FAQ - Student Resource Schemes

FAQ - Student Resource Schemes

What can be included in a student resource scheme (SRS)?

A student resource scheme can include the provision of:

  • Administration of the scheme
  • Equipment hire (musical instruments, computer)
  • All prescribed textbooks for each subject
  • Reproduced class materials which complement and/or substitute for textbooks
  • Other student reference books
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Student diary/planner
  • Student ID card – for external use (student discounts, transport)
  • Computer disks/memory sticks
  • Additional computer software
  • Equipment e.g. calculators, electronic devices
  • Materials for subjects where the instruction is extended through providing practical learning experiences in excess of materials provided by school grants
  • Stationery, writing and drawing sets

Can a primary school run a student resource scheme?

Yes, as long as the items included in the scheme are those listed above. A student resource scheme is not a bookpack, where supplies are purchased for an individual and the individual has exclusive use of those supplies (for example, paint or pencils).

Are subject charges, outside of a student resource scheme, voluntary?

Yes. Although parents are directly responsible for providing textbooks and other resources for their children attending schools,

subject charges are made to cover the cost of resources for specific subjects, and if the resources were not provided by the school the parent would be required to purchase the resources themselves.

Some schools provide basic materials for the use of the student where a parent does not want to pay a subject fee, but the finished object is retained by the school, not the student.

Can a fee be charged for first aid material in a student resource scheme?

No. Schools have a duty of care and a responsibility to provide a safe environment for students.

First aid materials can, however, be included within a voluntary contribution request.

Where the Student Resource Scheme Participation fee is paid by EFT payments (direct bank deposits) what should the student reference number be?

The Education Queensland Identification (EQID) number may be used.

Online banking fields allow for:

  • Pay Anyone (EFT) Message/Reference = 18 Characters - 222222222222222222
  • BPay Reference Number = 20 Characters – 33333333333333333333

Can aQueensland Academy schedule of fees be added to the SRS form?

No. Queensland Academies’ Program fees are not able to be included in the SRS scheme.Please contact the Academy directly for further information

Can the school add the 1-to-1 Learning Program fees to the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form?

Yes. There are also user agreement forms that require completion. Please see the Smart Classrooms site.

Can a student join a 1-to-1 Learning Program without joining the Student Resource Scheme?

Yes, if the 1-to-1 Learning Program is a separate Student Resource Scheme.

What happens when a parent does not return the Participation Agreement Form?

If the school has not received a signed form indicating that a parent wishes to participate in the scheme then the school would have to take the position that they do not wish to participate.

However, if the parent pays the fee without returning the form, then the school should take the position that they do wish to participate.

Can the Mathletics and Intrepica online learning programs be included in a SRS?

If these programs are REPLACING the use of textbooks , yes, they can.

If these programs are ENHANCING the curriculum, they should be charged on a user pays basis. A permission slip, signed by the parent, is returned and the parent charged. The student may then participate.

Can schools run multiple student resource schemes?

Yes, this is allowed but the P&C will have to endorse the concept. It could be called 'SRS Part B'.

For example:

A state school has a student resource scheme for textbook for which it has invoiced parents already.

Now the school wants to have another student resource scheme for art & craft materials, photocopying for workbooks etc. As these activities fall under resource scheme activities, the school would need to generate a new participation agreement form titled ‘SRS Part B’. With P&C endorsement, the school can then notify parents of the addition to the scheme.

A school may also have a voluntary financial contribution request.

Can a school magazine be included in a Student Resource Scheme?

No. The school magazine may not be part of the scheme even if the P&C has approved it.

Can uniform hire for members of the band as well as bus fare be included in the SRS?

The band uniform hire may be included in the SRS, but not the bus fare.

Can the Choir Management Levy, which covers the cost of a hired pianist and photocopies of sheet music, be included in the SRS?

Yes. The choir costs may be included as part of the SRS, as well as photocopies of sheet music.

How does the Textbook and Resource Allowance refund template deal with year 11 and 12 who don’t attend 40 weeks of school?

The allowance is paid on the basis of 40 weeks, regardless of how many weeks years 11 and 12 students attend. Refer to the Pro rata refunds and payments section of the Textbook and Resource Allowance – Policy and Procedures: State Schools See, Student Resource Schemes in the School Accounting Manual(DET employees only)

How does a student leaving after term 2 affectthe payment to schools from the Department of Educationand Training (DET)?

