Homework Sheet Unit 7


Homework Sheet Unit 7:

The Civil War

Date / Class Activities / Homework Due In Class Today
12/8 / ·  Mobilizing for War
·  In Battle, 1861-1862 / ·  Enduring Vision Pages 437-452
·  Documents 1-3
12/9 / ·  Emancipation Transforms the War
·  Gettysburg, the Turning Point
·  Receive Unit 6 Review / ·  Pages 452-460
·  Document 4-7
·  Your part of Document 8 – read and questions answered (from Questions to Consider)
12/10 / · War and Society, North and South
· The Union Victorious, 1864-1865 / ·  Pages 460-475
·  Documents 9-13
12/12 / ·  Unit 6 Test
·  Unit 7 HW / ·  Unit 6 Review

Unit 7: The Civil War

Content Covered

Secession and Beginnings:

President Lincoln; Fort Sumter; Problems in the Border States; Balance of Forces Between North and South; Southern Hopes for Help from Europe; American Diplomacy Helps Keep European Aid from the South; Differences in Leaders; Limitations on Wartime Liberties;


Economic Challenges of the War; Northern Industry crushes Southern Cotton;

Major Campaigns and Military Strategies:

Bull Run; Peninsula Campaign; War at Sea; Antietam; Gettysburg; War in the West; Sherman’s March; Grant’s Virginia Campaign

Changes Brought about by the War:

Emancipation Proclamation; Role of African Americans in the War; Politics of the War; The North During the War; The South During the War; Election of 1864; Lincoln’s Death; Aftermath of the War;

Primary Reading

· Enduring Vision Chapter 15 Pages 437-475

Secondary Reading

Beginning of the War:

1.  Two Constitutions Compared – Document 22-B-1 TAS V1 (page 468 only)

2.  The Pinch of the Blockade (1861-1865) Document 22-D-3 TAS V1 (pages 476-478)

Life During the War:

3.  A Report from Antietam (1862) – Document 23-E-1 TAS V1 (page 497)


4.  Lincoln Expresses Misgivings (1862)– Document 23-C-1 TAS V1 (pages 489-491)

5.  Jefferson Davis Deplores Emancipation (1863) – Document 23-C-2 TAS V1 (pages 491-492)

6.  The Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation (1862) – Document 14-8 DAAH V1

7.  The Gettysburg Address (1863) – Document 14-11 DAAH V1

Role of African Americans in the War– Jigsaw Investigation:

You will be assigned two documents to represent from the following. You will then work with your group (North or South) to present your documents in class so that we can paint a complete picture of the decision to use African Americans in the War, the impact of African American troops on the War, and the impact of the War on African American troops.

8.  DTAP V1 Chapter 10: The Price for Victory: The Decision to Use African American Troops

The War:

9.  The New York City Draft Riots (July 1863) – Document 14-10 DAAH V1

10.  The Hell of Andersonville Prison (1864) – Document 23-E-2 TAS V1 (pages 498-501)

11.  General William Sherman Dooms Atlanta (1864) – Document 23-E-3 TAS V1 (pages 501-503)

12.  General Ulysses S. Grant Displays Generosity (1865) – Document 23-E-5 TAS V1 (page 505)

13.  Points of View - American Pageant Chapter 22: What Were the Consequences of the Civil War? (p 485)