Grants Listed in This Section

Grants Listed in This Section

Communities Team, Southampton City Council

/ BME community / Building work
/ Capital funding / Children / Community / Community groups (any)
Crime / Disability
/ Cohesion, diversity
/ Deprivation
/ Employment
/ Environment / Faith

G / Health
/ Heritage
/ Individual / International
/ Money, Financial advice

/ Older people
/ Recycling
/ Registered charity / Revenue / Salary/
Staff costs
/ School, educ. or training

Social enterprise, CIO, CIC
SE / Sports / Trip
/ Uniformed org. (Scouts, Brownies, Guides) / Volunteering
/ Women
♀ / Young people

Grants listed in this section:

Funders / What you can apply for / Who can apply / Deadlines / Notes
The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust / / / February
Anchor Foundation / G / / 31.01.16 .
AshworthCommunity Trust / / / End February
BBC Children in NeedAppeal / / / 13.01.
D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust / / / 10.02.16.
Denplan Community Fund / / / Deadline each month
(1x month) / Local grant
Ernest Cook Trust / / / 31.01.16.
FeministReview Trust / ♀ / / 31.01.16.
Fidelio Charitable Trust / / Institutions, colleges, Arts Festivals and other arts organisations / 01.10.15.
FordBritain Trust (small grants) /
/ / 14.01.16.
01.03.16. / Local grant
The Freemasons’ Grand Charity / / / January
GALAXY Hot ChocolateFund / G / V / 28.02.16.
Girdlers’ Company Charitable Trust /
/ (CIO) / Last
Friday in January
Going for Growth Seed Bank Grants / / / 31.01.16. / Priority will be given to projects and ventures which sit within a Church of England context
Hedley Foundation /
/ / 28.01.16. / Education, recreation, support, training, health & welfare
Henry Smith HolidayGrants for Children / /
/ 18.03.16.
Heritage Lottery Fund - Grants for Places ofWorship / / / 08.12.15.
(and 30th Nov. for one strand) / All faith groups and denominations which are responsible for maintaining and repairing their place of worship
HIWCF grant funds / / / Most are opening on 4th January / See the individual fund
IdlewildTrust / / / 11.02.16.
Inman Charity / / / 28.02.16.
Lovell Grants (Weston & Sholing) / / / 29.01.16. / Local Weston & Sholing grant
The Maypole Fund: Money from Women for Women / ♀ / ♀ / 31.01.16. / WOMEN ONLY
of peace, justice & environmental safety
Performing Rights Society – fundingnewmusic / / CIC / 2016 deadline dates will be confirmed in December / Wide range of groups are eligible to apply
Persimmon Community Champions / / / End of month for the next 12 months
The Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation (PPCF) / PEACE / / 15.02.16.
TheRadcliffe Trust / /
CIO / 31st January
Rowing Foundation / / / 07.02.16.
TheRoyal British Legion /
£ Salary / / 26.02.16. / safeguard the welfare of people who have served in the Armed Forces
SITA TrustEnhancing CommunitiesProgramme - Fast Track Fund/Core Fund / / / 25.01.16.
UK Youth and Starbucks Coffee Company / / / 01.02.16. / Youth worker / training organisation need to support them throughout the project
UrbanCommunity Energy Fund / /
CIC, CIO / End January
VeoliaEnvironmental Trust / / / 26.02.16.
Volant Charitable Trust / ♀ / 08.01.16.
The Wolfson Foundation / / / 05.01.16.

The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust:


  • Applications by charities for small to medium grants (up to a maximum of £50,000) may be submitted at any time and will be considered on a regular basis.
  • Applications for larger grants will be considered at bi-annual meetings held in March and September and applications should be submitted at the very latest in the previous months i.e. February or August.

Who can apply?

  • Charitable organisations can be situated either in the UK or overseas but must be registered as a charity with the UK Charity Commission and will principally be educational bodies or aid organisations involved in projects supporting educational and development initiatives, including the promotion of world peace and development
  • Individual Students;

The Trustees will consider applications in respect of two categories of students:-

  • Those considering embarking on a gap year may be awarded a grant of £300 towards their expenses. No more than 165 such grants will be made each year on a first come first served basis. Grant cheques will not be paid to the applicant, but to the administrators of the project in which the applicant proposes to participate.
  • Postgraduate PhD students, whether from overseas or from the UK, may be awarded a grant to help meet tuition costs, but only in respect of the last year of their course. Grant cheques will not be paid to the applicant but to the University at which they are studying.

The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust primarily funds projects which support the Trust’s interests of education, international friendship and understanding, and the promotion of world peace and development

The Trustees consider funding applications up to £50,000 on a monthly basis and endeavour to reply to all successful applicants within 6 weeks of receiving their applications.

