FDREL 121 – Book of Mormon

Instructor: Shawn Dorman

Spring Semester 2012

Student Names: Class Section:

Assigned Reading Block:

Date of Devotional:

1. What opening hymn would you have the class sing in preparation for your message?

2. Which of you will give the opening prayer for class?

3. Which of you will give the closing prayer at the end of class?

4. In one sentence, please summarize the gospel message you hope to convey during your devotional.

5. What scripture from your assigned reading block will you use to teach this message?

6. What cross-reference (i.e., scripture outside of your assigned reading block) will you use?

7. During your devotional, you must use commentary from one Church authority to enhance student understanding of the doctrine or principle you teach. That commentary may be shared in the form of a quotation that you read, a PowerPoint slide that you display, an audio excerpt that you present, or a video excerpt that you show. Please attach to this outline a typed copy of the commentary (or the key portions thereof) that you plan to use in your devotional, and please identify the following:

Name of Name of Form of Commentary (i.e.,

Speaker or Author Conference Talk, Book, or Article quotation, audio, video, etc.)

8. Which of you will share a brief personal experience to illustrate the gospel principle you will teach?

9. Which of you will conclude the devotional by bearing testimony of the truths you will teach?

10. Have you rehearsed your devotional message to ensure that it will not exceed 5 minutes in length?


Outline Grade: Message Grade: