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For Immediate Release s291


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Ixia Launches Cost-Effective Tool for Field-Testing IP-Based Telecommunications Services

Ixia’s IxChariot Runtime lets service providers validate VoIP, QoS, multicast
and other IP-based service deployments

Calabasas, CA -- April 13, 2004 – Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA), a leading, global provider of IP network testing solutions, announced today IxChariot Runtime, a new version of its industry leading IxChariot application performance test software that is designed for field validation of newly installed IP services by a service provider’s field service team.

IxChariot Runtime supports hundreds of protocols and can be used to test Voice over IP, Quality of Service (QoS), multicast, IPv6, and other advanced services.

“IP-based applications provide new revenue and differentiation opportunities for service providers, but in many cases the success of these new service deployments comes down to properly equipping the field service team so they can effectively validate service quality,” said Chris Buerger, Ixia product manager. “With IxChariot Runtime, service providers now have a highly flexible and cost-effective tool that can be deployed across their entire field service force to test IP applications.”

IxChariot Runtime is based on IxChariot, the leading performance analysis tool used by service providers and enterprises to evaluate how IP-based applications will perform on a network. IxChariot emulates data flows from thousands of computers involving hundreds of protocols; and then, through its sophisticated analysis tools, provides performance characteristics of any application running over wired or wireless networks.

IxChariot Runtime is scaled and priced to fit the unique needs of a typical service provider field organization. IxChariot Runtime executes test scripts generated by IxChariot on all supported protocols and provides detailed reports of the results. IxChariot Runtime implements a customized test editing capability that ensures the compilation of consistent and reliable test results across an entire field-service team.

The software runs on a Windows-based laptop computer and scales to either two or ten pairs. IxChariot Runtime is available immediately in licensing bundles of five, 10, and 20 licenses.

About Ixia

Ixia is a leading, global provider of high performance IP network testing solutions. Its highly scalable solutions generate, capture, characterize, and emulate network and application traffic, establishing definitive performance and conformance metrics of network devices or systems under test. Ixia's testing solutions are used by Network and Telephony Equipment Manufacturers, Semiconductor Manufacturers, Service Providers, and large Enterprises to validate the functionality, and reliability of complex IP networks, devices, and applications. Ixia's patented Real World Traffic™ Suite addresses the growing need to test applications and networks prior to deployment under realistic load conditions. Ixia's analysis solutions utilize a wide range of industry-standard interfaces and are distinguished by their performance, accuracy, reliability, and adaptability to the industry's constant evolution.

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