Dramatic Context Means the Performance of Musical Works

Dramatic Context Means the Performance of Musical Works

Dramatic Context means the performance of musical works:

a)in conjunction with a presentation on the live stage that has:

(i)a storyline; and

(ii)one or more narrators or characters;


b)as a Ballet.

Further information is available in our licence guide.

Name of Production
Venue Name / Seating Capacity
State / Postcode
Total Program Running Time
(excluding intervals) / Performance Dates (from – to)
Total Music Duration (all music, including non-copyright music & in-house compositions/scores) / Anticipated Number of Performances
Ticket Price/s
$ / Total Expenditure on Performers (if free event)
$ / Gross Box Office
All planned and scheduled performances (including holds/options) must be included in the Box Office calculation, calculated at 100% venuecapacity multiplied by the average ticket price.
Does the production have: / Yes/No
A. (i) / A storyline:
A storyline is a chain of events (whether factual, fictional or a combination of both), told in an interrelated sequence or arc (presented in or out of chronological order) within a show (even if the storyline is not written down). It also includes the story of the life or work of a particular composer, artist or other music figure or event.
A. (ii) / One or more narrators or characters:
  • A person(s) or recorded narrator(s) who tell a story,
  • A person who assumes a role or adopts a character.

B. / Ballet (includes Contemporary Dance):
Ballet means a choreographic work having a story, plot or abstract idea devised or used for the purpose of interpretation by dancing and/or miming. Ballet does not include country or folk dancing, tap dancing or precision dancing sequences.
If you have answered ‘yes’ to A or B above, you will need to attach a script and/or program/production notes.
Does the production have: / Yes/No
Are you performing three or more works from an existing musical, revenue, operetta, pantomime, or ballet, for which the works were purpose-written?
Are you advertising to the public by press/radio/TV/social media?
Do you intend to parody or change lyrics in any way?
  • If yes, please indicate which songs you intend to parody or change lyrics for.

Are you making print music arrangements of the works?
Are you VIDEO recording the event?
Does your show contain controversial themes as outlined in the Licence Guide for Music in Dramatic Context: Theatre, Dance and Shows?
Are you using a copyrighted sound recordings?
Are you intending to show this show to Australia?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you will need to attach a script and/or program/production notes.
Promoter Name / Company/Production Website
Producer/Production Company
Contact Name / Companies Office Number (for invoice and licensing)
If different from contact name and general email above:
Invoice Contact Name / Invoice Email
Postal address
Contact Numbers are Essential:
Business/Home phone ( ) / Mobile phone
Describe the production eg. storyline, plot or abstract theme(s).

Song List

Use the WORKS SEARCH facility on our website to obtain the APRA ID (GW CODE). Some works require individual approval from the copyright owner and this process will be managed by APRA, in consultation with the rights holder. We will contact you if you have selected Owner Referred Works.

(Musical Work) / COMPOSER(s)
(Arranger – if applicable) / PERFORMER(s) / DURATION (to be used) 00:00 / PUBLISHER (office use only)
Create extra lines into this songlist table, if required.

APRA will assess the information provided and advise what is required to progress your application.Application forms should be submitted by email:  or by fax: (09) 623 2174.

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