Glendimer Apartments Lease Rental Agreement

Glendimer Apartments. / Lease Rental Agreement (15-16)
125 NW Larry Street / RESIDENT
Pullman, Washington 99163 / LOCATION
(509) 330-1000 / DATE


This Agreement is made by and between the GLENDIMER APARTMENTS., 125 NW Larry Street, Pullman, Washington 99163 (“Landlord”), and Tenant(s) listed below:

Tenant First & Last Name
Emergency & Permanent Forwarding Address
Social Security No.
Email Address
Name of Employer / Department
Employer Address
City / State / Zip / Tel. No.
Tenant First & Last Name
Perm. Forwarding Address
Social Security No.
Cell No. / Email Address
Name of Employer / Department
Employer Address
City / State / Zip / Tel. No.

This is a legal binding document. Please read it carefully. If you sign this, the law presumes you have read and understand the entire document and all its attachments and addendums. This lease agreement constitutes the full and entire agreement between the parties. No oral agreements, understandings or representations are being relied upon by the parties. Any modifications, amendments, supplements or terminations must be in writing and signed by the parties to be enforceable. Please be advised that Glendimer, Inc. may not honor oral representations of its employees. It is the tenant’s responsibility to get any and all changes in writing from Glendimer, Inc. in order to be relied upon. In consideration of the covenants and agreements hereinafter set forth, Landlord does hereby lease to Tenant, on the following terms and conditions, those certain premises situated at:

Address ______ in City of Pullman,99163 Whitman County, State of Washington together with the furnishing and fixtures that may be therein.

The apartment is as follows: (check appropriate boxes)

# of Adults / Unfurnished / X / Non-Pet Unit / Allows a Pet / Other

1.  RENT: Rent is $____ per month, paid in advance on or before the first (1st) day of each month. A late charge of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) will be assessed on the sixth (6th) and an additional thirty-five dollars ($35.00) will be assessed on rents paid on the sixteenth (16th) of the month. The late rent fee will be assessed on the sixth (6th) and sixteenth (16th) of each following month until balance and late fees are paid in full. The first month's rent and last thirty (30) days of this Lease must be paid PRIOR to occupancy. Failure to pay late fees, NSF charges or rent, will result in a corresponding deduction from your security deposit if not sufficient balance due may be turned over for collections and/or legal action.

RENT IS DUE ON THE 1st! Late fees will apply for rents received in our office after 5p.m. on the fifth (5th) and postmarked after the third (3rd) regardless of any circumstances. (This includes weekends, holidays, etc.). Our office business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday you must bring your rent in before the fifth during business hours or mail your rent postmarked by the third (3rd). Payments made by tenant shall apply first to outstanding late fees, secondly to current late fees, thirdly to outstanding rent owed and lastly towards current rent owed. Rents not received by our office prior to the close of business on the fifth (5th) day of the month or postmarked by the third (3rd) day of the month will be considered late.

Returned Checks. Any check dishonored by no-acceptance or non-payment by the bank shall be remedied according to RCW 62A.3-515 and 62A.3-520 of Washington State Law or their successor statutes. Up to a $50.00 NSF fee in addition to the full amount of rent due, plus any applicable late charges described in section #2 above, will be charged for a check returned from Resident’s bank for any reason. Failure to pay these sums along with the full amount of the rent due within 24 hours of receipt of notice shall be deemed a further default in payment of rent and Tenant shall be subject to all rights and remedies given to Landlord under the law for default in payment of rent. FURTHER, if a later check issued by Tenant to Landlord is returned to Landlord by the Bank, Tenant shall be deemed to be in default or violation of this lease and subject to termination of tenancy or any other remedies given to Landlord under the law, at Landlord's option. All returned checks must be re-paid by Bank Money Order or Cashier's Check. (Any tenant who has once paid rent, late fee or other charges with a NSF check must from that time on pay rent by bank Money Order or Cashier's Check.)

2.  PAYMENT OF RENT. Rent payment shall be made to Glendimer Inc. located at: NW 125 Larry Street, Pullman, WA 9163. The Glendimer office will be open 9:00 – 11:00 AM and 2:00 – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday (except on holidays). Please call (509)-330-1000 before coming to our office as we may be out performing other duties away from the office. Checks may also be mailed to the above address or personally delivered to the OFFICE door slot at NW 125 Larry Street.

GLENDIMER APARTMENTS DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS IN THE OFFICE DOOR SLOT, YOU MUST GET A CASH RECIEPT. Call to make sure someone is available to give you a cash receipt, have exact change. GLENDIMER DOES NOT ACCEPT DIRECT DEPOSIT, Checks, bank cashier checks, and money orders payable to Glendimer. “Bill Pay” from your bank is acceptable payable to Glendimer, 125 NW Larry Street, Pullman, WA 99163

3. TERM: This Lease commences on ______and terminates on ______.

4.  MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY. There shall be ____ person(s) occupying the premise. of the premises shall be limited only to the named Tenant/s unless Landlord gives prior written consent for additional occupants. Landlord reserves the right to make an adjustment in the rent for additional occupants.

Number of Occupants ___ Pets ___

No pets shall be brought on the premises without the prior ((written)) consent of the Landlord and an additional damage deposit. Violations of pet conditions and restrictions may be considered grounds for termination of lease and may result in subsequent eviction


Items marked are furnished by Landlord:

R Water R Sewer R Garbage R Gas-heated hot water

o Electric-heated hot water R Refrigerator R Electric Range

o Other______

Items marked are furnished by Tenant:

o Gas heat R Electric heat R Electricity o Gas-heated hot water

o Electric-heated hot water R Telephone services R Cable services


Tenant(s) is responsible for electricity on separate meter including electric baseboard heat.

