Greeting from New Office in Buena Park, California!

Prayer handbook


2012. 7~9.


Home Office Ministry

Greeting from new office in Buena Park, California!

I am Greg Lee serving SEED USA home office as the Vice President of Operation/Finance since April 1st. Honestly it was not an easy decision to wrap-up 18 years of ministry in Indonesia to serve USA home office. One of the major reasons was that even though I know the importance and the need of the ministries in home office, there are lack of understanding and support from supporters.

There will be no branch offices without home office and no soldiers in the battle ground without support base. As same way, field missionaries cannot receive support and care if there is no home office. Function of the SEED does not stop when mobilization and commissioning is done. SEED provides mission education, mobilization and training to the churches and individual missionary candidates. Home office provides supervision, care, coaching, reconciliation, counseling, recharging, debriefing and reeducation to the members. On top of those, SEED has to research for the changing fields to make strategy for spreading the Gospel effectively. There is no time for us to sit back and relax. In order for us to manage these important tasks, we need fervent prayer support of the churches and the supporters.

In US, during the summer months, many Christian organizations become alerted. The reason is that supporters may focus to their vacation preparation than sending support checks to the organization during the vacation months. But the condition of the fields is quite the opposite. Field missionaries become busier than ever since many short term teams visit the fields during the summer months. In spreading Gospel, there is no holiday or vacation. In fact, more ministries are done during the month of July and August. Because of that more prayer support is required in the field.

I hope that my field experience may be used in a good way. I would like to become a servant leader in the position of Vice President. Through my field experiences and knowledge I hope to understand and to serve field missionaries better. Also I wish to help new missionaries preparing for the field. I think that mission agency should have relation based ministry within the structure of the organization. When we respect each other as a part in the body of Christ and allow them to perform their unique roles in their own places, we may expect effective and fruitful ministry.

Home office ministry has many types of work. Also it demands lots of communication with churches and individual supporters. So staff members in the home office need patience and meekness. Please pray for home office staffs, so that they may be filled with the joy of Christ and thanksgiving.

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Greg Geunsik Lee

SEED USA Vice President

“Da’ fruto no tempo certo”

(He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.)

SEED International

1. Revival in mission for the churches serving SEED International.

2. Through SEED Blessing Network, Churches and mission fields could be united.

3. Team for mission could be formed.

4. Four sending countries and six fields can cooperated together as one body.

SEED Brazil

1. For the formation of SEED Brazil Board among local pastors so that Korean Diaspora community can cooperate with the Board.

2. That through the 5 local pastoral groups, the missional vision of pastors would expand.

3. That there would be unification in the intercessory prayer meetings for world missions that are held on Mondays.

SEED Canada

1. Construction of educational programs and structures to recruit young generations.

2. Expertise in the areas of mobilization, finance, and administration.

3. To prepare missionary candidates through internship courses.

4. To Build up the mission prayer team in the mid and eastern Canada.

SEED Korea

1. Pray for the president, Rev. Young Bok Kown, as he travels around the world for caring and counseling ministries.

2. That the board meeting would be achieved through God’s grace, and that mission may be revitalized through this.

3. Pray for home office staff that they may serve with wisdom and strength from God.

4. Pray for God’s wisdom on fulfilling God’s calling with unity, joy, gratitude, and harmony.


1. US Ministry may be upgraded to ministry and relation base.

2. Home office may practice serving ministry well.

3. More churches may join as partners for grater ministry.

4. Missionary candidates could be trained for ministry and prepared spiritually.

5. Multi-ethnic ministry for the immigrants could be active in US.

Northeast Asia

NA-N(6), NA-C(19), Japan(9), Mongolia(3), Korea(2)

1. For strategy in reaching unreached groups and lauching of SEED Blessing Network in C nation.

2. For the infrastructure of partnership in mission to work with the nationals.

3. For visas and security of M workers.

1. Joseph & Hannah Boo/USA

NA-N/2001/Supporting ministry

1. Pray for NK to puts down last its long card, nuclear weapon, and chooses open-door policy for them

2. For NK people to have better quality of life and freedom

3. To move Cross Stitch Base to more safe place and to manage it directly

4. For the spiritual and physical health during next 6 years of re-devotion time, and For God to let us see peaceful reunification

2. Anna Song /USA

NA-N/2005/Medical mission

1. NK and its people will come to know the love of God and find true hope that is Christ.

2. God would bless the people of NK and meet their every need.

3. God would bless and guide my next step according to His purpose as I take time to get further training and preparation.

4. God would protect my family and help them to understand God’s love and purpose for their life.

3. Stephan & Joy Ma/ Erin,Shua,Lyn/USA

NA-N/2007/Supporting ministry

1. May God in His mercy bless the spiritual revival in N.

2. May God continually bless ministry partners and intercessors.

3. May God anoint the on-going ministry projects.

4. Jason &Joan Lee/ Eugene, Jane /USA

NA-N/2009/Supporting ministry

1. Not to have even a negligent accident during building a plant

2. To Serve co-workers in modest way as a sincere believer in Jesus

3. Our whole family members, who lives separated from each other, carry out their duty to the fullest

4. God bless our children and lead them in right direction for their study

5. Hangyul & JongriohChae/USA

NA-N/2009/Supporting ministry

1. God bless that churches could be planted by new believers

2. To have more opportunity to spread the gospel

3. For God to send us more sincerer co-workers to fill our mission field

4. For the spiritual and physical health and fullness of Holy Sprit

5. For a wise spouse for our first son

6. Daniel & Esther Suh/Canada

NA-N/2009/Medical mission

1. May God bless N. Korea governors and leaders, especially new leader, in understanding Jesus and opening their hearts

2. May God lead our teams fully serve mission field with faith and spiritual fulfillment and be safe in coming in and out

3. May God provide us the spiritual and physical health to manage both N. Korea and China mission tasks wisely

7. Moonahn & Young Suh/Hae, Hyun/USA

NA-C/1996/Youth, young adults leaders training

1. For people of this land, to be people of God in this century (Ex 6:6): God is calling cns people for the 21 century world mission.

