Fishermen Interview

Fishermen Interview

Gaza MAVA Project 2015


Instructions: This questionnaire has four sections. The below statement must be read to the fishermen before conducting the interview while explaining that it is going to take twenty minutes to half an hour to complete it. The interview has to be done with the fisherman alone, without other people. If a fisherman does not answer one of the questions, list one of these reasons: does not want to respond, does not know, or does not understand.


My name is ------, I am data collector at the Gaza MAVA Project ------. The goal of this project is to learn more about the species of sharks and rays found in Gaza Mediterranean Sea and their interactions with fisheries. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and confidential. I will record your name only for the purpose of record keeping. I will not share your individual answers with anyone outside of the research group. You do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to.

Date: / Name of fisherman:
Location: / Age/Date of birth:
Fisherman code: /  Commercial fisherman  Recreational fisherman


  1. At what age or in what year did you start fishing in the area? ______
  2. Do you come from a family of fishermen?YES NO
  3. Is fishing the main way you earn your living? YES NO

If NO, what is/are your other occupations?______

  1. What was your average salary last year?
  2. What is your average daily salary in low season and high season? (NA for not applicable)
  3. If you are the owner, what do you pay your staff?
  1. At which times of the year do you usually fish? If seasonal, indicate season start, end and determine season with most fishing effort

All yearWinter (12-2)Spring (3-5)Summer (6-8)Fall (9-11)

  1. How many days do you go fishing each month? ______
  2. What is your position on the boat?

OwnerFamily member Captain Crew memberNo fixed position


  1. What type of fishing do you conduct ? gillnet, longline, small purse seine, large purse seine or trawler?
  2. What is the length of the boat? ______meter
  3. What is your total HP? Type? ____ Number of engines ______Strength of the engine ______
  4. How many fishers, including yourself, work on the boat? ______
  5. What is the duration of each trip?

0-6 hours  6-12 hours 12-24 hours 1-2 days 3-5 days>5 days

  1. At which times of the day do you usually fish?

6 am to 12pm12 pm to 6 pm6pm to 12 am  12 am to 6 amAll day

  1. What are your main target fish species? ______
  2. Which areas do you usually fish in?


  1. What is the best time to catch sharks?

6 am to 12 pm12 pm to 6 pm 6pm to 12 am 12 am to 6 amOther______


  1. What type of bait do you use to fish? ______
  2. Is there a specific type of bait that attracts sharks most? ______


  1. Do you or have you targeted devil rays? (Gone fishing solely for this purpose)?
  2. Have you ever caught a giant devil ray (show picture)?
  3. If yes, where (Show a map and have them point to area) ______Year______Month ______
  4. If yes to above, was the animal alone or in a group?
  5. What was its length (wingspan) or weight (kg)?
  6. What do you do with the catch? Eat Sell  Use as bait  Discard (dead)  Release (alive)  Other ______
  7. Have you ever heard of the gill plate trade? No__ Yes__ If yes, please give details ______
  8. At which times of the year do you catch the most/least sharks? Most______Least ______
  9. How many total sharks do you usually catch on a fishing trip in low season and high season?

Circle one LOW0 1-34-10 11-20 >20 HIGH 0 1-3 4-10 11-20 >20

  1. How many types of sharks available in Gaza Seawater?   I Don’t know
  2. Are sharks usually accidentally caught or targeted or both?

If targeted, which are the top shark species that are targeted? ______

  1. Which species of sharks do you catch? ______
  2. Please list the shark species you caught last year, the quantity and the approximate weight?

1) speciesb) how manyc)average weight

2) speciesb)how manyc)average weight

3) speciesb) how manyc) average weight

4) speciesb)how manyc) average weight

  1. Have fishermen in your community always fished for sharks? YESNODon’t know
  2. Are sharks usually landed full? YESNODon’t know
  3. Have you noticed a change in shark catch amounts since you began fishing? ______
  4. If yes to above, have shark catches increased or decreased? By what % since you began fishing?
  5. Have you seen a difference in shark sizes since you started fishing? YES NO Don’t know
  6. If YES, have they gotten larger, gotten smaller? ______by what % since you began fishing?
  7. Are there any shark species that you used to catch that are not present in your waters anymore?
  8. If YES, why do you think catches have changed? ______
  9. What do you do with sharks if you catch them?
    Eat Sell Use as bait Discard (dead)Release (alive)Other ______
  10. Where and to whom are sharks usually sold?____________
  11. How do you sell shark? By kilogram or set price for animal?
  12. What is price per animal and per kilogram?______
  13. Is there a market just for shark fin to be exported that you are aware of?______
  14. Do you know any prices for shark fin?
  15. If yes to above, price per kilogram species?
  16. What are the most valuable shark species and why? ______
  17. Is your boat licensed to fish for sharks? ______


  1. Are you aware of any endangered species in the Mediterranean?
  2. Do you think sharks and Rays should be protected?YESNODon’t know
  3. Do you think laws and regulations should be established to protect sharks and rays in the Mediterranean?YESNODon’t know
  4. Do you know of any laws protecting sharks in the Mediterranean?YESNODon’t know

If YES, which ones and are they enforced?______

  1. Do you feel that you are consulted or involved in government decisions on fisheries?

YESNODon’t know

  1. Would you want to be consulted or involved in government initiatives for the protection of sharks?


  1. Would you want your children to be fishers?
  2. Are you optimistic or pessimistic of the future of fishing here?