The Textbook and Resource Allowancepage says:

Timeframe / Activity
January/February / Initial payment of 80% of entitlement based on FTE state school enrolments (July census from previous year)
April/May / Adjustment payment based on February enrolment data for the current year (subject to availability of validated census data)
September/October / Supplementary payments based on July enrolment data.
New enrolments entering schools between March and July will be identified and payments made.
The few students who enrol and then leave between the February and July census dates will not attract a TRA payment from the department. Schools are required to pay the equivalent value of the TRA to the parent/caregiver or the next school.
Students who commence studies after the first Friday in August have no entitlement.

Some special schools don’t offer a SRS. These schools have been obtaining written permission from families to retain the allowance at school as a credit balance and apply to invoices that parents indicate they would like paid. Is this satisfactory?

Yes. The Textbook and Resource Allowance is for the parents to do with it what they wish. If parents want to receive the allowance as credit balances, that's ok, provided the school isn't running any scheme. However, schools should to be careful about what they charge parents and that they don't charge for instruction, administration or facilities or voluntary financial contributions.

Has a unified approach been established for the treatment of expenditure of Student Resources Scheme revenue in OneSchool Finance i.e.: 2053 Student Resource Expenses vs. inclusion as a sub-cost centre under a key learning area (KLA) e.g. Math 2037 or Curriculum 2011?

The school could set up the scheme either way, unless an overwhelming need arises for collating data on the expenditure of SRS revenue across the state. It appears to be more practical to use a single cost centre vs. a bunch scattered across the KLAs. Keeping the activity within 2053 Student Resource Expenses may be more practical; any number of sub-cost centres could be created to identify the various components.

How should a Student Resource Scheme fee be invoiced to parents and can it be included on the excursions invoice?

The student resource scheme fee needs to be unpacked to ensure it covers allowable items under the SRS,i.e.,administration of the scheme itself, course packs, etc., and parents need to be advised of what exactly the resource fee pays for. This fee should be included on the SRS form.

Student resource scheme fees cannot be included on the same invoices as excursions as the payment terms differ. Parents may have a payment plan arrangement for the SRS whereas excursions must be paid for in advance. Combining the charges on the same invoice will cause confusion.

Can refundable deposits be added to SRSs as collateral for keeping resources in a good condition?

No. The SRSconditions of use included on the SRS Participation Agreement Form, point 32 says:

“Textbooks and other resources provided for temporary student use by the scheme shall be kept in good condition by the student. The school Administration Office shall be notified immediately of the loss or negligent damage to any issued item. Where an issued item is lost or negligently damaged, parents/carers will be responsible for payment to the scheme of the replacement cost of the item. Failure to make payment may result in debt recovery action being undertaken including, where warranted, referral to an external debt collection agency. This may result in extra costs being incurred by the parent/carer.”

There is no policy or legislation to supportany request for a deposit for the SRS.

Schools charging a deposit are being informed on a case-by-case basis that there is no authority to base a deposit charge for the SRS. The SRS participation form has the parent agreeing to return all returnable materials complete and in a ‘good condition. All deposits are to be refunded or credited as soon as possible.

Part of the SRS charge is for photocopies of workbooks and art supplies etc., how should the school cost this out in the list of requirements?

The SRS requires that the school provide a list of resources and their cost along with the SRS form. So the teacher should have costed out the photocopies, etc. They should have done this as part of working out how much to charge for the SRS as it is to be on a cost recovery basis.

We are a primary school and run a Student Resource Scheme where we provide all of the exercise books, scissors, pencils, paint, etc, to students for the year. All items are labelled with the student’s name. If a student leaves during the year, do we have to refund any portion of the SRS fee?

The SRS is to be refunded on the basis that a school year has 40 weeks of instruction and resources are used accordingly.

When the hire of musical instruments is included in a Student Resource Scheme how can the money be used and how do we communicate this to parents?

Hire of musical instruments can include anything which is related to the instruments such as repairs, or the purchase of new instruments. You should tell parents what the money is used for and what will happen to any surpluses. If the funds are for repairs and any left-over is saved up for purchasing new instruments, this should be made clear. A letter offering the student a place in the program could include such information.

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