Genre- Is the Particular Type Or Category of Literature/Art

Genre- Is the Particular Type Or Category of Literature/Art


Genre Notes

Genre- is the particular type or category of literature/art

Folk Tale- Genre includes Fairy tales, trickster tales, Fables, tall tales, legends, and myths passed down through generations that people told one another over time.

Fairy Tale- Make believe story, usually happened long ago, with a magic orevil person, is happily ever after type of folk tale. Ex. Cinderella

Trickster Tale- Smaller/more intelligent character outwits bigger/less intelligent character, animal or human, shows culture’s wisdom of human nature, type of folk tale. Ex. The Lion and the Mouse

Fable- Short tale that teaches a moral or lesson, often with talking animals. Ex. Tortoise and the Hare

Tall Tale-Tall Tale- A folktale with unbelievable exaggerations told as if it were true and meant to be humorous.

Legend- May be based on a real hero with exaggerated (Hyperbole) actions to represent values of people. Ex. King Arthur

Myth- Explains something about the world. Involves Gods/Goddesses, superhuman beings. Ex. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Realistic Fiction- Made up stories that could really happen.

Historical Fiction- Made up stories that could be based on true facts that take place in a certain time and place in the past. Ex. Transcontinental assignment

Science Fiction- Stories that blend fact and fiction with futuristic technology. Ex. Star Wars

Fantasy- Stories that include supernatural, fantastic creatures and places, talking animals with human characteristics, and/or magic or magical powers. Ex. The Lion, witch, and the Wardrobe

Mystery- Includes a problem to be solved with clues.

Nursery Rhymes- Imaginative use of words, rhythmic words, compact structure. Ex. Mother Goose

Poetry- Verse written to inspire thoughts and feelings in the reader.

Horror- Horror is a genre that aims to create a sense of fear, panic, alarm, and dread for the audience.

Genre Assignment

This is a group assignment and it is worth 200 points. Each member is expected to contribute and there will be questionnaires to turn in with your final project

Objective: Students will teach a quick lesson on a specific genre. Students are expected to find a short story that fits within the genres guidelines, Create a visual aid (PowerPoint, prezi, postor board, etc.), and present a worksheet that goes with the story.

Students are expected to give a presentation to the class that covers the genre and helps increase understanding of the topic.

Mr. Norvelle will be available to help in any way possible.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Get into Groups of three (3) or less.
  2. Discuss which genre you want to teach on.
  3. Get it approved by Mr. Norvelle.
  4. Begin Research for your genre using computers, books, etc.
  5. Create a presentation for your genre.
  6. Find a short story that fits in your genre and won’t take long to read as a class.
  7. Create a Worksheet for the story.
  8. Read your story to the class.
  9. Guide class in answering the questions.
  10. Fill out questionnaire about members of the group.

My Group______

Our Genre______

Our Story______

Our Presentation Date______

Additional Notes______