Exploring Entrepreneurship: Russia and the Netherlands

Exploring Entrepreneurship: Russia and the Netherlands

Exploring entrepreneurship: Russia and the Netherlands

(Program of the summerschool)

Netherlands, 18-24 August

August,18 – Thursday
Arrival of Russian students in Amsterdam / Accommodation in hostel in Amsterdam
Informal meeting with Dr. Svetlana Tvorogova, HSE
August, 19 – Friday
Cultural program in Amsterdam / Coordinator Marc Bos
August, 20 – Saturday
Cultural program elsewhere (preferences by Russian students / Coordinator Marc Bos
Trip to and accommodation in Enschede
August,21 – Sunday. Location; The corridor
Time / Session / Speaker/moderator
08.30-9.30 / Welcome to the Netherlands and general overview of the summerschool.
Breakfast session / Aard Groen and Mariska Roersen
9.30-11.00 / Lecture: Advanced entrepreneurial support systems
Illustration of the case of Twente, based on needs of entrepreneurs. (4S model) / Aard Groen
11.00-12.00 / Lecture: How do support systems work for entrepreneurs?
Experiences from an entrepreneur / Entrepreneur from VentureLab
12.00-12.30 / Tour of VentureLab Twente / Aard Groen and Mariska Roersen
12.30-13.30 / Lunch
13.30-14.00 / Student presentations, 15 minutes each
Innovative vs Non-innovative entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and Russia / 1)Frank, Martchenko, Golubova
2)Gillis, Sietzema
13.50-14.10 / Discussion of presentations
Questions and answers / Moderation: Björn Kijl
14.10-15.00 / In-depth discussion on presentation and topic
Students provide discussion topics beforehand, they are approved by supervisor / Moderation: Björn Kijl
15.00-15.15 / Coffee break
15.15-15.30 / Brief presentation of a relevant case study on innovative entrepreneurship / Mariska Roersen
15.30-16.30 / Mixed groups of Russian and Dutch students discuss the case
On the spot, groups of around 4 people
16.30-17.30 / Discussion on findings / Moderation: Mariska Roersen
17.30-18.00 / Introduction to the longitudinal case
Work as business analysts and policy consultants in small groups using statistics on entrepreneurship and GEM data. Students should work on this whenever they like in approx. 4 mixed Dutch-Russian groups, and have to present the results on the final day of the summer school in Moscow / Kate Murzachevaand Maria Gabelko
August,22 – Monday. Location: The corridor
Time / Session / Speaker/ moderator
9.00-10.15 / Lecture: Entrepreneurial heuristics and effectuation
Do we set goals and search means to achieve them? Or do we have means and set goals accordingly? / … someone from NIKOS
10.15-11.15 / Lecture: International entrepreneurship
How does international entrepreneurship differ from domestic entrepreneurship, the influence of culture / Martin Stienstra
11.15-11.30 / Coffee break
11.30-12.30 / Creative Entrepreneurship in Sports
Illustration of FC Twente / Jan van Halst, former pro football player, current commercial director of FC Twente
12.30-13.30 / Lunch
13.30-13.50 / Student presentation
International entrepreneurship: Expanding business from western to eastern Europe / Marc Bos and Aneeqah Dinaully
13.50-14.10 / Discussion of presentation / Moderation: Martin Stienstra
14.10-15.00 / In-depth discussion on presentation and topic
Marc and Aneeqah have provided discussion points beforehand / Moderation: Martin Stienstra
15.00-15.15 / Coffee break
15.15-15.30 / Brief presentation of case study on effectuation / … someone from NIKOS, same as in the morning
15.30-16.30 / Mixed groups of Russian and Dutch students discuss the case
Groups of about 4 students
16.30-17.30 / Discussion on findings / Moderation: … same person from NIKOS
August,23 – Monday. Location: the corridor
Time / Session / Speaker/moderator
9.00-10.15 / Lecture: Venture Capital / Björn Kijl or Patrick Bliek
10.15-11.15 / Lecture: Guest speaker from venture capital company / Radboud Dood?
11.15-11.30 / Coffee break
11.30-12.30 / Visit to the art academy on the relation between art and entrepreneurship / Art Academy
12.30-13.30 / Lunch
13.30-13.50 / Student presentation
Venture Capital / Niek ten Hove, Maarten de Wit and Maria Peeva
13.50-14.10 / Discussion of presentation / Moderation: Björn Kijl or Patrick Bliek
14.10-15.00 / In-depth discussion on presentations and topic / Moderation: Björn Kijl or Patrick Bliek
15.15-15.30 / Brief presentation on case study
Live like artist, work like entrepreneur / … via art academy
15.30-16.30 / Mixed groups of Russian and Dutch students discuss case
Groups of around 4 students
16.30-17.30 / Discussion on findings / … via art academy

