Fans Vent Over Cyclones' Season

Fans Vent Over Cyclones' Season



Fans Vent Over Cyclones' Season

Team Winless In Big 12 So Far

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Disappointing and frustrating are just a few of the words Cyclone fans are using to describe the Iowa State University football team's season.

After a 41-10 loss to Kansas on Saturday, many fans are wondering if it might not be time for a change.

There's no doubt that fans are tired of losing and did not expect to be winless in the Big 12 at this point in the season, but a lot of fans don't feel a shakeup at the top is the answer.

Cyclone fans didn't hide their frustration Saturday after another disappointing performance on the field. By the second half of Saturday's game, it was just too painful for many fans to sit through. Those who did stick around watched with bags over their heads.

"There's a lot of disappointment and a lot of wondering what's going to happen for next year because when you really look at it, we've got the same group of people coming back next year," said fan Matt Nissen.

One question on the minds of many Cyclone fans -- should the same coaching staff be back next year?

"I think they just need to realign some things. I don't know that they need to really upset the apple cart and undo the whole program right now," said fan Sam Germer.

"I think when McCarney was winning, he was doing it the right way and so now when we're losing, I think he deserves that time to right the ship," said fan Chris Ihle.

Loyalty runs deep for some longtime fans who remember where McCarney's taken the program after a rough start.

"Dan brought the program from the lowest of the lows we've brought it up to where we've gone to a number of bowl games over the past few years, but yet we've kind of hit that plateau," said fan Dave Walden.

"I think he's an excellent coach. You have a down year and I think that he's the type of guy who will bring them back and bring them back fast," said fan Paul Keighley.

But not all fans are so confident and believe it's time for a change.

"I think there needs to be a fresh face at Iowa State to get people back to what's going on there at Jack Trice Stadium," Nissen said.

That is a concern after record-setting crowds this fall. Fans fear that without some change it'll be hard to bring some people back to Jack Trice Stadium next year.

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