Executive Administrator (1 Position Available)

Executive Administrator (1 Position Available)

Science Undergraduate Society / Appointed Positions 2014-2015

Appointed Positions

Presidential Portfolio

Executive Administrator (1 position available)

The Executive Administrator is in charge of the administrative affairs of the office and the surrounding space in Burnside basement. This includes, but is not limited to maintenance of office equipment, the upkeep of the office, ordering supplies, and maintenance of the bulletin boards. The Executive Administrator is also responsible for drafting SUS documents, communicating information regarding General Council (GC) to GC members and the SUS executive, and organizing and documenting General Council meetings. Additionally, the Executive Administrator is responsible for arranging all room bookings (including in SSMU) and for managing table bookings outside the SUS office. The Executive Administrator is a voting member of the Executive and a non-voting member of General Council. Strong organizational, communication and time management skills are an asset.

Executive Revenue Officer (ERO) (1 position available)

The ERO is primarily responsible for the sponsorship activities of the SUS. The ERO will be responsible for initiating and fostering relationships with local businesses in the community. These ties will have a sponsorship focus and the Executive Committee will set specific financial objectives to be used as benchmarks for evaluating progress. Furthermore, the ERO will chair a sponsorship committee that may be used at the discretion of the other executives in soliciting sponsorship for particular events. The ERO is also responsible for exploring new avenues of corporate sponsorship, and the President and Vice President Finance will set objectives in this area at the start of term. The ERO also sits on the Constitutional Affairs Committee and thus a sound knowledge of the SUS Constitution is recommended. The ERO is a voting member of the Executive and a non-voting member of General Council. A strong background in business and communications is ideal.

The ERO will select a Sponsorship Committee at the beginning of the fall semester. Keep an eye out in the SUS listserv!

Sponsorship Committee (6 positions available)

Members of the Sponsorship Committee will work under the Executive Revenue Officer (ERO) to find new local and corporate sponsors. They are also responsible for recruiting corporate interest for the Science Career and Graduate Education Fair. For large-scale SUS events requiring additional help with sponsorship, the Sponsorship Committee will help the executive in charge find sponsors specific to the objectives of the event. Strong communication skills and charisma are recommended. Having corporate connections are considered a bonus, but are not necessary. Please note: the interviews for this position will be delayed until after the ERO is chosen. Year-round time commitment, starting in the fall.

Chief Returning Officer (CRO) (1 position available)

The Chief Returning Officer is in charge of the SUS electoral process. He/she runs and administers two elections, the Freshman Undergraduate Science Society (FUSS) elections in late September and the SUS elections in March. The CRO must be a U3 graduating student in a non-Science faculty. The position of CRO is demanding during elections, and knowledge of both the SUS Constitution and the Electoral By-Laws is highly recommended.

Presidential Affairs Committee (6 positions available)

The members of the Presidential Affairs Committee will assist the President in the endeavours of the portfolio. Members of this committee will meet regularly, but will also be required to work independently on assigned tasks. Some of the tasks on the agenda for 2012-2013 include, but are not limited to peer advising, undergraduate research opportunities, student space improvements, increased collaboration with faculty, departmental, and student groups on campus, charity-based initiatives, and the anti-calendar. Time commitment is flexible, but requires a full-year presence, starting at the beginning of the fall semester.

Speaker of Council (1 position available)

The SUS Speaker of Council is responsible for presiding over all meetings of General Council (these meetings will occur on a bi-weekly basis throughout the year) in a fair and impartial manner, enforcing the rules of Council, and presiding over any General Assemblies of the Society. The Speaker reports to the President. Detailed knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order is necessary along with strong communication skills. Year-round time commitment, starting in the fall.

Vice President Academic Affairs Portfolio

Student Committees

Academic Affairs Committee (4 positions available)

Members of the Academic Affairs Committee Directors are appointed by the SUS VP Academic to provide support in all initiatives outside the existing events and services. Members of this committee will also attend meetings on behalf of the VP Academic and chair committee meetings if necessary. Creativity, reliability and strong time management skills are an asset. Year-round time commitment, starting in the summer

Academic Events Committee (5 positions available – 1 Director and 4 Coordinators)

The Academic Events Committee replaces the previous Health Sciences Information Committee to expand the type of events it organizes. In addition to putting together the well-established health science-related symposiums and seminars (e.g. Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry, mock MCAT/DAT tests), the committee will explore events in the field of physical sciences. Creativity and organizational skills are assets. Year-round time commitment, starting from the beginning of the fall semester.

Academia Week Coordinators (7 positions available – 2 Director and 6 Coordinators)

Academia Week is an annual, week-long event that includes lecture series, workshops, information sessions and seminars to educate science students about current research and issues in Science, as well as opportunities available to them upon graduation. The coordinators are responsible for finding speakers and organizing the logistics of the entire event. The Director will be expected to assume additional organizational responsibilities and manage the coordinators. Creativity and strong organization and communication skills required. Time commitment will start at the beginning of the fall semester and end mid-winter semester.

