Every Child a Reader(Ecar)

Every Child a Reader(Ecar)

Every Child a Reader(ECaR)

Providing layered interventions and improving literacy learning in classrooms to raise attainment across the school

How many pupils did we work with in 2014/15?

A total of 624 pupils in years 1 -6

  • 349pupils received Reading Recovery or Reading Coaching from a Reading Recovery teacher
  • 275 pupils in Y1-6 received BRWP from a teaching assistant
  • Around 450 pupils who had received ECaR support in year 1 or 2 took end of KS1 assessments in May 2015, which is approximately 10% of the total city Year 2 cohort. 84% of them achieved level 2 or above, 60% 2B or above in reading.

What were the outcomes for our pupils in 2015?

For Reading Recovery,outcomes at Year 2 Assessments were…

  • 82.4% of thepupils attained 2c plus in reading, and 64.7% achieved 2B or above
  • On average they made 12 months progress in reading age over their 14-17 week programme
  • 73% of pupils attained 2c plus in writing, with 48.7% achieving 2B+
  • 77% of pupils caught up with classmates within the 17 weeks
  • After finishing RR, the 3 and 6 month check showed most pupils continued to make age appropriate progress (an average 6 months gain in Reading Age in 6 months).

Pupils who received Reading Recovery in KS 1 and who took KS2 SATs in May 2015

In May 2015,102 pupils who had been involved in Reading Recovery in Y1/2 reached year 6 and took KS2 assessments.A total of 85% attained Level 4 in reading and 75% in writing..

Level / Reading / Writing
Number / % / Number / %
2 or below / 6 / 5.8 / 3 / 3
3 / 10 / 9.8 / 23 / 22
4 / 60 / 59 / 67 / 66
5 / 26 / 26 / 9 / 9
4+ / 102pupils / 85% / 102pupils / 75%

Better Reading and Writing Partners (BRWP) delivered by Teaching Assistants

BRWP End of KS1 Assessments 2015- number of pupils
Reading / Writing
L1 / 34 / 48
2c / 54 / 63
2b / 46 / 41
2a / 22 / 19
3 / 40 / 25
  • A total of 275 pupils received BRWP in Y1-6, having an average of 52 lessons over 15 weeks
  • Average reading age gain was 13 months (almost a month per week)
  • Average book level gain was 7 – representing twice normal progress
  • 196 BRWPpupilswho were in Y2 did end of KS1 Assessments (results in table ). 83% achieved level 2 or above in reading and 76% in writing.

Every Child a Reader Schools for 2015/16

Alderman Richard Hallam
Barley Croft Primary
Beaumont Lodge Primary
Braunstone Comm Primary
Braunstone Frith Primary
Caldecote Primary School
Catherine Infant School
Coleman Primary
Fosse Primary
Granby Primary
/ Hazel Primary
Heatherbrook Primary
Humberstone Infants
King Richard III Infant
Marriot Primary
Mowmacre Hill
Northfield House
Parks Primary
Rolleston Primary
/ Sacred Heart Academy
Scraptoft Valley Primary
Shenton Primary School
St Barnabas C of E Primary
St Patricks Primary
St Marys Fields Primary
Thurnby Lodge
Willowbrook Primary
Woodstock Primary
County Schools
Newlands Barwell
Richmond Hinckley Townlands Earl Shilton
Broom LeysCoalville

Reading Recovery teachers are working collaboratively with others to raise whole school literacy attainment through….

  • Training teachers and Assistants to use running records. OFSTED “In the most effective schools, teachers used analytical tools like running records to gain clarity about individuals in their class” This is especially important now as the new OFSTED inspection will involve inspectors listening to individual pupils read.
  • Using book levels as part of tracking reading progress. Book levels should increase by 1 per month- if this is not happening it is aquick and easy way to establish that the pupil may need additional reading input to improve progress.
  • Providing on-going professional support to Teaching Assistants who deliver Wave2/3 interventions
  • Working with parents to engage them in sharing books at home or training older pupils to be reading buddies.
  • Undertaking brief assessments of KS1/2 pupils to gain clarity about individuals and support teachers with slow moving pupils.

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