East Haddon Parish Council

East Haddon Parish Council


Chairman : Councillor John Benson

Clerk: Mrs S CumbletonTelephone :01604 846122



DRAFT MINUTESfor the OrdinaryParish Council Meeting of East Haddon Parish Council

March 23rd 2017 at 7.00pm in East Haddon Village Hall

Present : Cllr Beynon (Chairman)Cllr Wells, Cllr Somerville, Cllr Wrathall, Cllr Threadgold and

Mrs Cumbleton Clerk

Ref / Action
2017.020 / Apologies for absence were given & accepted from Cllr Benson & Cllr Longley
2017.021 / Public time :Mrs Rachel Punch attended & addressed the council about her concerns of losing the village postman & her intention therefore to start a petition to send to Royal Mail.
2017.022 / There were no declarations of interest on agenda items
2017.023 / There were no written requests for dispensation for agenda items
2017.024 / Resolution: The minutes were approved & agreed
2017.025 / Mr Peter Wells was welcomed to the meeting. There was a proposal to co-optMr Wells to the Parish Council Cllr Marysia Wells abstained . All others cllrs. agreed.
2017.026 / /1 Payments as follows were approved
S. CumbletonClerks salary Jan, Feb & March @ £200.01
HMRC PAYE .Jan, Feb & March @ £50.00
S.Cumbleton Admin expenses £19.59
Annual expenses telephone, broadband, lighting, heating(home working) etc £120
Neighbourhood planning course Cllr Beynon NACRE £55.00
Cemetery groundworks Mowerman £2640.00
/2 Bank Reconciliation – as at 28th February 2017 Balance b/f £15145.14 Plus receipts £20563.49 =£35,708.63 less payments £16004.10 = £19704.53. Bank : Business account
£10021.28 and Current account £9863.25= £19704.53
2017.027 / Planning matters
/1 There two new planning applications were considered
Application No: DA/2016/0080
Description: Conversion of existing outbuilding to form self contained
annexe in association with existing dwelling
Location: Bakehouse Barn, Main Street, East Haddon,
Northamptonshire, NN6 8BU
Dear Sir/Madam,
The District Council has received the above planning application on which any
observations you may have must be made in writing to me by 3 March 2016, i
Councillors discussed these applications and resolved they had no observations to make to the District Council .
DA/2017/0160 / East Barn, Tythe Farm,
HoldenbyRoad,East Haddon NN6 8DW / Single storey rear extension
DA/2017/1 / 4-5 Main Street , East Haddon / Listed Building Consent for internal and external alterations to house; alterations to rear detached outbuilding/garage, including demolition of flat roofed element and infilling opening in brickwork; replace existing entrance gates
No decision notices had been received in time for the meeting. Two had been received on the day of the meeting and were noted at matters arising 2017.040 / Clerk to notify Daventry District Council
2017.028 / Councillors approved the revised policy documents
1/risk assessment policy and risk assessment forms (update assigned village areas for councillors)
2/Financial regulations
3/ Equalitypolicy / Clerk to update website with revised documents
2017.029 / Defibrillator for village – Cllr Wells was very pleased to report this has now been installed at the village hall. CPR training sessions for members of the village had started. The Parish Council will purchase replacement batteries
2017.030 / Cemetery update- It was reported that the groundworks had been completed and the first mow of the season had been undertaken. Resulting in the cemetery looking very smart &tidy Cllr Threadgold will said there are no rabbits in the cemetery & only a couple of mole hills.Cllrs considered the request to flatten & seed the grave of Callum Withers in cemetery from his father. Also the grave of Judith Chapman. It was agreed to ask Mark Hazle if he would undertake this.
Cllrs also discussed the issue of restricted access to the cemetery because of the proximity of graves to the main gate. It was resolved not to take any action on this.
2017.031 / Update on the war memorial restoration-Cllr Somerville told cllrs.that the architect was in the process of producing a specification.
2017.032 / Cllr. Beynon said that the organisers were working on the centenary celebrations for Henry Reynolds. Also that there would be some exhibition boards which would progress from Whilton to East Haddon Village Hall
2017.033 / Speeding continues to be a problem through the village. Councillors to agreed they would like to look at options relating to possible update of speed indicator devices for the village. Cllrs. want to know the costs involved. Clerk to request pricing of devices to review at the next meeting / Clerk to request prices
2017.034 / Cllrs resolved to appoint Ian Arnott to carry out Internal Audit as in previous years
2017.035 / Cllr Wrathall informed Cllrs about a planning day she had attended on introducing a ‘Good neighbour scheme’ to the village. Councillors discussed the model for this in some detail and resolved that it was not needed in East Haddon and that informal neighbour networking was already in existence, so there was no need for a formal scheme to be introduced. All agreed not to look at introducing a formal scheme at this time.
2017.036 / The date of the Annual Parish Council Meeting and Annual parish meeting were discussed., Clerk to investigate availability of the village hall / Clerk to investigate availability of hall
2017.037 / The Transparency Code was introduced by the government to give local people the tools and information to hold local public bodies to account. It was noted that the Parish Council applied for & was awarded the sum of £260 to go towards costs to meet compliance of this code for smaller authorities. A request for up to 5 additional hours was agreed for the clerk to make sure the requirements of the code are met on the website in a user friendly manner.
2017.038 Update of actions from previous minutes
2017.007 / Planning applications / DA/2016/1165
DA/2016/1196 / Clerk notified District Council
2017.009 / Review Policy documents / Reviewed at meeting need to finalise approval at next meeting / See 2017.028
2017.010 / Defibrillator for village / Now fitted / Cllrs Wells & Longley to update meeting
2017.011 / Raised issue of restricted access / Request to discuss at next meeting / See 2017.030
2017.039 / There were no reports from Parish Councillors Representatives as there had been no meetings attended on behalf of the parish council.
2017.040 / Matters arising
New planning applicationDA/2017/0049
Planning consent granted DA/2017/0054 and DA/2017/0074/
2017.041 / Correspondence received
Email from Mrs Hill re;Dog fouling
Close of meeting 8.27pm

Copies of all council papers are available to download at