Graduate and Professional Schools Fair Committee (9 positions available – 2 Directors, 7 Coordinators)

Every November, SUS invites various graduate and professional schools from around the world to set up booths for a whole day in order to promote their programs and recruit students. Coordinators of this committee will be responsible for inviting these schools, helping set up booths, and for organizing the logistics of the entire event. The Directors will be expected to assume additional organizational responsibilities and manage the coordinators. Strong organizational, communication, and time management skills required. Work will start over the summer, via e-mail and phone. The Fair is in the fall and so the time commitment will be most intense during first semester.

RedBooks Committee (10 positions available – 2 Directors and 8 Coordinators)

The RedBooks Committee will work to maintain and expand the existing RedBooks project, an online resource devoted to providing information for students interested in pursuing graduate and professional programs. The RedBooks contain general information, entrance requirements, and contact information for professional and graduate schools worldwide. The RedBooks Committee, along with the VP Academic and Chief Information Officer, will work to expand the resource, monitor feedback, and edit the information regularly. RedBooks is available online at redbooks.sus.mcgill.ca. Reliability and dedication are a must. Web design and technical skills are an asset for some positions but not required for most of the positions. Year-round commitment. Work will start over the summer via internet.

Committees in the Faculty of Science

Committee on Student Standing (4 positions available)

This committee considers appeals of decisions made by the Associate Dean (of Student Affairs) to requests from students. For example, appeals can range from students requesting readmission to the Faculty or students wishing to defer examinations. There are eight faculty members and four student members on this committee. Student representation on this committee is very important because of the nature of the issues that arise for discussion and decision. The committee meets once a month from 3:00-5:00pm on Thursdays. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory.

Leo Yaffe and Principal’s Prize Committee (2 positions available)

This committee recommends a professor teaching Science courses for the Leo Yaffe Award for Excellence in Teaching, and recommends nominations from the Faculty for the Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching. These awards are given out for excellence in teaching and training of undergraduates in the Faculty of Science. The committee is composed of select members of the faculty and one student member with seven alternate members. Alternates are chosen because a student member is disqualified from participating in this committee if they have been taught by any of the candidates. The committee meets once towards the end of the academic year.

Vice President Internal Affairs (Internal) Portfolio

Orientation Week 2014 Coordinators (Paid, 8 positions available)

Do you want to help incorporate Frosh into the new Integrated Orientation Week? Do you want to organize an unforgettable experience for incoming science students? Coordinators will be responsible for helping recruit Orientation Leaders and Orientation Organizational Staff (O-Staff), obtain food and monetary sponsorship, plan exciting activities, and arrange day and night events for the three jam-packed days! The positions available include:

  • O-staff Coordinators (2), responsible for hiring and managing the Orientation staff. Will also provide support for other coordinators during the summer months with duties such as sponsorship;
  • Sponsorship Coordinators (2), work with businesses and corporations to solidify food and monetary sponsorships. Prior experience working with businesses and knowledge of conversational French is an asset to this position;
  • Operations Coordinator (1), responsible for overseeing the Orientation Leaders and administrative responsibilities such as running any social media like the Facebook page;
  • Inclusive Programming Coordinator (1) working with SSMU and other faculties to provide alternative events for students. The coordinator will also ensure that all Science Orientation events are inclusive, that there are alternative events for those who wish to participate in them, and actively create new initiatives to promote Orientation Week sustainability;
  • Logistics Coordinators (2), communicate with bars and clubs for a Montreal crawl. Responsible for securing bars, parks, and food stops for the Montreal crawl. Knowledge of conversational French is an asset for this position.

Strong work ethic, teamwork, and creativity are required for all positions. Experience and knowledge of conversational/written French is always an asset.

***A four-month summer commitment is absolutely required for all Orientation Week Coordinators***

*Note: Applicants to this position must complete a supplemental form () that is also due on Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 at 11:59PM.

If you are interested in being an Orientation Leader or Orientation Organizational Staff (O-Staff), please fill out the application here by March 23rd, 2014:


Science Games Coordinator (9 positions available)

The McGill Science Games is a 3-day no holds barred competition between Science Departments to determine which one can throw down the hardest, fastest, and strongest. The positions available include: staff coordinator (1), in charge of the selection and hiring of staff; pub-crawl coordinators (2), in charge of designing and implementing pub-crawl; departmental liaison (2), work with teams to facilitate communication with committee; night events coordinator (2), in charge of implementation of the daily night events; and sponsorship coordinator (2), work with businesses and corporations to solidify food and monetary sponsorships.

Applications for McGill Science Games Coordinators will open up in the fall (late September), so look out for the application in the SUS listserv!

