Error: "The Drawing File Cannot Be Opened “


Error: "The drawing file cannot be opened because it was created with a more recent version of AutoCAD" when opening a file in AutoCAD

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When opening a drawing in AutoCAD or in an AutoCAD-based product, the following message appears:

Open Drawing - Incompatible Version
The drawing file cannot be opened because it was created with a more recent version of AutoCAD
To convert this drawing file to an earlier file format, download DWG TrueView from the Autodesk website,
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The AutoCAD Command line may also display:

File <drawing name.dwg> was created by an incompatible version of AutoCAD



  • The AutoCAD Product version used to open the DWG file is older than the file version.
  • The DWG file is damaged or corrupted.


Try the following in order:

  • Launch the desired AutoCAD Product and version without opening a file, then close it. Then, double-click on a file in Windows Explorer (see: Double-clicking a DWG file launches the wrong AutoCAD Product).

Note: This procedure only works if DWG files are set to be open using the DWG Launcher.

  • Open the DWG file in a version of AutoCAD that supports it. On a Subscription license, the latest version of the AutoCAD product is always available.

Note: To check what version the DWG file requires, use a text editor (such as Notepad) to open the file. The first characters at the beginning of the file will show the version code for the AutoCAD file version (see: Drawing format version codes for AutoCAD).

  • For Windows, download and install the latest version of DWG TrueView from the Autodesk web site and use the DWG Convertcommand to convert the file.
  • If none of the previous solutions help, the drawing might have become corrupted. Try repairing the file (see: How to repair corrupt AutoCAD files) or obtaining a working backup copy (see: Understanding backup and autosave files in AutoCAD).

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