EOC Biology Goal 5

EOC Biology Goal 5

EOC Biology Goal 5

24. In a specific ecosystem, the population with the greatest

number of members will be the

  1. primary consumers
  2. secondary consumers
  3. producers
  4. carnivores

25. A steady supply of energy through an ecosystem is

dependent upon a healthy supply of

  1. decomposers
  2. carnivores
  3. scavengers
  4. producers

26. Which pair shows mutualism?

A. squirrel –builds nest—oak tree

B. bee – pollinating flower – feeds on flower nectar

  1. spider – spins web – pine tree
  2. tapeworm – intestines – food

27. Which of the following could reduce carbon

dioxide in the atmosphere?

  1. cutting down more trees
  2. riding a bike instead of driving
  3. burn more coal
  4. increase respiration

28. What happens to energy as it moves through the food


  1. Decreases
  2. Increases
  3. decreases; then increases at the top
  4. stays the same throughout the food chain

29. Look at the diagram below. Where did

the pesticide take effect?

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV

30. The graph below shows a population that has reached its

A. growth potentialC. carrying capacity

B. exponential growthD. biotic potential

31. A relationship between a consumer and producer is best

illustrated by

  1. a snake eating a rodent
  2. a venus-fly trap eating an insect
  3. a bird eating an insect
  4. a zebra eating grass

32. Red-cockaded woodpeckers and long leaf pines were once

found in abundance in NC. Now they are declining due to

  1. pollution
  2. they found a better habitat
  3. DDT
  4. habitat destruction

33. What is the main suspected environmental problem

associated with theburning of fossil fuels?

A. depletion of fresh water

B. global cooling

C. depletion of ozone

D. global warming

34. Which of the following global concerns is indirectly

responsible for all theothers?

A. waste disposal

B. resource depletion

C. overpopulation

D. poor sanitation

35. An increase in pesticide use has resulted in a decrease in

the local bat population. Which of the following is the

best explanation for the decreased batpopulation?

A. bat food supply decreased

  1. infection destroyed most of the bat population
  2. many bats moved into the area
  3. bat food supply increased

36. Which statement describes why pesticides are said to “move up

the foodchain”?

A. pesticides have a greater effect on larger animals than on


  1. top predators often accumulate the pesticides contained in the bodiesof their prey
  2. birds and predatory mammals are not affected by pesticides
  3. pesticides kill insects and other target pests before they can absorb the poison

37. Land and water absorb the sun’s energy when it reaches the

earth’s surface.The Earth in turn radiates some of its warmth back

out toward space. However, certain gases in our atmosphere are

able to trap this warmth and keep it from escaping into outer

space. This process is called the greenhouse effect. Carbon

dioxide is one example of these heat trapping gases. From this

information, what can you infer?

  1. human activities that release more carbon dioxide into the air may result in higher global temperatures in the future.
  2. If carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, more and more heat will escape into space and global temperatures will fall.
  3. Without greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, temperatures on earth would be significantly warmer.
  4. It is called the greenhouse effect because carbon dioxide is

an important nutrient for plants in greenhouses