GP Leadership of Investment and Change

GP Leadership of Investment and Change

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/ Week ending 18 December 2009 /


“GP leadership of investment and change”

/ End of Life Link Nurse
The Nene Commissioning pilot scheme to have a link nurse at NGH working to ensure more choice for people at the end of their lives has been extended. The scheme will now run until the end of March. The Board has also agreed funding to extend this project to KGH. /

/ Third Annual Conference
Nene's third annual conference is being organised for 6th July 2010. Following constructive feedback from last year's event we are moving the venue to Kettering Conference Centre - and looking for your ideas about how the programme is developed. If you have any views please mail /

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/ Best Practice Scheme
This Board report shows progress on the best practice scheme including changes in referral rates in 8 high volume or high cost specialties. Are you getting paid? 33 practices have not received their first quarterly payment yet. Are you one of them? To qualify for payment we must receive a different peer review form each month. It’s not too late... We are paying 2nd quarter now too on receipt of 3 peer review forms. /

/ Personal Health Budgets
We are pleased to announce that the new Project Manager for the Personal Health Budgets Pilot has been appointed and will start in January. Gill Ruecroft will be on secondment with Nene Commissioning from the PCT for 2 years to lead the pilot. Gill will be available after 4th Jan at: /

Other News
Are You On The Border?
Does your practice sit on the border of Northants and one of our neighborouring counties? Some practices are reporting problems in accessing services for their patients. Nene Commissioning is in the process of pulling together these issues in order to take a collective approach. Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems by contacting / Cancer Audit
As part of the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI), the Royal College of GPs and the National Cancer Action Team have collaborated on a project to explore the cancer patient's journey prior to referral to secondary care.
The main purpose is to identify and share good practice to optimise the cancer patient pathway. An audit tool has been developed to collect and analyse cancer patient data on the interval between first symptoms and referral for formal diagnosis and treatment.
Registration and launch events
Further to the information in the last edition of Update we can confirm that the LES documentation and audit spreadsheet will be circulated to practices later this week. The contract element will need to be signed and returned in the usual way.
To qualify for payment at least one GP from each participating practice will need to attend either of the launch events which are scheduled as follows:
January 12th 1pm-3pm (lunch 1 - 1.30)
at the Holiday Inn, Northampton
January 14th 1pm - 3pm (lunch 1-1.30)
at the Conference Centre, Kettering
The audit work will need to be completed for submission by 1st March and we estimate around 8-9 cases to review per 2000 registered population.
For further information, discussion or clarification please contact
Delivering better health services - call for abstracts and prizes
All those working in the field of health services research and healthcare policy are invited to submit abstracts for presentation and/or poster display at the 2010 joint SDO Network and Health Services Research Network annual conference, 2 and 3 June, Manchester. There are prizes and the opportunity to be published in a special supplement of the Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. For more information and to submit your abstract visit . Call closes 14 January
Genetic Pre-disposition To Tendon and Ligament Injuries
The next Lunchtime Seminar from the Centre for Health & Wellbeing Research will be held on January 13 at Sunley Management Centre.
"Genetic Pre-disposition to tendon and ligament injuries: current evidence and clinical implcations" will be presented by Dr Mike Posthumus, post-doctoral Leverhulme Research Fellow at the University of Northampton. For further information or to book a place mail
Information about all projects is available on our website, contact the team on 01604 641162 or
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