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The Havensare specialist centres in London for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. CYP Havens represents an exciting expansion of service provision, aimed at providing an enhanced service for children and adolescents presenting after child sexual abuse or assault,and ensuring greater equity of provision with adult services.

Why is CYP Havens needed?

In 2014 to 2015, a comprehensive review of service provision for children and adolescents living in London and who have experienced sexual assault was conducted. The review indicated that many children and adolescents were not receiving comprehensive health care assessment and follow up, despite reporting in increased numbers to the police and social services. All children require a health assessment when there is concern about sexual abuse or assault. It is not a painful examination, though we understand some mistakenlybelieve it to be. Only health professionals are able to assess the health needs of a child or adolescent, and they should always be involved in planning the response to any disclosure of sexual abuse or assault. Additionally, the review highlighted inequity of service provision with that provided to adults, with the mental health needs of the child and adolescent population being particularly neglected.

What will CYP Havens offer?

The Children and Young Persons’ Havens Service, or CYP Havens for short, is basedwithin a new purpose built and child-friendly centre at the Haven Camberwell (located within King’s College Hospital). Although based at Haven Camberwell, it will continue to provide services across all three Haven sites: alsoHaven Paddington at St Mary’s Hospital, and Haven Whitechapel near the Royal London Hospital.

CYP Havens will now offer the following services:

Who will CYP Havens see?

The CYP Havens will continue to see all children and adolescents presenting with a sexual assault within the lastseven days requiring a forensic medical examination. (The ‘Forensic Window’). If the assault occurred just outside of seven days please speak to us to see if a Forensic Medical Examination is still appropriate.

The CYP Havens will continue to see all adolescents (13-17 year olds) where the assault occurred within the past twelve months for medical and advocacy support. Additional clinical psychology brief intervention is now available to this group.

The CYP Havens will also now be accessible to children aged 0-12 years presenting within 0-3 weeks of assault, for medical, advocacy and clinical psychology services.

Should children and adolescents disclose child sexual assault or abuse outside of these timeframes, CYP Havens encourages professionals to contact the CYP Havens for consultation and sign-posting: particularly if they are experiencing difficulty accessing appropriate support. In certain circumstances, where accessing local appropriate services is not possible, CYP Havens will take a referral outside of the standard timeframes.

Any children or adolescents presenting following an assault more than 7 days ago can also continue to be referred to their local paediatrician for a medical examination and assessment. The referral route to the local paediatrician will remain unchanged, for example via the designated or named doctor.

Please see attached pathway for clarification

How can I contact or refer to the service?

CYP Havens can be contacted on 0203 299 1599.

Referrals can be made via telephone on the same number.

There is no referral form to be completed.

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 9RS.