History and Systems Requirements and Reading List

History and Systems Requirements and Reading List

Department of psychology



(rev. 4-04)

One APA requirement of your graduate training is competency in the History and Systems of psychology. This can be filled in one of several ways:

1) Enroll in and earn a B- or better in the Department’s History and Systems course (Psychology 361) when taught by an instructor with a Ph.D. Documentation would be on your official transcript.

2) With the instructor’s prior permission, sit in on Psy 361 when taught by an instructor with a Ph.D., completing all of the course requirements that are graded and earning what would be an equivalent of a B- or better for the course. Documentation would be a memo from the course instructor indicating that you sat in on the course, completed all graded assignments and your average grade was a B- or better.

3) Receive approval for completion of a previous undergraduate or graduate course in History and Systems with a grade of b- or better. Please provide the H&S committee with an official request, a copy of the course syllabus and course description for evaluation. If the materials are positively evaluated, your transcript will be checked to ensure that you received a passing grade for the course.

4) Take and pass (70% correct) the departmental History and Systems exam. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. The exam may be taken until it is passed. It is offered twice yearly, in the fall and spring quarters, approximately two weeks after comprehensive exams.

Below is a list of potential study material to help you prepare for the exam:

Any general book on history and systems, such as:

Schultz, D.P. & Schultz, S.E. (2004). A history of modern psychology (8th edition), NY: Harcourt Brace.

Boakes, R. (1994). From Darwin to behaviorism. NY: Cambridge University Press (history of experimental psychology)

Hothersall, D. (1990). History of psychology. NY: McGraw-Hill.

Scarsborough, E. & Furumoto, L. (1987). Untold lives: The first generation of American women psychologists. NY: Columbia University Press.

Guthrie, R. (1976). Even the rat was white. NY: Harper & Row, p. 29-97, 120-174.

Reisman, J.M. (1991). A history of clinical psychology. NY: Hemisphere.

History of Social Psychology:

History section from chapters in social texts such as:

Brehm, S. & Kassin, L.S. (1990). Social psychology. Houghton-Mifflin (Only the history chapters).

Penrod, D. (1986). Social psychology. Prentice Hall.

History of I/O Psychology:

History section from a chapter in I/O texts such as:

Landy, F. J. & Conte, J. M. (2004). Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, McGraw-Hill.

Muchinsky, P. (2003). Psychology Applied to Work, 7th edition Brooks/Cole.

History of Developmental Psychology:

History section from a chapter in developmental texts such as:

Bornstein, M. & Lamb, M. (1999). Developmental Psychology: An advanced textbook. (4th Ed). NJ: Erlbaum