The Trust aims to support projects both in the UK and abroad, and supports charitable organisations situated in the UK and overseas. However, all charitable organisations must be registered as a charity with the UK Charity Commission in order to be eligible for funding.

Grants to charities will be on a matching funding basis only so that if the applicant has raised 50% of their budget the Trustees will consider awarding matching funding up to a maximum of 50%. However, if the applicant has raised less than 50% of their budget the Trustees will only consider awarding a maximum of 30% funding.

Evidence of actively seeking funds from other sources is seen by the Trustees as being a beneficial addition to any application.

The Trust is unable to provide retrospective funding and therefore can only accept applications for forthcoming projects.

Your Application

Application deadlines
Applications can be submitted at any time as the Trustees review applications for funding requests up to £50,000 on a monthly basis. If you wish to apply for funding of more than £50,000 then your application will be considered at the next bi-annual meeting of Trustees which usually take place around March and September.

We only accept applications submitted online using the correct application form. Any applications sent by post, email or fax will not be considered.

Please do not contact us for guidance prior to making an application. All the information you require is contained here.Your application will be acknowledged but no progress reports will be given and no feedback is provided in relation to unsuccessful applications.

Please ensure that you have the following ready:

  • Narrative Proposal
    Describe your project in no more than 150 words.

Explain how your project fits within the Trust’s priorities. It is important to give a clear and concise sense of the goals and the process involved. What are you hoping to achieve through your project and for what do you actually require the funding? Please prepare this summary carefully; it is one of the tools used by the Trustees to decide whether your application goes forward to the next step.

For further details of who is eligible to apply, please visit the relevant website pages:

Applying on behalf of a charity

Applying for help to fund your studies

Applying for help to fund your gap year

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Anchor Foundation:

Applications are considered at twice yearly trustees meetings in April and November and need to be received by 31st January and 31st July each year.

Who can apply?

Christian charities

The Anchor Foundation awards grants between £500 - £10,000 to registered Christian charities for projects that encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts.

You can find out about our application process by clicking on the buttons at the top of this page.
It is important to read the Information for Applicantsand to use our Application Form.
The form can be completedonlineor printed out (PDF format) for completion and posting to the
PO Box No provided.

Please do not send applications to the registered company address in Nottingham.


If submitting electronically please send the completed form to:

Important - To prevent any further contact going into your Spam Box we suggest
you add our email address to your email address book.
Alternatively please post applications to:
The Anchor Foundation

P.O. Box 21107


FK12 5WA

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Ashworth Community Trust:

Deadlines: End of February and the end of August

The Trustees hold biannual meetings in May and November. Successful applicants will be informed within 6 weeks of the relevant meeting. This would normally be our May meeting for those applications received before the end of February and our November meeting for applications received before the end of August.

Who can apply?

Registered charities only – you need a United Kingdom Registered Charity Number.

Levels of grant do not usually exceed £3000. Very occasionally, a grant of up to £5000 may be made. We try to prioritise smaller charities where our level of grant is comparatively significant. If a charity has been successful in receiving a grant, we would not normally donate to them again in less than thirty-six months.

Information Required From You: there is no application form, but you will need to supply ALL the following information as hard copy:

• A United Kingdom Registered Charity Number.

• An email address.

• A hard copy of your most recent set of accounts. If you have been running for over one year, we would expect to see a full set of accounts showing a breakdown of your annual income, expenditure and carry forward balance. If you are a new group (less than twelve months old) arecent bank statement, plus an annual budget/cashflow forecast showing estimated income and expenditure, are acceptable.

• A brief (not more than two pages) analysis of the main objectives of your organisation and any particular project for which funding is required. Please DO NOT send brochures, DVDs, books, annual reviews or any other bulky promotional material. If weneed more information we will contact you.

For the most part, the Trust looks to fund projects and not core funding.




You will need the following information to hand to fill out the application form:

  • Contact details of a referee for your charity. Please ensure they have been pre-advised, as we may need to contact them when considering your application
  • A full set of your most recent audited accounts
  • Concise details of your project (less than 300 words)

It was created primarily to support humanitarian causes operating locally, nationally and internationally, as opposed to animal or utilitarian projects. For the most part, the Trust looks to fund projects and not core funding.

The work of the Trust is informed by a set of underlying principles:

  • The oneness of humanity;
  • The establishment of true justice;
  • The paramount importance of education for all;
  • The need to address the situation of the very poor and of those at the margins of society;
  • That all people everywhere should be able to share the fruits of and be empowered to participate in the construction of a just, prosperous and sustainable society; and
  • That to achieve these aims, it is necessary to build the capacity of individuals, communities and institutions.

