French II Honors (517)

French II Honors (517)

French IIH (527)Period: 6

Madame Golaleh DaryoushClassroom : 225

E-mail: (preferred)Phone: 610-293 08 55 ext.3720

Website: (▼teacher web pages, ▼Daryoush, Golaleh (Mme))



‘Bienvenu(e) à la classe de Français II honneur!’

Welcome back to school. ‘Honors’means responsibility. It does not mean that you are a couple of chapters ahead or that you are required to do more homework each night. As an honor student in a French class, you are expected to be responsible for your learning. Assignments may not be daily yet you are expected to work everyday in order to improve your fluency. Your own desire to speak French will be you greatest asset in this class.

This class would be conducted through immersion. Therefore, English would be spoken only under exceptional circumstances. In order for the class to achieve its maximum potential, it is necessary for each and every student to accept the individual responsibility that accompanies the immersion setting. Only your commitment to success and your choice to contribute to classroom activities will insure a year of progress in the language.

Immersion can be a frustrating experience. It is even discouraging at times not to be able to fully express or comprehend certain material. You must remember, however, that this moment of frustration is temporary and only a small part of a greater picture.Immersion is not about taking the easy way out. Immersion is about survival, the same way one is forced to survive in a foreign country. It requires perseverance and determination. To truly progress in the language, you must accept the challenge to remain in the target language. You should take risk and not worry about making mistakes. You should understand that it is only through repetition that you will master your newly acquired vocabulary. The immersion classroom is a “cultural island” and students are expected to adhere to the language that governs that island.Students who persevere in this manner benefit gradually from the realistic setting and ultimately progress more rapidly in the language.

The following guidelines will help you begin the year on the right foot. Please read them carefully and share them with your parents.

DAILY SUPPLY:It is crucial to be well organized since along your text bookcoveredand work book you will be receiving a lot of material in the class. Please bring to class every day:

  • 1½”binder with college-ruled paper and seven dividers labeled as follows:

-Class note



-Audio & Video Handout

-Tests & QuizzeS

A blue or black pen, a colored pen for corrections, a highlighter and #2 pencil

ATTENDANCE:You are expected to be in class and seated by the time the bell rings. I count on you for the arrangement of your seat at your arrival and departure.

  • You must possess a note for late arrival. Please plan well your schedule. I will not accept notes from the Guidance Office unless prior notification has been given to me.
  • Please notify me in advance if you know you will miss class to get work ahead of time.
  • Please check the homework section for making up any missed class.
  • Work missed due to an excused absence must be made up in a timely fashion. The student is expected to come speak with me to make the necessary arrangements- I will not seek you out!

MORE ON HOMEWORK: Itwill be announced in the class and will be posted on the school website under Madame Daryoush web page. With the exception of technical difficulty, the webpage will be loaded everyday no later than 5:00 pm. When a specific exercise has not been assigned, you are encouraged to review vocabulary and new grammar concept in class notes. You must complete homework for the day it is due. NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Copying homework constitutes a violation of the Honor Code and results in a grade of 0 and other disciplinary measures as outlined in the Student Handbook.

You will be responsible for making up any missing work. Work missed due to unexcused/illegal absences will result in a zero. You could obtain the information either from your classmates or/and from your teacher outside of class or/and check the website. The lack of access to the website because of the technical difficulty will not be accepted as an excuse for missing the work.

MORE ON PARTICIPATION: Participation is a MUSTfor succeeding in this class. You are encouraged to take risk and to express yourself in French. The only irreparable mistake that you can make in a foreign language class is to remain silent. It is only by speaking the language and applying what you have learned that you may truly progress. Take a chance, speak up, and PLEASE let the teacher know when you are lost. (See the rubric).

ELECTRONIC DEVICES:Using electronic devices in class is forbidden unless teacher directed. All students must be on task and therefore game-playing and texting is strictly forbidden.Each student who violates this rule will receive one warning and, thereafter, ten points will be deducted from the student’s classroom participation grade.In classes where I-Pads are used, students must come to class with their devices fully charged.

GRADES are weighted (Keep track of all your grades throughout the year):

Assessment Class work

75% 25%


Interpretive Communication

based on Print text, Print &Audio, Audio)


Interpersonal Writing

Emails, Skits: Putting together a sketch will allow you to dramatize the language,

practice the vocabulary as well as the grammatical structures.


Presentational Writing

Should be a minimum of 10 lines typed work double spaced

Be aware that it is very easy to detect a work copied from another source or if the online translator has

been used. Both case is considered plagiarism and will result consequently a 0.

Rewrite your corrected composition and benefit from 5 points extra credit.


Interpersonal Speaking

Skits: in pair or groups of three/four, you will be responsible for rehearsing prior to

each presentation. Your final grade will reflect your personal input and group work.


Presentational Speaking

Projects /Poems: could be done individually or with your group and will be assessed

based on a rubric.

Poem will be assigned three weeks prior to presentation.

Begin to memorize the day you are assigned the poem. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE

NIGHT BEFORE! This is a grade you can control. Memorizing poems will help

improve your pronunciation. If you are not prepared on time or you are illegally absent

you will consequently have a 0.



Refer to the rubric received in class!



You will begin each quarter with the 100 as your homework grade as long as work is completed and

turned in on time, you will maintain the 100 as your homework grade. However, you will lose 5 points

for every assignment which is not completed on the day it is due.


EXTRA HELP: You are encouraged to come in for extra help as needed either during lunchtime or after school. I would be also available during the 2nd, 3rd period or during the 7th, 8th periodand after school by appointment.

I look forward to a wonderful year with you!

Bon Travail!

Please share the above guideline with your parents and bring a copy of the following contract signed.


I have read and understand the course expectations for French II Honors. By signing this paper along with my parent/guardian, I am showing my enthusiasm for this class and my commitment to success.


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