Freedom of Information Literature

Freedom of Information Literature

freedom of information 信息自由libertad de informaciónحرية المعلومات liberté de l’informationдоступ к информации

Freedom of Information Literature

Selective biography of academic literature, overviews and comparative analysis regarding freedom of information law and practice

The Freedom of Information Advocates Network is grateful to the Constitution Unit of the

Department of Political Science, University College London for compiling this biography of FOI resources.

FOI Research Centres

Centre for FOI, Univeristy of Dundee

Constition Unit, University College London

Rick Snell, University of Tasmania

Eduardo Bertoni, Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information (CELE) at Palermo University School of Law, Argentina

Richard Calland, Open Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa

Dan Metcalfe, Collaboration on Government Secrecy, USA

Overviews and comparative

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FOI Theory

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More research is available in French at


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Two summaries of the work area available at the links below:

Research Report

Non-technical summary

Hazell, Robert. 1997. ‘Introducing Freedom of Information’. Available online

Ben Worthy and Robert Hazell. 2010. ‘The Sword: How MPs and peers have used Freedom of Information in theUK’. Paper for Politicial Studies Association 2010 Conference, April 2010. Available online

Eastern Europe

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FOI and the media

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