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Arranging Your Group’s Insurance Cover

Please read the following information carefully

Under the terms of the Association of British Insurers Code of Practice, it is our duty to bring to your attention your responsibility as the group organiser in respect of the purchase of Travel Insurance.

The Purpose of Insurance

i) Insurance cover only protects against unforeseen circumstances and events. It does not apply to any claim where the circumstances giving rise to the claim are known to the insured person beforehand (i.e. the circumstances are pre-existing).

ii) We have enclosed a specimen copy of the insurance we provide and you should read the section entitled "Disclosure of material facts and pre-existing health conditions” which is on Page 2 and draw your members' attention to same when discussing insurance with them.

iii) The Insurers cannot offer cover if You, Your travelling companion, a Relative or Close Business Associate is/are either: in receipt of a terminal prognosis; travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner; travelling for the purposes of obtaining medical treatment; on a hospital waiting list; or awaiting the results of medical tests or investigations.

iv) You may photocopy the specimen policy and distribute it amongst your members but please do remind them it is only a specimen for information only and no insurance has yet been taken out.

Issuing of Travel Insurance by Galina

i) Galina request insurance premiums to be paid no later than when the balance of the tour price is due. Up to that point if one of your members’ drops out you should refund them any monies paid to you and seek a replacement if that is possible.

ii) You can if you wish pay the insurance premium earlier (even with the deposit) so that your members are covered at an early stage in the proceedings.

iii) At the time the insurance premium is forwarded, we must receive a full list of all members travelling as the policy will not be regarded as valid by the insurers without such a list.

iv) When you receive the insurance certificates you must distribute them to your members well before they go on the tour so that they all have the opportunity to read the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy and if they decide that the policy is inappropriate for them, return it to us.

v) It is not sufficient to hand out policies on the coach on the day you are travelling or at a point where it would be unreasonable to assume that an individual would have time to read the policy, decide it was not appropriate and arrange an alternative.

vi) The principles which apply and which will insulate you from any repercussions are (a) you must provide your members with the opportunity to read the policy and (b) you must draw your members' attention to the fact that the policy has terms, conditions and exclusions which they should read to make sure the policy is appropriate to them.

Using your Own Insurance Cover

We are happy for you to make your own insurance arrangements. If you do so, please complete the Insurance Indemnity Form below and return it to our office at the address above.


Should a group/client not require the appropriate insurance associated with a Galina tour then this form must be completed, signed by the group leader/client and will be held in the Galina tour file.

The Booking Conditions of most tour operators require you to obtain adequate holiday insurance. Such insurance should ensure that you are fully covered against unexpected cancellation charges, medical expenses arising abroad, the cost of repatriation to the U.K., loss of luggage or money and personal liability claims.

You are entirely free to make your own insurance arrangements. If you decide to make your own arrangements please sign the Indemnity Statement below.


I acknowledge that I have read the information above and have declined to take out the travel insurance offered by Galina. I hereby undertake on behalf of myself and all members of my party/or any other individual travelling with me to arrange travel insurance, which provides at least equal cover to that offered by Galina.

I have arranged alternative cover with:

Insurance Company Name: ......

Policy Number: ...... …..………………………….

Customer Reference Number: ......

Insurance Company Emergency Contact Number: ………………………………………………………….

Date of Departure: ...... …......

Customer Name: ......

I understand that if I fail to arrange adequate insurance cover I / all members of my party/any other individuals travelling with me take these travel arrangements at my / our own risk and I/we indemnify your company against any expense which anyone in my party may incur as a result of having inadequate insurance protection.

Signed: …………………......

Date: …………………………….

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