Grade 6 Story Worksheet

Grade 6 Story Worksheet

Chapters 1, 2 and 3

Name: ______Grade: 6 Section: ______

I. Read the following descriptions and identify the character. Write the answer on the space provided.

______1. She was the housekeeper in Mary’s uncle’s house. She was a large woman with a very red face and bright black eyes.

______2. He was a British official.

______3. She was the sister of Dickon and she had 11 brothers and sisters.

______4She was kind, hard working and sensible. She had good plans about everything.

______5. She was a very beautiful woman who loved attending to the parties.

______6. She was paid to take care of Mary and suddenly died because of the terrible disease that happened in their town.

______7. He was Mary’s uncle and he has got a crooked back. He used to be alone in his room since his wife died. ( Complete Name)

______8. He was the gardener who looked disagreeable.

______9. She had a thin angry face and thin yellow hair. She was a very selfish, disagreeable, bad-tempered little girl.

II. Complete the sentences by writing the appropriate words from the story.

1. Mary saw her mother talking to a young ______and they were talking about a dangerous ______in their town.

2. Mrs. Medlock said that there are nearly ______of rooms in Mr. Craven’s house but most of them are ______and locked.

3. A woman who looks after the rich person’s house is a ______.

4. Kamala and the other ______servants died because of the terrible disease.

5. Mary hated the English family because of their ______house and ______children.

III. Give your answer to support the following statements.

1.  Martha liked the moor because ______

2.  The mother of Martha told them that because of the good fresh air from the moor that ______

3.  ______are both lonely.

4.  The fresh air from the moor made Mary hungry so she ______

5.  Martha wanted Mary to play outside because ______.

IV. Answer the following questions.

1.  How far was the moor from Martha’s cottage?


2.  Why did Mr. Craven lock the secret garden?


3.  What did the robin do to help Mary find the key of the secret garden?


4.  Where did she put the key?


5.  What present did Martha give to Mary and who sent it to her?


6.  Describe the secret garden.


7.  What were the two things that she asked Martha to buy?


Critical Thinking Questions

Set A.

1. What happened to Mrs. Craven after the death of his wife?


2. How did Mary show appreciation to Martha after giving the present?


3. How did Mary find the secret garden?


Set B.

Identify the relevance of the given pictures to the story.

1. ______

2. ______

3. ______