2. For local churches, to mobilize them and to send missionaries: local churches should be awaken and have to take this burden

3. For focusing ministry, to train the workers for Christ by Christian education: first of all, need the harvesting workers

4. For family, to recover the health of my wife, Jane: please pray for the dwelling and power of the Holy Spirit.

8. Peace & Grace Lee/USA

NA-C/1991/Web ministry, Training ministry

1. Prayer for more local church leaders to be built up with sound biblical doctrines.

2. Prayer for current Peace Institution’s successful leadership transition (The bridge of Gospel & The bridge of Glory ministries) by next generation local partners.

3. The Peace Institution should be closed by august 2013 after 20 years services in China.

4. Prayer especially for Grace’s quick recovery from her badly insured right foot ankle. Also continue to pray for my eye sight . regional recovery.

9. Wiidae & Sarang Wang(Off-field-Educational Furlough)/Chan Ju,Sung Ju,Jin Ju/USA

NA-C/2004/Training for planting inland churches

1. That the Caleb Team may be able to minister to the BM tribe with commitment, and for the Bible school for youths, and for discipleship of the graduate students.

3. Prayer for JuChan’s study, and that he may adapt to his school.

4.That we may better serve continental people through the process of trial and error.

10. Luke & Dogo Lee/USA

NA-C/2006/Pastor training, healing ministry

1. For new believers going to university to attend every worship and meeting

2. Two youth groups in local churches are filled with Holy Spirit, they lead their City and church to be revived and the nation becomes evangelized

3. A small cyst, which was found in my wife’s lung, could be clearly cured and she could continue His work.

4. God may strengthen my body to recover the organs in body, heart, lung and stomach as new ones.

11. Hwapyung Oh/Korea

NA-C/ 2003 / Itinerant ministry, discipleship

1. May the Lord protect Christians while persecution worsens.

2. May the traveling ministers be filled with the Spirit and the truth.

3. That the Lord may grant lots of trained leaders and ministers on OD Church, and that all its members become strong in faith.

4. That local leaders and believers in the H River region may be able to keep their faith and to fulfill their missions.

12. Jay & Eunice Oh/Samuel, Daniel, Grace/Korea

NA-C/2001/after school program, church support

1. For the graduation of career trainees in the middle of June

2. For leadership conference in Haenam in the middle of July

3. For newly started factory operation and expansion in new town development area.

4. For two sons their career and jobs after graduation

13. Pyung-gang & Sa-rang Kim/Shinhae, Eunhae, Jihae/USA

NA-C/2003/Community development

1. Please pray for four local believers to be able to take over the leadership of the group.

2. Pray that they will have an unquenchable passion to reach out to their 20 million who are living in darkness.

3. Prayer that they would receive a double portion of the Spirit and for them to bear lots of fruits in their lives.

4. Prayer for abundant fruits through chicken farming.

14. Paul &Joyce Kang/USA

NA-C/2007/Leadership training

1. May God provide the seminary’s necessities, and that God’s will be done among the 23 students in the dormitory.

2. May God open the door for discipleship training in five regions.

3. May God provide a safe dwelling place which can be used as a ministry base.

4. May God bless the needs of my son who is in seminary.

15. Timothy & Grace Lim/Joyce, Sarah/USA

NA-C/2006/Leadership training

1. for the short term trip to the farthest west of China to visit an unreached group in June with 5 Chinese brothers and sisters. for our safe trip. It is a politically unsettled place. Pray for the opened doors.

2. for the ministry of Beauty for Ashes: Grace has involved in this women’s weekend retreat that focus on spiritual intimacy with G-d and inner healings.

3. Grace has been leading three different intercessary prayer groups weekly. She prays for more groups to start by those who have been attending her groups.

4. TBM(Timothy B*ble Ministries in China)- Please pray for an excellent translator and financial contribution to cover the cost.

5. 11 Chinese company leaders have been attending this training from the last October. Please pray that G-d sends excellent instructors and provides financial support to cover the expense.

16. David & Helen Chun/Jin, Min/Canada

NA-C/2010/Language training

1. To have deep insight into the meaning and purpose of the Messages, have intimate communication with Him in prayer, and come into abundant bearing of evangelism in Holy Spirit.

2. To let a double portion of Elijah’s spirit be upon me.

3. To be a perfect and holy channel for Holy Spirit’s doing

4. To be established: Professional reading school and the school of accompanists of keyboard

5. To be equipped with the sword of the words and prayer so that they can be next evangelists like us : daughter Jin, son Chang min

6. To back to Jerusalem with this people, marching through the Muslim region

17. Daniel Kim & Mire Lee/Areum, Woram/Korea

NA-C/2009/Language training

1. Our mission field is to be peaceful land in Him

2. To teach kids well (to lead it to be a short cut for evangelizing the nation)

3. To meet financial needs for His work