Hibbing Soccer Club

Hibbing Soccer Club


We will be holding our annual Little Caesars pizza fundraiser again this year. Each pizza kit or item sold is worth $5 per item. Each family is required to raise $50 total. Any amounts over the $50 fundraiser may be applied to player registration fees. (i.e. if you sell 15 items, 15 x $5 = $75, less $50 fundraiser = $25 that can be applied to player fees).

This is non-transferable (i.e. one family raising extra cannot be transferred to another family). Families of head coaches are not required to pay the fundraiser, however if the fundraiser is used, the amount can be applied to player fees. There will be no cash back if you raise more than the total of your player registration fees or if you raise more than the fundraiser.

We will be collectingthe $50.00 fundraiser payment at time of registration if you are NOTplanning to sell pizzas. If you are selling, the fees will be calculated at the close of the fundraiser and applied accordingly.

Pizza packets will be available at registration. The forms and money must beturned into Chris Davis by Wednesday, March 16, 2016tothe Hibbing High School, Room 310 (Mrs Davis’ room)during school hours ANDagainfrom 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Thepickup/delivery date is Wednesday, March 30, 2016 from noon-4 p.m. at the bus garage. If you are unable to attend registration please make arrangements with Chris Davis, 218-404-6626, to get the forms and information.

Each team would function best if a team parent would volunteer to work with the coach for dispersing information. If you are interested in being a team parent, please volunteer at the time of registration.



Through our parent organization, the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), each of our players is protected by a secondary insurance policy. If a player is injured during a practice or game, the MYSA insurance policy can be used to help defray your medical costs.

This is secondary to your primary insurance. If you have a need to access this extra insurance coverage, please contact one of the board members, or visit the MYSA website at and select “Forms/Rules/Policies”. Then select “Insurance” for more information and forms.

2015/2016 Club Officers

Stacey Rotness, President

Nicole Osborne, Vice President

Shane Walker, Treasurer

Ingrid Jolowski, Secretary

Gina Mickelson, Boys Director

Derek Gabardi, Girls Director

Gus Kriske, Risk Coordinator

Jason Fisher, Field Director

Tom Ruud,Referee Coordinator

Jeri Ann Gabardi, Tournament Coordinator

Janell Wilson,Registrar

Chris Davis, Marketing Coordinator

Tanya Rybachek, Concessions

Members at Large:

LJ Ames

Hibbing-Chisholm Soccer Club

PO Box 405Hibbing, MN 55746

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Hibbing-Chisholm Soccer Club also serves as the Booster Club for the

Hibbing-ChisholmBluejacketsHigh School Soccer.


All area youth, ages 10-18 are invited to participate. Teams are based on age and gender. It is desirable to have a minimum of 15 and maximum of 18 players per team. Players may be asked to combine with higher age group if numbers warrant. Teams are two (or three) years per age bracket (U12, U15 & U18). All players are guaranteed play-time on the field of one-half of each game.

Each team will have approximately two practices and two games per week. The format is five home games and five away games. Each team has the option of one away weekend tournament. Coaches will determine practice schedules.


Season:Mid-May through late July

Travel:Duluth/Two Harbors/Grand Rapids Area


Please bring the following to registration. AYSA/MYSA cards will not be available to coaches until the following has been completed

(plus fundraiser/buyout):

  1. Please bring 2 small school photos for AYSA & MYSA player’s cards.
  2. If new to Hibbing-Chisholm Soccer, COPY of birth certificate. If you have played in previous years, your birth certificate is on file with HCSC.
  3. Registration fees of $150 per player. You may divide registration fees into two payments. One half at time of registration and one-half postdated for March 29th.
  4. Completed Conduct formlocatedon back of

registration form.Make sure it is signed by the

player and parent.


A $50 per player uniform deposit is required from each player. Soccer uniforms will becollected by the Soccer Club, date to be arranged. Checks will be returned at that time. The uniform deposit is intended to cover full replacement cost of the uniform. The uniform will be inspected upon return and must be returned in acceptable condition with ordinary wear to receive your deposit check. PLEASE WASH UNIFORMS INSIDE OUT IN COLD WATER TO INSURE UNIFORM IS RETURNED IN PROPER CONDITION. DO NOT BLEACH AND DO NOT DRY IN DRYER!

Checks should be postdated August 19th, 2016. Checks will be cashed for any uniforms not returned by August 19th, 2016. Summer coaches will have information on uniform returns prior to the end of the season.


Once a player has been rostered[1], no refunds of any part of the registration fee will be made.

The “ONLY” Exceptions to this rule are:

  • A refund will automatically be issued to a player who cannot be rostered1 with a team.
  • Partial refunds[2] will be made to a player who moves out of the general geographic area prior to the beginning of the playing season[3].
  • Partial refunds2 will be made to a player who experiences a season ending injury or medically documented condition prior to the beginning of the playing season3.

Refunds qualifying as noted above must be requested in writing and approved by the Hibbing-Chisholm Soccer Club Board of Directors. Submit any refund request to: Hibbing-Chisholm Soccer Club Board of Directors, PO Box 405, Hibbing, MN 55746.

All refunds must be approved by the Hibbing-Chisholm Soccer Club Board of Directors and may be less than the full amount paid by the player in order to cover any deposits or expenses already incurred by the club.

All registration fees from previous season must be paid before a player will be allowed to register for a new season.


Each team is coached by a volunteer adult. Prior coaching experience is not a requirement, but is very helpful. HCSC is promoting coaches training by providing an allowance for training and also making available coaching materials. If you are interested in volunteering to be a coach, please fill out the form at registration. All coaches will receive a coach’s pass after completion of background checks.


If you are 14 or older by the end of March 2016, you are eligible to sign up for referee training. Refereesare used for Vic Power League games and the MYSA/AYSA summer season. You can center ref for any MYSA/AYSAlevel of play YOUNGER than your age bracket of play. You may be asked to side-line ref games older than your level of play. These are paid positions. A small training fee applies. You will also be required to purchase your own uniform and referee equipment (flags, whistle & stop watch). Scheduling is veryflexible. ADULT REFEREES also needed. More information will be available at registration.


Thanks to some very dedicated parents of our soccer players, the concession stand continues to be a success. Staffing the stand is CRITICAL, so to ensure continued success this summereach family will be expected to donate 1-2 hours of time in the concession stand during the 2016 season. If the staffing of the concession stand becomes a problem,registration fees may increase orfamilies may be expected to write an additional check until they complete their families’ hours. Sign-ups will be at registration and as needed.



Please help us to keep our program a positive and growing activity. If you have ideas contact one of the board members or volunteer for a committee or board position at election time.

[1]Rostered: is defined once all fees are paid and the player has been placed on a roster.

[2] Partial Refunds: is defined after any and all expenses incurred by the Club have been paid.

[3] Playing Season: is defined when the first game is played.