Environmental Messages Assignment

CGR4E - Environmental Messages Assignment


To create a public service announcement that will inform and inspire listeners to make a difference with respect to environmental problems.

The announcement will identify an environmental issue that most people would contribute to through their actions and choices in their daily lives. The message will also contain helpful hints and suggestions for individuals to make simple eco-friendly changes and choices.


1.  Identify an environmental issue or problem.

2.  Write a brief description of this problem.

3.  Suggest a simple, personal way that individuals could reduce their contribution to the problem.

4.  Develop a short public service announcement to be played on the morning announcements.

5.  Each message will conclude with the statement: “This environmental message has been brought to you by the Grade 12 Environment and Resource Management Class.”

6.  Following the statement, the announcement will finish off with a website where inquiring minds can find more information about the issue or solutions to the issue: “For more information visit www.website.com”

7.  Once you have completed your message, print it off and arrange with Mrs. Nicholas to record your podcast.


Did you know that…

All Canadians produce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change — every time we turn on a light, drive to the store, start up a computer or do anything that uses energy. If we are part of the problem, we can be part of the solution.

Here is a helpful hint to help reduce electricity use and costs:

If the temperature outside is freezing, take a plastic container, fill with water, and place it outside to freeze (leave room for expansion). Once frozen, place it in your refrigerator and enjoy the benefit of free cooling. This simple tip can help reduce the electricity required to run your refrigerator by 20%. Every little bit helps!

This environmental message was brought to you by the Grade 12 Environment and Resource Management Class.

For more information on energy saving tips visit Ontario’s Green Lane website at:

www.ec.gc.ca under the link “What you can do”

Suggested Topics:

·  Car engine idling

·  Littering

·  Excess Packaging

·  Reducing Garbage (re-useable water bottles or thermos/mug for coffee)

·  Composting

·  Recycling

·  Hazardous Wastes

·  Using Less Water (showers, brushing teeth)

·  Using Less Electricity (phantom power, turning lights/electronics off)

·  Transportation (keeping car well-tuned, walk, bike, carpool)

·  Carbon footprint (buy local, carpool, reduce energy use at home)

·  Paper Use (GOOS, recycling, 2 sided, typed notes)

·  Sustainability (how much can our planet take? Make better choices)

·  Using natural or homemade cleaning products

·  If you can think of another issue, just run it by your teacher first

Suggested Resources:

The following websites provide much information on environmental issues and simple solutions:

www.ec.gc.ca (Click on the tab “Explore the Topics” in the top left of the page)

-  Scroll down the pop up menu to choose a topic

http://www.energy.gov.on.ca/ (Click on “For Home” in the left-hand menu)

-  This website contains current average energy and fuel costs, and links to information on energy conservation, electricity, renewable energy and oil/gas.