HND Individual Project Students - Week 01 to Weeks 04: Things to Complete

HND Individual Project Students - Week 01 to Weeks 04: Things to Complete

HGPGroup Project Email Week 01

HND Group Project Students - Week 01 to Weeks 04: Things to do!

  1. Review the HGPGroup Project – website on Mansha Nawaz staff page or through the external link
  1. Note your ICA requirements:

i. HGP Supervision
a. HGP Cams Module Description
b. HGP Module Guide
c. HGP ICA 2008
d. HGP Feedback Sheet
  1. Review the Group guides and confirm the standards and procedures you propose to adopt for your group project.

Group Guides
1. Groups & Group Work
2. Group Problem Solving
3. Group Work Management Guide
4. Dealing With Group Problems Guide
5. Assessing Group Work Staff Guide
Minutes of Meetings
PDP Guide
Critical Review Guide
  1. Review the sample student proposals, specifications and reports on the HNDGroup Project Website located on Mansha Nawaz staff page.

Samples Links take you to the HND & BSc Page !
Remember to come back to your Pathway Project Link
HGP Proposal & Specs / HGP Proposal & Specs / BSc Proposals
2007 Proposals
2006 Proposals / 2006 Proposals / 2006 Proposals
2005 Proposals / BSc Past Abstracts
2004 Proposals / BSc Proposals
2003 Proposals
HND Group Project / BSc Projects Samples
06.hp1.hp2.Henderson.AL. BCS Prize Winner / By following the ‘Student Work Archive’ link on the left hand side of your Intranet Homepage.
08.HIP.riddiough.s / 08.HIP.marley.d.
08.HIP.rehman.i. / 08.HIP.robinson.m.
06.hp1.hp2.barwick.m. / 06.hp1.hp2.Durston.P
06.hp1.hp2.foster.d / 06.hp1.hp2.grant.b
06.hp1.hp2.grieg.s / 06.hp1.hp2.Snaith.K / BSc Project FAQ
BSc Project Online Examples
HND Group Project / 08.bsc.parcell.CEMIS
08.hgp.Tees Wear Group Report
  1. Produce draft project proposals & specification and email them to the project co-ordinator for approval.

3 Project Proposal
3.1 Project Proposal Form
4 Project Specification
4.1 Project Specification Form
  1. Review and start to formulate your own plan for the project

5 Project Planning
5.1 Project Planning Template
  1. Remember to produce either weekly or fortnightly PALs

6 Project Activity Logs
6.1 PAL Forms
  1. Reviewed Standards and Procedures.

Review the codes from both British Computer Society (BCS) and Computer Ethic Institute (CEI) and discuss areas which you think are applicable to your project or work.

The BCS and CEI codes should form an integral part of the Standards and Procedures you adopt for your projects.

"This project is to be developed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the BCS ….”

“This project adheres to the Computer Institute of Ethics - 10 commandments …”

Make sure you cite the references accordingly.

Refer to the documents and discuss those codes applicable to your project.

Please note the systems and/or web methodology you adopt should also form a part of the standards and procedures you adopt. The BCS and CEI codes should form an integral part of the Standards and Procedures you adopt for your projects.

(For Group projects the additional Group Guides should also be adopted for your Standard and Procedures)

7 Standards and Procedutres
7.1 British Computer Society (BCS) Web Site
7.2 BCS Code of Conduct
7.3 BCS Code of Practice
7.4 Computer Ethics Institute
7.5 Plagiarism and Cheating
  1. Review Systems Development Methodology

You have been advised to use a systems development and/or web developmentmethodology for your project. Why? Because this helps you to undertake a project through formal methods. Methodologies also provide use with chapters, sections and subsection required for project documentation.

Remember it is up to you to decide which parts of a methodologyare suitable for your project - not all may apply.Check out the Systems Development section online.

All systems methodologies encourage the use of some or all of the following CASE tools:

  • DFD
  • Data Dictionaries
  • Normalisation
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • or any of the others tools which you may think are better for your particular project.

Check out SAD on my staff page.

Provide an introduction to the methodologies and tools used for your project. Do not expect the reader to be fully conversed in all matters.Remember its just an introductionand not a detailed discussion...the reader should consult the references provided if they requiremore information.

8 Systems Development
a Systems Development Resources
b Web Development Resources
c Database Development Resources
d HCI Resources
e Implementation Resources
f Report Writing Resources
g SCM Referencing Guidelines
Systems Development
SAD - Dennis, Wixom / Online Web Book
SAD Methods Online / McGraw-Hill's
Modern SAD / Prentice Hall
SAD Web Sites / University of Missouri
Just Enough Systems Analysis / Yourdon
Systems Design and Analysis / Prof. Kam-Fai WONG
Software Architecture / Online Web Book
Project Management eBook / J. Willey
  1. Review Web Development Methodology

All web methodologies encourage the use of storyboards and more - follow the links on the additional resources on my staff page.

WEB Development
SWM - Structured Web Methodology / Gary Griffiths Staff Page
Web Design & Objects / Gary Griffiths Staff Page
Web Development Issues / Gary Griffiths Staff Page
/ December Web Site
Web Development 1 / pp slides
Web Development 2 / pp slides
Usable Web Issues / HCI Virtual Library
Free Web Hosting
  1. How should I structure thereport on the product?

First read through Anne Siddles - Writing Formal Reports

- follow the advice, styles and structures recommended

Refresh yourself with Phil Willers - MS Wordwhichdescribes some advanced facilities of Word 2003 that may be found useful when producing reports.

Then write you project report and organise your material within it as you see fit.

Make sure your report covers the ICA requirements in particular HGP feedback sheet pg 3 and HGP criteria - pg4

Your report is expected to include all chapter headings as indicated below. However section headings for Analysis and Design can be modified to suite the development methodology you adopt for your project – especially if your project is more web based.


1.1.Project Proposal

1.2.Project Specification

1.3.Planning & Scheduling Of Project Work

1.4.Project Background Information

1.5.Standard & Procedure

1.5.1.British Computer Society (BCS) – Code of conduct

1.5.2.Ethical issues

1.6.Systems Development Strategy

1.7.Case Tools and Techniques


2.1.Statement of purpose

2.2.Requirements List

2.3.Context Diagram

2.4.Events List

2.5.Dataflow Diagrams (DFD)

2.5.1.Top Level DFD

2.5.2.Low Level DFDs


3.1.Data Dictionary

3.2.Entity RelationsHGP Diagrams (ERD)

3.2.1.Logical ERD

3.2.2.Physical ERD

3.3.Web Storyboards


4.1 Software Tools

4.1.1 Set up development platform

4.1.2 System Tables, Forms, Reports, Web Pages, etc

4.2 Test & Evaluation Strategy

4.2.1 Testing the Group components

4.2.2 Testing the complete system

4.2.3 Test plans and documented results


5.1 End User

5.2 Admin User

5.3 Developers Guide


6.1. Achievements

6.2. Project Review

6.3. Academic Reflection

6.4. Conclusion

Appendix:1. Project Activity Logs

2. Etc.

Alternative for Web/Database Systems and again can be modified to suite the development methodology.

  1. System Modelling
  2. System Analysis
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Requirements List
  5. Context Diagram
  6. Events List
  7. Dataflow Diagrams (DFD)
  8. Top Level DFD
  9. Low Level DFDs
  10. Web Analysis
  1. System Development
  2. System Design
  3. Data Dictionary
  4. Database Design
  5. Entity RelationsHGP Diagrams (ERD)
  6. Logical ERD
  7. Physical ERD
  8. Web Design
  9. Web Storyboards