Russia, 24-30 August

August,24 – Wednesday - Travel to Moscow
Arrival to Moscow – separate flights, two different shuttle buses from different airports to bring participants to the holiday resort
Transfer to the summer school site (holiday resort outside Moscow, ca. 40 km)
Welcome dinner

Proposed time-schedule for August, 25-27


1st – 10.00 – 11.20

Coffee-break – 11.20-11.40

2nd – 11.40-13.00

Lunch – 13.00-14.45

3rd - Mini-group presentationsand discussion – 15.00-16.20

Coffee-break – 16.20-16.40

4th - Final part– 16.40-18.00

Dinner – 18.30-20.00

Free time

August, 25 - Thursday


1. Entrepreneurship Development in Russia: some Key Features and Milestones (Prof. Alexander Chepurenko, HSE)

2. Using State and Alternative Statistics in Entrepreneurship Research (PhD Olga Obraztsova, HSE)


3. Student presentation onWho are they? Socio-demographic portrait of an early stage entrepreneurs in Netherlands and Russia(Komarova Olga, Serpinskaya Marina, Zabelova Tatiana).Discussion of presentation (moderation - Arjan Frederiks)

4.Work on longitudinal case

August, 26 - Friday


1. Establishing of a new business in Russia after the crisis – practical observationsProf. Dmitry Molchanov, HSE / acting entrepreneur and business angel) or Corporate Control and Early Entrepreneurship in Russia: the Case of Russia (Prof. Alexander Settles, Faculty of Management, HSE)

2. Russia under Transition: Some Trends in Social and Political Life (Prof. Dr. Maxim Braterski, HSE)


3. Student presentation Who is financing the start-ups? Sources and structure of financing of early stage entrepreneurship in Netherlands and Russia (Murzacheva Ekaterina (head), Gudov Artyom, Albutova Alyona, Konobeeva Elena). Discussion of presentation (moderation - Björn Kijl)

4. Student presentation Why do people start-up? Motivational structure of early entrepreneurship and the innovation drive in Netherlands and Russia (Ryabtsev Nikolay (PhD student, head), Neuvazhaeva Maria). Discussion of the presentation (moderation - Arjan Frederiks)

August, 27 - Saturday


1. Social Entrepreneurship in Russia (Dr. Alexandra Moskovskaya, Leading researcher, HSE)

2. State Activities to Support Technostarters in Russia (Sergey Polyakov, Federal Foundation for Small Scale Business Support in High-Tech Industries, President / Prof., Innovation Management, HSE)


3. Longitudinal case study results presentations and discussion (moderation - Aard Groen, Alexander Chepurenko)

4. Official end of summerschool: prizes, awards, certificates (Aard Groen and Alexander Chepurenko)

Farewell party

August, 28 - Sunday

  • After breakfast: Leaving holiday resort, arrival in Moscow(ca. 12.00) and visit to the HSE business incubator, welcome speech: Promotion of innovations and entrepreneurship: the case of the HSE (Dr. Alexey Novoseltsev, Director, Innovations transfer office)
  • Accommodation in HSE dormitory (Pokrovka or Studencheskaya – for students) and (Vavilov st.) – for professors and teaching staff members (ca. 15.00)
  • Start of Cultural program in Moscow (one of the two most prominent museums open to visit until 19.00 – Tretyakov gallery or Pushkin museum of arts, metro tour)

August, 29 - Monday

  • Cultural program in Moscow (only museums to be open: Historical museum, Armoury Chamber; or one of the summer palaces – Tsaritsyno, Arkhangelskoye or Kolomenskoe, in the evening - a Moskva river sightseeing tour)

August, 30 - Tuesday

  • Travel to the Netherlands of the biggest part of NL team / accommodation of those who remain in Moscow (on disposal)