NOTE. All electricity and natural gas are on separate meters. You must sign up for utilities with Avista Utilities at 1-800-227-9187 by the commencement date of Lease. Failure to open an electric account in your name within (TWO) working days from THE DATE YOUR LEASE BEGINS shall result in a $50.00 fine plus electrical usage, regardless of whether you have moved in. Do not terminate your electric account until the termination of your lease even if you move out early. Keeping the electrical account for the entire term of the lease, or until another tenant approved by Glendimer moves in, is a tenant obligation under this lease. Failure to maintain an electrical account until the termination of your lease shall result in a fine of $50.00 plus electrical usage.

6. SECURITY DEPOSIT. The Tenant(s) agrees to pay a security deposit in the amount of $ 450.00 which shall be held at Wells Fargo Bank, Moscow, Idaho. Deposit funds shall be used at Landlord’s discretion to secure payment of past-due rent, to repair damages caused by Tenant and to pay for such other costs as necessary upon the termination of the tenancy. Retention of the deposit does not limit the Landlord’s right to pursue other remedies. Interest shall be property of Glendimer Apartments. Upon termination of this tenancy all or a portion of this deposit may be retained by Landlord, any refund to Tenant is conditioned as follows:

  1. Tenant shall fully perform the obligations hereunder and those set forth in the 1973 Residential Landlord Tenant Act as amended or as subsequently amended.

b.  Tenant shall occupy the premises for the term of this agreement. If Tenant does not occupy for the term of this agreement, in addition to forfeiture of security deposit, Tenant will be responsible for the total rent due for the full term of the lease or until the premise is rented.

c.  Tenant shall return to the Landlord all keys provided during tenancy.

d.  Tenant shall clean and restore premises to its original condition at commencement of this tenancy, except for normal wear and tear resulting from ordinary use. Tenant acknowledges carpets and drapes will be professional dry cleaned at time of vacating. (Ask the office for check-out procedures).

e.  Tenant shall remedy or repair to Landlord’s satisfaction any damage to premises or furnishings.

f.  Tenant shall be responsible for all rent owed, late charges or returned check (NSF) charges. DAMAGE DEPOSITS MAY NOT BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PAYING RENT.

g.  In a multiple tenant situation, if one or more tenants vacate and one or more stay, all security deposits will remain on file. The Tenants will resolve any and all security deposit arrangements among themselves. Security deposit refunds will be made in the name of the remaining Tenants at the time the premises have been completely vacated.

  1. Tenant must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope with forwarding address for return of Security Deposit.

7. REFUND OF DEPOSIT. Refund of the deposit to the extent refundable shall be returned to the Tenant within fourteen (14) days after the termination of this Lease. Landlord will give Tenant a full and specific statement of the basis for retaining any or all of the security deposit and fees together with the payment of any refund due. Tenant further agrees that any rent still owing may be deducted from the deposit prior to refund and expressly understands that such application of said deposit does not relieve the tenant from obligation to the Landlord for the balance of unpaid rent due, if any.

8. DEFAULT AND EVICTION. If Tenant(s) fails to pay rent or breaches this Lease, the Landlord may declare a forfeiture hereof, and take possession of the premise. This shall not relieve Tenant from payment of rent through the term of the lease. Tenant will pay a fee of $350.00 for all costs associated with the promotion and turnover of the premises. The Landlord may attempt to obtain a replacement tenant for the remaining duration of the Lease; the Tenant will also be responsible for the rent stated in the Lease until a replacement tenant rents the premise. Tenant shall also be responsible for court costs and attorneys fees as approved by Washington State Law. EVICTION NOTICES: In the event that an eviction notice must be served to a tenant, tenant will be charged a $50.00 posting fee.

9. ASSIGNABILITY (SUBLET). Tenant(s) shall NOT assign this Lease or sublet the premises without prior written consent of the Landlord. If Landlord grants such consent, the fees incurred in the execution and assigning of the sublease shall be paid by the Tenant in the following manner: (1) If Tenant(s) help, assist, show the apartment and obtain a qualified sublease with a replacement tenant acceptable to the Landlord, the Tenant will pay a fee of: $350.00 for the preparation of all documents and the facilitation of check-outs, deposit refunds, etc. OR (2) If the Tenant does not assist and find a qualified sublease the fee shall be equal to one (1) month’s rent to include the above services and Landlord will advertise and show the apartment to prospects to obtain a subtenant acceptable to the Tenant and Landlord. Tenant must pay all rents due until the premise is sublet.

10. REPLACEMENT APPROVAL. If Tenant(s) desires to vacate the premises prior to the termination date of this Lease, it is agreed that Tenant shall find a replacement tenant acceptable to the Landlord. If such a replacement tenant is found, Landlord shall enter into a Lease with the replacement tenant similar in form to this Lease. Tenant shall be liable for any difference between the rent required herein and that paid by the replacement tenant. Moneys refundable to tenant will be returned after a proper sublease has been negotiated for the entire length and terms of the original Lease, less necessary charges provided herein.

11. DUTY OF TENANT. As provided under the Residential Landlord Tenant Act, Tenant agrees to the following:

a.  Keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition. Any damage to unit caused by nicotine will be restored at the tenants’ expense.

b.  Properly dispose of rubbish, garbage and waste in a clean and sanitary manner at reasonable and regular intervals and to assume all costs of extermination and fumigation for infestation caused by lessee. Tenant agrees to recycle appropriate items.

c.  Properly use and operate all electrical, gas, heating, plumbing facilities, fixtures and appliances: if a wood or oil stove is used for heating the premises or as a supplement to any other heating facilities, Tenant shall annually or sooner if required by circumstances, clean the chimney or hire a professional chimney sweep to clean it at Tenant's expense.