Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Title of Instruction: / DT Overview
Time of Instruction: / 4 Hours
Target Group: / Law enforcement personnel
Instructor: / Joel Stephen
Methods of Instruction: / Lecture, Question and Answer
Additional Information:
Date: / 06/28/2015

Statement of Goals and Objectives

Instructional Goal: / After this block of instruction, the learner will have a better understanding of the Austin FBI Domestic Terrorism program.
Instructional Objectives:
After this one hour block of instruction, the learner will be able to:
(1) / Describe Domestic Terrorism (DT) investigations.
(2) / Summarize the DT threats.
(3) / Recognize motivations for different types of DT Extremisms

Criterion Test Questions

(1) / Define what seperates Domestc Terrorism investigations from International Terrorism cases.
(2) / List the three criteria for a Domestic Terrorism investigation.
(3) / List at least five of the nine Domestic Terrorism Threats

Criterion Test Answers

(1) / What seperates Domestc Terrorism investigations from International Terrorism cases?
Conducted on the Homeland of the United States of America with no Foreign influence.
All investigative activity shall be conducted with as little intrusion into the privacy of individuals as the needs of the situation permit.
(2) / List the three criteria for a Domestic Terrorism investigation.
1) Further their political or social goal
2) Involving force or violence
3) Violation of federal criminal law.
(3) / List at least five of the nine Domestic Terrorism Threats
“Lone Offender”
Sovereign Citizen Extremists
White Supremacy
Militia Extremists
Animal Rights Extremists
Abortion Extremists
Anarchist Extremists
Black Separatists

List of Items and Materials

Equipment/Aids Required of Instructor:

Computer for PowerPoint, and projector.

Equipment/Aids Required for Students:

Note taking material to include pen/pencil and paper.

PowerPoint Slides (if any):

Slide # - Title

1 – Introduction Slide

2 – Oklahoma City Boming

3 – Objectives

4 – Austin JTTF AOR

5 – Austin JTTF AOR Map

6 – Definition

7 – DT “Triangle”

8 – DT Threats

9 - Lone Offender

10– White Supremacy

11– White Supremacy Overview

12– White Supremacy Religious Ideology

13- White Supremacy Political Ideology

14- White Supremacy Criminal Activity

15- Militia Extremists

16- Militia Extremists

17- Anarchist Extremism

18- Anarchist Extremism Overview

19- Anarchist Extremism Criminal Activity

20- Anarchist Extremism Tools / Weapons

21- Animal Rights/Eco-Terrorism

22- Animal Rights/Eco-Terrorism Overview

23-ALF/ELF Guidelines

24- Animal Rights Extremism: Targets & Tactics

25-Environmental Extremism Targets & Tactics

26-Abortion Rights Extremism

27- Abortion Rights Extremism Overview

28- Black Separatists

29- Black Separatists Criminal Activity

30-Sovereign Citizen Extremists

31- Sovereign Citizen Extremists Criminal Activity

32-Terrorist Screening Center

33-Final Slide – contact info


For each student

FBI flyer – Fraudulent Documentation Used by Anti-Government Extremists

FBI Flyer – Animal Rights Extremists

Outline of Activities

Content / Instructor Notes
Introduction: Presenter introduction
Joel Stephen, FBI, Domestic Terrorism team lead, for the Austin AOR. I have been working domestic terrorism matters for seven years. State any admin. Matters (restroom, break room…)
The reason I am here is…
On April 19,1995, the largest terrorist attack in the United States up to that time occurred at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, OK. Killing 168 victims which included 19 children. / Introduction: Introduce yourself
Slide 1 – Introduction slide
Slide #2 – Oklahoma City Bombing
Thesis Statement (Goal): You will have a better understanding of the Domestic Terrorism program of the FBI and the different threats related DT. / Thesis Statement: Finish introduction with goal.
Needs Statement: This block of instruction will provide law enforcement personnel information which could save their lives during an encounter with sovereign citizens.
State all of the objectives:
A) Describe Domestic Terrorism (DT) investigations.
B) Summarize the DT threats.
C) Recognize motivations for different types of DT Extremisms / WIIFM: Officer safety during an encounter with sovereign citizens
Slide 3 – Objectives
State the objectives
Objective #1
The learner will describe domestic terrorism investigations.
Discussion –
FBI definition of DT Extremists
Three parts of a FBI DT investigation
Objective #2 / Objective #1
Slide 4 – Austin AOR
Slide 5 – AOR Map
Slide 6 – FBI DT Extremism Definition
Slide 7 – DT Triangle
Objective #2 and #3
Slide 8 – DT Threats
Slide 9 – Lone Offender
The learner will summarize the DT threats.
White Supremacy Overview
Objective #3
The learner recognize motivations for different types of DT Extremisms
During each threat slide discuss different motivations for the threat. / Slide 10 – White Supremacy (WS)
Slide 11- WS Overview
Religiously motivated
Politacally motivated
Slide 12- WS Religious Ideology
Christian Identity
Phineas Priests
Slide-13 WS Political Ideology
National Alliance
Slide 14-WS Criminal Activity
Weapons violations
Bank robberies
Armored car robberies
Slide 15 –Milita Extremists (ME)
Slide 16- ME Overview
Extreme anti-government
Possess and use explosives
Conduct paramilitary training
Slide 17– Anarchist Extremism (AE)
Slide 18– AE Overview
Rejects Organization
Slide 19 - AE Criminal Activity
Property Damage
Attempted Arson
Use of Explosives
Slide 20 – AE Tools/Weapons
Slide-21 Animal rights/Eco terrorism (AR/ET)
Slide-22 AR/ET Overview
Movements – ALF/ELF
Slide 23 – ALF/ELF Guidelines
Inflict economic damage
Public awareness
Protect all forms of life
Save the environment
End Animal abuse
Must be vegan or vegetarian
*law suits against research facilities
Slide 24 – AR Targets and Tactics
Targets –
Fur & meat farms
Research Labs
Restaurants & Stores
Animal Shelters
Government services
Animal releases
Slide 25 – Eco targets and tactics
Target –
Luxury home construction
Energy Companies
SUV dealerships
Tactics –
Tree Spiking
“ Monkey Wrenching”
Slide 26 – Abortion Rights Extremism
Slide 27 – Abortion Rights Overview
Paul Jennings Hill was a convicted murderer. Hill was convicted of murdering Dr. John Britton and Britton's bodyguard James Barrett in 1994. He was the first person in the United States to be executed for murdering a doctor who performed abortions
Slide 28 – Black Separatists
Slide 29 – BS Criminal Activity
Gang Recruitment
Threats against law enforcement
Slide 30 – Sovereign Citizen Extremists
Do not recognize governmental authority
Form common law courts
History of Violence
Slide 31 – SCE Criminal Activity
Bank, mail, and wire fraud
Money laundering
Tax violations
Illegal weapons violations
Threats to judges and law enforcement
Production of their own currency
Impersonating law enforcement
Distributing information regarding explosives
Bombing of Infrastructure
Advocating overthrow of the Government
Slide 32 – Terrorist Screening Center
Slide 33 – Contact information
Question: Who can name one of the three parts of the “DT Triangle”?
Question and Answer
Goal of the course:
You will have a better understanding of FBI Domestic Terrorism investigations and threats.


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