English 102: Intermediate College Composition

English 102: Intermediate College Composition


Instructions for Assignment 3: Annotated Bibliography

Due Dates: First draft due in class (two copies) AND on Blackboard by Friday, Mar. 5. Final draft due on Friday, Mar. 12. Revision (optional) due on Friday, Apr. 9.

Overview: According to your textbook, “annotated bibliographies describe, give publication information for, and sometimes evaluate each work on a list of sources. When we do research, we may consult annotated bibliographies to evaluate potential sources” (Norton 112). This will be an evaluative bibliography, in which you’ll find sources for your research paper and evaluate them in terms of their usefulness for your project. The broad topic for your research paper is to choose a topic that relates to technology and ethics. In your research paper, you’ll evaluate a technology of your choice. You may either show how this technology relates to your field, or explore an ethical issue related to this technology. You should, again, familiarize yourself with the research paper prompt, in order to integrate this project into your preparation for that assignment.


This assignment is designed to:

1) Give you scaffolding in writing your research paper,

2) Give you practice in writing to evaluate sources,

3) Give you an in-depth introduction to the sources you will be using in your research paper, and

4) Help you read your sources critically.

The Assignment:

This will be an evaluative bibliography, as described in Chapter 11 of your textbook. The purpose of the assignment is for you to begin researching and thinking critically about your upcoming research paper. It is intended that you will use most of the sources from the bibliography in your research paper. The bibliography will include:

  • A statement of scope, intended to introduce the topic for your research paper and show why you’ve chosen these particular sources to research – at least 250 words.
  • Bibliographic information for 5 sources – you may repeat sources used in your I-Search if they are relevant
  • Complete citations, in the appropriate style for your field (APA, MLA, Chicago, CISA, etc.)
  • A 2 paragraph description for each entry:
  • Paragraph 1: A concise description of the work – at least 150 words for each source.
  • Paragraph 2: Relevant and evaluative commentary – at least 150 words for each source.

Otherwise, you should follow the guidelines discussed in class and presented in Chapter 11 of your textbook.


The assignment should:

Follow the formatting guidelines in the syllabus.

Be 1750-2000 words (since being concise is important in this assignment, it should not be over 2000 words).

Use appropriate parenthetical citations if quotes are used in the annotations.

Evaluation Criteria:

Your analysis will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Criteria / Goal
Paragraph 1: Summary
30% / This paragraph gives a concise and clear summary of each source, reporting the most relevant information to the topic at hand.
Paragraph 2: Evaluation
35% / This paragraph gives a critical evaluation of each source, clearly showing how and why the source is useful, and showing that the writer has read the source critically.
Statement of scope
25% / The statement of scope gives a viable proposal for the research paper, though it may need some tweaking, and the statement is in keeping with the sources chosen.
Completeness, formatting & mechanics
10% / The paper was turned in on time and formatted correctly. It contains no grammatical errors that interfere with the reader's ability to understand the argument. The style is efficient and clear.