Form ECN1 External Consultant Nomination Form

Form ECN1 External Consultant Nomination Form

Form ECN1 ‘External Consultant Nomination Form’

Learning and Teaching Committee

Validation and Audit Standing Panel


(You should refer to the endnotes and Quality Management Handbook Chapters 3 (for Periodic Review), 4 (for Validation) or 5 (for Collaborative Provision)

when completing this proforma)

Title of validation/periodic review/collaborative provision approval:

Proposed consultant’s involvement (delete as applicable)

/ Panel member / Adviser to course development team
Nominee’s name:
Position held:
Rationale for nomination:
Has there been any previous association between the nominee and the department/proposing team?
If Yes, please give details.
Proposed by / Name (please print) and Signature / Date
Head of Subject/Lead Proposer

Notes for Completion

  1. External members of validation and periodic review panels will normally be employed within a recognised Higher Education Institution (or Further Education College in the case of Access-level and foundation degree proposals) and able to offer an expert and objective opinion on the proposal that is being considered. In the case of consultants retained as advisers to course development teams, the nomination of relevant employers or other professionals including representatives of professional associations is also acceptable. Where overseas programme developments are concerned, it is expected that consultants should have requisite experience of international working.
  1. Panels for validation and collaborative provision delivery approval will normally include one external member with appropriate subject expertise. Panels for the approval of new collaborative partners will normally require one external member with senior responsibility for the approval and/or management of collaborative provision in a higher education institution. Where a single event accommodates more than one of these functions – for example, combined partner and delivery approval – more than one external panel member may be retained and the Academic Quality and Development Unit (AQDU) will advise accordingly.
  1. Panels for periodic review will normally include two external members with appropriate subject expertise, at least one of whom should be a member of a higher education institution.
  1. For external panel members (other than members of Faculty Module Approval Panels who will normally contribute in writing) duties will normally require attendance at an event held at the Ormskirk Campus and the submission of advance written comments by a date to be notified by the AQDU. All external consultants will be paid according to current arrangements to be notified by the AQDU.
  1. Nominees should not be associated with the proposing team in a way that might compromise their ability to form an objective judgement on the proposal. Examples might include associations formed during previous employment, external examination duties at Edge Hill University, research partnerships, tutor-student or supervisor-student relationships, and any close personal relationship. In the case of previous employment or external examiner duties at Edge Hill, a period of at least three years should have elapsed.
  1. External members of panels convened for the purpose of conjoint validation and professional accreditation may be nominated by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs). However, where said nominee is not a member of a higher education institution an additional nomination should also be supplied.
  1. Proposers must have contacted the nominee and obtained their agreement in principle before submitting the completed nomination form to the AQDU (or to the Faculty Quality Officer for Module Approval Panels).


Latest version: April 2012

[1] An ‘external consultant’ may be either an external member of a validation or periodic review panel or an external academic peer engaged to work with the course team during its preparation for validation. In either case, this form should be completed and returned to the Academic Quality and Development Unit by the date specified.