Intramural Sports Coordinators (2 positions available)

Next year, the SUS will strive to instil a competitive and athletic spirit in students by enlisting the help of its departments in starting an intramural sports league. Intramural coordinators will be responsible for communicating with the various departments and faculties, booking the gym or iron rink, arranging equipment and referees, collecting team forms and money, and arranging a prize for the winning team.

Departmental Handbook Coordinator (1 position available):

Do you have (or want) experience with booking tables in buildings, stamping posters, applying for liquor permits, or running events? The VP Internal is looking a collaborator willing to collect information and organize a departmental handbook to facilitate event planning at McGill. Work will be down over the summer, but can be completed by e-mail correspondence. This position would be great for a U1 or U2 student looking to gain experience in event planning or the inner workings of clubs and services.

Vice President External Affairs (External) Portfolio

SUS Environment Committee (SUSEC)

The SUS Environment Committee will consist of the VP External, two Environment Directors, 4-6 Environment coordinators, and 1- 3 ECOuture Coordinators. The SUS Environment Committee will strive to foster a culture of sustainability within SUS by maintaining purchasing policies that favour environmentally benign and socially responsible products and services and conducting environmental audits of SUS to improve environmental performance. SUSEC will also be responsible for ensuring that all SUS and departmental association events meet the highest sustainability standards by reporting their efforts through the Green Events Checklist. Lastly, SUSEC will also be responsible for coordinating GreenWeek and ECOuture under the direction of the VP External. The SUS Environment Directors will lead the coordinators in achieving these goals. They may also be required to attend SSMU Environment Committee and SUS General Council meetings. Strong organizational, communication, and time management skills along with a passion for the environment and sustainability are a must. Year-round time commitment, starting in September, with email correspondence over the summer.

Environment Directors (2 positions available)

  • Responsible for leading the SUS Environment Committee and ensuring the tasks of the Environment Coordinators are completed
  • Primary liaison for external environmental groups including SSMU and SUS general council and departments
  • Report directly to SUS VP External
  • Strong background in event planning and knowledge of sustainability required

Environment Coordinators (4-6 positions available)

  • Report directly to Environment Directors and SUS VP External
  • Refresh green events checklists and monitor SUS events
  • Perform waste and energy audits of SUS operations
  • Organize annual Green Week and assist ECOuture coordinators with ECOuture
  • Some background in event planning and knowledge of sustainability an asset

ECOuture Coordinators (1-3 positions available)

ECOuture is a student-run fashion show as part of Science’s Undergraduate Society’s Green Week that seeks to raise awareness about eco-friendly alternatives to the fashion industry. It is an opportunity for local Montreal designers to showcase their use of organic or recycled fabrics, and show that organic fabrics can be both fashionable and sustainable. Although ECOuture is only one night, the planning process spans many months and requires the utmost dedication and commitment from those working to make it a successful event. The Director of ECOuture works closely with his/her artistic design team to conduct auditions for models, coordinate and run rehearsals, arrange a venue and DJ, find sponsors, and handle other logistics, administrative, and financial aspects of the event. In addition to these responsibilities, the Director will work with the Environment Directors to incorporate ECOuture into SUS Green Week. The Director oversees these areas of the event and reports on a regular basis to the VP External. Time commitment starts late first semester, and ends second semester. Applicants may apply in pairs or groups of three, please note that a separate application must be submitted for all applicants.

Social SUStainability Week Committee

Social SUStainability Week is the SUS’s annual charity fundraiser. Social SUStainaiblity Week committee will consist of the VP External, 2 directors, and 7-9 coordinators. We are seeking motivated, community oriented students to take on this great challenge. Coordinators will be responsible for organizing day and night events, arranging food sales, raising awareness for the community organization/charity, and soliciting sponsorship for food sales, a silent auction, and event prizes. Strong interpersonal, time management and organizational skills are required. Flexible time commitment over the summer. Time commitment will be most intense during September and October. Small amounts of work will begin during the summer, but can be done via email.

Social SUStainability Week Directors (2 positions available)

  • Report directly to VP External
  • Chair the Social SUStainability Week Committee and ensure the tasks of the coordinators are completed (see below)
  • (1) position specializing in sponsorship and communication
  • (1) position specializing in event management
  • Strong background in event planning, communication, and fundraising required

Social Sustainability Week Coordinators (7-9 positions available)

  • Report directly to Social SUStainability Week directors
  • Organize events and food sales for fundraising and awareness purposes
  • Seek out community engagement opportunities within the organization
  • Solicit financial and product-based sponsorship
  • Some background in event planning, fundraising, and communication is an asset
SUS Equity Committee

The SUS Equity Policy was written during the Winter 2014 semester, and now we are looking for a dedicated team to implement it! The Equity Committee will consist of the VP External, 2 Equity Commissioners, and 4-6 Equity Committee Members. The Equity Committee will be responsible for organizing educational activities, evaluating SUS events, and handling equity complaints.