The Trust prefers to help fund humanitarian projects and activities that share this vision and that have any of these characteristics:

  • The project or activity has been initiated by people living at the grassroots who are empowered to find the solutions to their own problems;
  • The project has a relatively simple, clear set of objectives and actions that further the vision of the Trust;
  • The project develops the capacity of individuals, their communities or their institutions helping them to help themselves;
  • The project enhances the learning of individuals, their communities or their institutions;
  • The project’s 'beneficiaries' participate in the management and running of the project or activity; and
  • The project’s 'beneficiaries' have suffered, or are suffering, from injustice, poverty or personal circumstances that are difficult for the individual to overcome without assistance.

What We Have Funded in the Past

  • Charities addressing social, physical, or educational re-habilitation
  • Charities offering information, support, relief or equipment for illness or disability
  • Charities supporting those members of society who may be considered as isolated, vulnerable, at risk or disadvantaged
  • Charities supporting victims of torture or human rights abuses
  • Charities helping to support carers
  • Holidays for disadvantaged children
  • Youth clubs, especially in disadvantaged areas
  • Women's refuges
  • Homeless shelters
  • Orphanages
  • Charities supplying micro-loans, or other business enterprises in the Developing World
  • Charities helping to provide access to medical care, food or water supplies in the Developing World

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BBC Children in Need Appeal:

Deadlines: We are open to applications all year round, but we have a number of deadline and award dates throughout the year.

The January Main Grants Initial Application deadline is now 13th January 2016

Small grants:

Application Deadline / When is the Decision Due?
1 March / Early May
1 June / Early August
1 September / Early November
1 December / Early March

Main grant:

Please note that the January Initial Application deadline is now 13th January 2016

Initial Application Deadline / When is the final decision due?
13th Jan / Mid Jun
15th May / Mid Oct
15th Sep / Mid Feb

Who can apply?

BBC Children in Need funds not-for-profit organisations that work with disadvantaged children and young people of 18 years and under who live in the UK.

We accept applications from organisations that already have a BBC Children in Need grant providing the grant is coming to an end. You will need to be able to provide convincing evidence of the difference to children that your current grant has made.

Their grants are open to organisations working with disadvantaged children and young people who are 18 years old and under. Your organisation and project must be based in the UK and you need to be a registered charity or other not-for-profit organisation.

Within our general grants programme, you can apply for:

Small Grants of £10,000 or less per year for up to three years

Main Grants over £10,000 per year for up to three years

Application form is available from the Website:


D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust:

Deadline is 10th February 2016

The Trustees usually consider applications three times a year in March, July and November. The next grant making meeting will be on the 24th November2015 and thefinal closing date for the submission of online applications for this meeting is the 24th October2015.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be UK Registered Charities, operating in the UK.

The D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust funds UK registered charities in the fields of the advancement of the arts, health and medical welfare and environmental protection or improvement.

Downloadable Guidelines

To apply:

The Trustees will consider applications for core costs or projects, and they also consider applications for matched funding.

Grant range is usually within £500 – £5,000.

The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust funds United Kingdom Registered Charities operating in the UK in the fields of the advancement of the arts, health and medical welfare and environmental protection or improvement –please read specific areas of interest and priorities for support in our Downloadable Guidelines ()

The Trustees will consider applications for core costs or projects, and they also consider applications for matched funding

How to apply

As of 1stApril 2015 all grant applications to the Trust should be made online. However, if you need a version of the application form in a more accessible format please emailstating your preferred format.

To begin your application, please click the button below:


Grants Administrator
The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
6 Trull Farm Buildings

Tel: 0203 637 3003

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Denplan Community Fund:

No deadlines – decisions are made on a monthly basis.The Denplan Community Fund meets on a monthly basis and its decision is final.

Who can apply?

Community groups, individuals, charities, societies, clubs, schools, community projects

The Denplan Community Fund helps groups and organisations that:

  • Operate in the area from Portsmouth in the east; to Winchester in the north and Southampton to the south and west
  • Support the local area and local people
  • Help support or promote health and wellbeing, including the environment, sport, music and dance
  • Support those less able to support themselves
  • Fundraising events organised by schools
  • Customers who approach us for support in raising money for UK charities up to £250 maximum

Since its launch in 2013, the Denplan Community Fund has helped hundreds of local charities, initiatives, schools, clubs, athletes, societies and hard-working individualswhostrive to makeadifference in theircommunities.

We believe that, by giving those groups and individuals a helping hand, we can promote health and wellbeing in the wider Winchester area through the environment, sport, music and dance, as well as providing vitalhelp to those less able to support themselves.

The Denplan Community Fund is designed to support local community initiatives around where Denplan and its staff are based.

We currentlyoperatearound the Winchester area, reaching out as far as Portsmouth in the east, Southampton in the south and west, and to Winchester in the north.

If you’re interested in applying to the Denplan Community Fund, please fill outthis application formand email it

Please read all our rules which are printed on the application form of what we do and don’t sponsor, as well as fill in all the boxes with as much information as possible.