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Garner Magnet High School


HONORS BIOLOGY – 2015-2016

Contact Information

Morgan Jones – Mrs. Jones

Room 106 – 9th Grade Center



Course Overview

Biology is simply the study of life. This course will be broken down into 6 units including biochemistry, cells, genetics, evolution, plants with animals and ecology. I hope you will enjoy the topics we will be learning about this semester. We will be using IB MYP methodology as inquiry into Biology. You MUST pass biology in order to graduate.


Please have a binder that you can store your biology assignments in. You will also need colored pencils, a glue stick, flashcards, pencils and your agenda.


Notes will be taken at home on a provided template and will be checked daily. The notes will be reviewed the following class and any questions about the notes can be asked. There will also be other assignments that students will be required to do at home and turn in for a grade.


It is important to be in class everyday and to also be on time to class. If you are absent, it will be your responsibility to get all assignments from the day(s) you were out. Students are only allowed 10 excused absences per semester after which the student is in jeopardy of retaking the class.

SOT – Start On Time Unexcused tardy consequences

-1st, 2nd & 3rd violation - warning

-4th violation – 1 day of lunch detention

-5th violation – 2 days of lunch detention

-6th violation – 1 day of ASD

-7th violation – 1 day of ISS, student meeting with counselor

-8th violation – 1 day of ISS, parent meeting with counselor

-9th violation – Out of school suspension, administrative referral

Grading Policies

Make-up work – You will be responsible for getting any assignments you have missed. See me upon your return to collect the materials and to reschedule a time to take any missed quiz or test. Failure to complete work and have it turned in by the deadline will result in a 0, tests and quizzes included.

Late Work – Per Wake County policy, late work cannot be penalized more than 10 percent per day, with a maximum deduction of 40 percent. Late work is only penalized each A/B day, not each school day. GMHS has excessive late work deadlines for each quarter which can receive no less than 50 percent of the earned score.

  • 1st Quarter: October 16
  • 2nd Quarter: January 8
  • 3rd Quarter: March 16
  • 4th Quarter: May 16

Mid-term – All GMHS students will take a mid-term in every course during the school-wide scheduled time frame

Final exam – The biology final exam is an EOC which will count as 25% of the student’s overall grade for the class. This is a state made test that will consist of 75 multiple choice questions.

Semester grades – each semester’s averages will account for 37.5% of the overall grade.

Grades are calculated based on the following breakdown

  • Tests 50%
  • Labs / Projects 20%
  • Quizzes 20%
  • Homework & Classwork 10%

Class Rules

  1. Respect others -No bullying or harassment of other students – it will not be tolerated
  2. Respect property – No food, gum or drinks allowed
  3. Respect yourself - Do not be tempted to use your cell phone or other electronic device. I will take it and turn it in to administration. Let’s learn instead of being distracted.
  4. All Garner High School rules apply in the classroom as well including but not limited to

Extra Assistance

If you need extra help at anytime during the year, please let me know. I am available before school, after school and through email. Please remember that we are on the same team. I want you to be successful in not only my class but all of the other classes you are taking.

Integrity Statement

The Garner High School academic integrity policy states that: It is the belief that ethical academic standards should be practiced by all students. With today’s ever-changing and readily accessible technology, monitoring academic honesty has become more burdensome and more challenging. However, academic dishonesty—including plagiarism, cheating or copying the work of others, using technology for illicit purposes or unauthorized communication between students during testing situations—is strictly prohibited.

We believe that academic dishonesty cheapens a student’s education and damages the ethical character of that student and can undermine the integrity of our school as a whole. That said, we expect personal integrity in all academic endeavors.

Please return signed as soon as possible for my records.

Also, go to to fill out parent/guardian contact information.

I have read and understand the guidelines for Biology.

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