FAQ S Nesta Creative Enterprise Programme Evaluation

FAQ S Nesta Creative Enterprise Programme Evaluation

FAQ’s Nesta Creative Enterprise Programme evaluation

How varied is the delivery model across different countries? Is information about how the programme is adapted to reflect local context well documented?

The delivery model (i.e. off the shelf or embedded) and workshop content remains mostly the same across different countries, although this will change now we have local associates delivering the programme and the content becomes more localised. The differences currently come in the context in which the programme is delivered, and the regional needs and challenges it is addressing. Some examples of this are:

  • Programme and participant focus. For example: all fashion entrepreneurs in Kampala, Kiev and Chisinau; social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong; creative hubs leaders in Moscow and Abuja; etc
  • Participant location. For example: Skopje brought creative entrepreneurs together from six Western Balkan countries; Moscow brought creative hub leaders together from Russia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Turkey and the UK; the East Africa cluster intends to work in a number of countries in the region, as does the West Africa cluster; etc
  • Language. For example: local associates delivering in local language with translated materials, like in Kiev; UK associates delivering in English with simultaneous or consecutive interpreters with translated materials, like in Hanoi; UK associates delivering in English with English materials like in Chisinau; etc
  • Local partnerships. For example: CEP was one component in GIZ’s three-month Design for Impact programme in Amman; etc.
  • Adapting to need. For example: CEP in Hong Kong was a two day workshop (not three) and content was adapted to better suit social entrepreneurs; etc.

How many local associates have you brought on board so far?

  • 4 local associates in East Africa
  • 4 local associates in Egypt
  • 4 local associates in Ukraine
  • 3 local associates in West Africa

For the interim evaluation, what level of detail are you hoping for? Are you looking for this to be focused on evidence from the project staff and associates? Or are you looking for a detailed comparison of the impact on participants before and after re-fresh at this stage?

We are looking for the retrospective evaluation to provide both qualitative and quantitative data from the refreshed model activity, focusing on evidence from the programme teams, associates and participants. This should demonstrate the impact of the refreshed model and inform the methodology we will use moving forward in the programme. Specific details and a framework will be developed in partnership with the successful supplier.

Is the previous evaluation report available for potential suppliers?

Yes, the report is available on our website alongside the RFP documents