General Information and Conditions

General Information and Conditions

2-7 October 2018

Production application form 2018

General information and conditions

Who should complete this form?

If you want to be considered for an invitation to perform at Aardklop, complete this form, sign it and submit it, along with the required documentation, before the closing date.

A balanced programme

Aardklop compiles a balanced programme and various factors play a role in this, amongst others originality, renewal, the profile of the artist and the festival-goers, supply and demand in the various art genres, artistic merit and language.

Compensation package

Productionswith successful applications will be offered one of the following packages:

  1. Box office share
  2. Fee (by exception)

The final compositionof the compensation package is influenced by various factors, including accommodation, transport, ticket prices, status of the artist, etc.


Aardklop determines the final schedule based on individual negotiations. It is important to communicate your preferred performance dates accurately and to indicate which people in your team (technicians and musicians) are also involved in other productions.

To enable scheduling, artists and technicians are restricted to a maximum of three productions, unless specifically arranged with festival management.

Acknowledgement of receipt

All applications will receive an electronic acknowledgement of receipt by 5 April 2018.

Aardklop assumes no responsibility for applications that may get lost in the mail.


Any changes to this form must be communicated to Aardklop in writing, for the attention of: Jacinda Doinet .

Performing rights

All performing/stage rights, including DALRO and/or SAMRO, remain the responsibility of the production.

Complimentary tickets

Aardklop makes provision for a number of complimentary tickets per venue. These tickets are for own personal use as well as for use by the media and donors. If the complimentary tickets are not used, the seats are offered for sale before the performance.

Profit share productions: artists may request a reasonable number of complimentary tickets, as agreed upon. The related Computicket costs are payable by the production.

Fee productions: artists make arrangements directly with the festival offices and only a limited number of tickets are available.

Publicity and marketing

Every production is responsible for its own publicity and marketing, which will be supported by general publicity and marketing by Aardklop.


Jacinda Doinet

Tel: 018175 0175

Cell: 073749 1929

Closing dates

1 Feb. Applications open

31 Mar.Applications close

5 Apr.Acknowledgement of receipt

30 Apr.Programme selection concluded

24 May. All photos and final copy submitted for festival guide

31 MayScheduling concluded

7 Aug.Posters tothe Aardklop offices

3 Oct.Signed contracts submitted to Aardklop


2-7 October 2018

Production application for 2018

closing date : 31 MArch 2018
NB: no late applications will be accepted


Production title:______


Writer/Creator of production:______


The contact person serves as a liaison between the production and Aardklop and must be easy to reach and also needs to be authorised to make decisions. Should any contact details change, please inform Jacinda Doinet.

Name: ______

Surname: ______

Tel: ______

Cell: ______

E-mail: ______

City/Town: ______

3.PRODUCTION INFORMATION(mark where applicable):

Play:Drama_____Comedy_____Children’s theatre_____Stand-up Comedy_____


Which of the following isapplicable to the production?(Mark where applicable):

Professional_____Community theatre_____ Amateur theatre_____ Student theatre_____

Language of performance:______

Duration of production:Performance______+ Break:______=______


Aardklop is responsible for informing audiences of whether the productions are suitable for, amongst others, children. It is therefore very important for us to ensure that the rating of productions is as accurate as possible.

Target group (mark where applicable):



Family_____Parental guidance_____

Agerestriction:No under:______

Reason (mark where applicable):




Will the production make its debut at Aardklop?______

Debut production: a production that has not been performed before and/or for which tickets have not been sold. A production that one will get to see at Aardklop for the first time and which is a new creation and not anew compilation of existing works.

If the production does not make its debut at Aardklop, please provide the details of any runs before Aardklop 2018.

Date / Venue / City/Town / Number of performances

Provide details of any awards received:

Date / Institution / Title of award

Reviews and Press release

If available, please attach a press release of the production,as well as any reviews that are available.


Include the text and the director’s note with the application.

Nature of text (mark where applicable):

New text_____Translation of an existing work_____Adaptation of an existing work_____

Name of original writer/translator/adaptor:______


Include a MP3 link or a CD with the application and indicate if it’s been mailed.


Please provide a complete list of names of everyone involved in the production and also indicate in which capacity they are involved (e.g. director, artist, stage manager etc.). This information is very important as it is considered as part of the application. Any changes may influence the selection of the application. Please indicate if members of your cast are possibly also involved in other productions. Also include a shortened CV of the director.

MenLadiesChildrenTotal =

Name and Surname / Involvement / Other productions involved in

On which dates will the production NOT BE AVAILABLE?(Mark where applicable):

2 Oct_____3 Oct_____4 Oct_____5 Oct_____6 Oct_____7 Oct_____


Please include a COMPLETE budget


All applications, Commissioned and Boxoffice, must be accompanied by an administration fee of R160 (VAT included). This is a once-off payment that will not be refunded.

Electronic transfer of funds:

Potchefstroom Arts FestivalNPC

Absa Bank

Account number: 4089694919

Use the title of the production as reference (For example: King Lear).

Proof of payment must be included in the application.


A brief description of technical requirements, sketches, photos and stage layout must accompany this application.

Preferred venue? ______

Which of the following does the production require?Attach a brief explanation where applicable.

Yes / No
Sound equipment
Piano:indicate whether grand or upright piano is preferred

Minimum performance space required:

______m wideX______m high X ______m deep

Does the production have a set? ______Height of the set:______

If so, please attach a stage plan or photo.

In the case of a musical production:

Please specify musicians and instruments.

Musician / Instrument

Does the production require a backline? ______


The production application will only be considered if a completed application form, along with all the required documentation, is submitted. Use the list below to make sure that the application is complete.

All relevant questions are answered in full
Text included
CV of diretor included
Director’s note included
Technical sheet included
MP3 or CD with music included
Complete Budget included
Proof of payment included


Further inquiries can be addressed to: Delivery addresses:

Jacinda Doinet 69 Molen Str.Post Unit 412

Assistant Programme Manager POTCHEFSTROOMPrivate Bag x1288


Tel:018175 01752520

Cell:073749 1929