Hampshire Children's Fund Welcome Their New Chair, Viv West, Who Takes Over the Lead From

Hampshire Children's Fund Welcome Their New Chair, Viv West, Who Takes Over the Lead From

Hampshire Children's Fundwelcome their new Chair, Viv West, who takes over the Lead from Jane Reidon 2nd May

Atthis crucialtime forthe Children's Fund,and as servicesfor children& young people come togetherin Hampshire, Programme Manager, Dale Tomlinsonwelcomed Viv's leadership and her commitment to children & young people. He said:

"As I am sure many of you are aware, Viv is vastly experienced in Children's Services management, both in terms of voluntary and statutory delivery, having worked for Hampshire County Council in a wide variety of roles for more than 30 years.She was also responsible for the preparatory work of setting up the Children's Fundas Project manager, and is currently involved in implementing the Common Assessment Framework in Hampshire."

Viv who lives in Hampshire,was interviewed for the jobby a group of11& 12 year oldsfrom the Children's Fund's *YISP schemein Rushmoor. Harry Linton, William Campos and Jordan Wheelerwho all go to OakFarmCommunitySchoolsaid they chose Viv because she seemed really helpful, andthey all felt she was the sort of person who would reallylisten to them.

Harry said "When we asked Viv about things in our area, she said that she would find out for us, so we liked it that she would ask questions" The lads are hoping for better facilities in Rushmoor like a better skate park and a field for riding motorbikes.

The Children's Fund supports children aged 5-13 years & their Families & Carers,It is part of an early prevention strategy working with 'Sure Start'; and 'Connexions' In Hampshire the fund has been spent by 'Local Partnership Groups' who have involved Children & Young People in setting up and delivering their own services.

Go to for more info on HCFhelps children aged 5-13 years access more and better services

YISPs’ Youth Inclusion and Support Panels are:

• / Multi-agency committees organised to prevent offending and anti-social behaviour of young people “at risk”
• / A support scheme aimed at encouraging the participation of young people in shaping their own services
• / Integrated early intervention packages to prevent young people getting involved in offending behaviour and/or crime

Research strongly suggests that by integrating services, more can be done to help prevent young people getting involved in crime and/or offending behaviour.It will be far more cost effective to put youngsters back on the right path at this stage, and will prevent the damage and upset that would otherwise be caused in their neighbourhoods

more info on YISP at: