

 Helpful

 Not helpful

 I didn’t receive or get signposted to any information

2. Did you look at your EHC plan and think about how far you have got towards achieving the outcomes?

 Yes, I have been doing this through the year

 Yes, I looked at my plan and thought about the outcomes before the meeting

 No

 No, I haven’t seen my plan or the outcomes

At the meeting

3. Did the right people attend the meeting?

 Yes

 Yes but I think it would have been useful to have other people there too

 No but if they couldn’t come they sent useful reports

 No

4. Did you feel confident to take part in the discussion at the meeting?

 Yes, I did

 Yes but I could have felt even more confident

 No but I was able to make some points that I wanted to

 No and I didn’t say many of the things that I wanted to

5. Do you feel your views were listened to and used to help everyone plan ways to help you this year?

 Yes, very much

 Yes

 A bit

 Not really


6. Has the plan helped you to move towards your long term hopes for the future?

 Yes, very much

 Yes

 A bit

 Not really

 I don’t know

7. What did you think went well at the meeting?

8. What did you think could have been better?

9. How did you rate the new Annual Review process?

Please circle a number

Very good / Good / Ok / Not so good / Not good
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

10. Optional

Name of your school or college / Year group that you are in

It would be helpful if you could let us know the setting, school or college that you attend so that we can share your thoughts with them.

We will only use the information you have given us to see what works well with Annual Reviews and what could be done better.

Thank you.

If you would like to post this feedback please send this form to Annual Review Feedback, SEN Business Support team, Children, Education and Families, Oxfordshire County Council, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND

Young person evaluation of Annual Review v.1 August 2015