Equipment on Bracken Campsite (Equiped Site)

Equipment on Bracken Campsite (Equiped Site)


6 Ridge tents( patrol size)-Please ask if you need more.

1Bell tent

1 lightweight dome tent – 3 man

Double toilet tent

1 Fire shelter

2 eurohike tent- two inner bedrooms- sleeps 4

5 Imroz domes- two inner bedrooms –sleeps 4

2 |Lichfield 4 frame tents with bedrooms sleeps 4

1 lichfield 6 frame tent with bedrooms sleeps 6

4 Lichfield 5- one bedroom sleeps 3

1 small utility tent


Permanent Fireshelter

Permanent Alter fire

9 Patrol size alter fires

Fire Grids


1 Large Cart

1 Wheelbarrow

4 Picnic tables or 8 if other site is not being used

Tea-chest of assorted size wooden pegs

Bag of metal pegs

13 wooden mallets and 4 rubber mallets

1 extra large mallet

2 small kitchen table

2 Tressle tables

1 small grey bins

Tool box containing kitchen utensils ( 1 tin opener,5 potato peelers,3 paring knifes,2 large knifes,3 wooden spoons,1 wooden spatula,1 grater, 4 serving spoons with holes,1 pair tongs,4 ladles,1 whisk,1 potato masher,2 serving spoons,5 fishslices,2 kitchen forks,2 sets of cutlery

10 tables

42 chairs

Assorted wooden storage boxes and shelving plus two plastic boxes with lids

4 camp kitchens

1 washing up stand plastic plus 1 large washing up bowl

6 wooden bread trays

Tomato boxes plastic

gadget wood assorted sizes

5 water containers

1 aqua roll water container

3 portable toilets

5 fire beaters

2 long brushes

1 dustpan and brush

3 fireshovels

2 firebrush

5 greasepits

3 metal ash buckets

9 rectangular washing up bowls

14 small bowls

4 large old bowls

8 black plastic buckets

3 old buckets for cleaning purposes

2 large teapots

4 small teapots

2 large kettle and one small

1 measuring jug

2 large metal jugs

3 small metal jugs

5 large frying pans and 2 small frying pans

3 small plastic jugs

4 large dixies with lids

3 medium dixies- with lids plus a few medium pans without lids

5 small dixies with lids

Lots of small patrol size pans

1 large steamer plus pan

1 medium steamer plus pan

1 small steamer

Porringer double pan

2 large metal colanders and 2 small plastic ones

3 chopping boards

Gas boiler with adapter for large or medium size bottle –supply own gas

2 Large warming tins

2 metal trays

11 trays

1 metal dustbin with lid ( hot water boiler )

1 plastic dustbin ( water storage )

1 plastic dustbin for rubbish

1 garden rake

1 spade

1 saw

Flagpole- 1 permanents (to be shared with other campers) .

Flags- guide flag and union flag

Large first aid box- empty (bring own padlock ,keys and contents

Small amount rope

Red fire bucket

Noticeboard which fits outside on toilet block inbetween doors

Few small and 2 largePioneering poles (stored in Silverbirch)- ask for key

Metal oven –can be used as an oven on alter fire- cooks things like Jacket potatoes, cakes bread etc.

4 plastic dish drainers

Washing line and pegs

Assorted mixing bowls

Large BBQ- please provide own charcoal.

First aid camp bed


4 sinks

3 toilets

1 shower (operated by tokens)

1 disabled toilet and sink

Large sink and tap

Toilet brushes

Sanitary bins in each toilet( No need to empty these )

Large bin

2Mops and bucket

2 Sweeping brush

Dustpan and brush

Updated April 2017