University of Baltimore Faculty Senate

Meeting of May 9, 2012


Attendance: Jose Anderson, LAW; John Callahan, CUSF; Amy Dillard, LAW; Dan Gerlowski, MSB; Stephanie Gibson, CUSF; Catherine Johnson, LIB; George Julnes, CPA; Joshua Kassner, CAS; Kenneth Lasson, LAW; Dennis Pitta, MSB; Jeffrey Ross, CPA Senate President; Julie Simon, CAS Senate President; Christine Spencer, CPA; JC Weiss, MSB Senate President; Betsy Yarrison, CAS; Robert Bogomolny, UB President (guest); Joseph Wood, Provost (guest); Miriam King, EMSA (guest)

The meeting was called to order at 12:08 p.m. by Senate president Dan Gerlowski. The minutes of the April 11 and 18 meetings were approved. The agenda for the May 9 meeting was approved.

President Bogomolny reported that the Maryland legislature has not yet reached a decision on a budget. A vote is expected later in May.

Provost Wood reported that discussions continue on the decision to hold separate graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies for the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Public Affairs, and the School of Business in May, 2012. Provost Wood indicated that the UFS would be part of the discussions on planning for future commencement exercises. He also reported that an offer has been made to the top candidate for the position of Director of Expository Writing and that the process of moving the First and Second Year programs to the College of Arts and Sciences continues.

Stephanie Gibson moved, second by George Julnes, that the Senate lift for AY 2012-13 the requirement that the Council on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity be chaired by a member of the University Faculty Senate so that Jeffrey Ross can remain as chair. In the discussion it was announced that the General Education Council would also like the requirement lifted for their chair in the coming academic year; a friendly amendment was accepted. The motion passed unanimously. It was noted by Betsy Yarrison that the charter for the General Education Council mandates an elected chair and does not contain a requirement that the chair be a member of the University Faculty Senate. The constitution subcommittee will look over inconsistencies in the charters and report back to the Senate in the fall.

A proposal was introduced by the College of Public Affairs to offer the M.S. in Criminal Justice at Shady Grove. The criminal justice faculty is in support of this proposal. Dennis Pitta moved, second by Betsy Yarrison, that the proposal be approved. The motion was approved unanimously.

Dan Gerlowski extended the appreciation of the senate to Miriam King and Peter Toran for their presentation on May 2, and reiterated the senate’s desire to participate in decision making about admissions and retention. Several senators affirmed a continuing need for discussion between faculty and EMSA about the focus of marketing and recruiting efforts.

John Callahan asked Ms. King if any further information was available as to why enrollments are down when the prospect pool can be demonstrated to be growing and there is concern that standards may have been lowered. He also asked if there is more information to explain why prospects do or do not become enrolled students and why segmented marketing of graduate programs is not currently being done. President Bogomolny agreed that there is room for improved interaction between EMSA and the graduate program directors. The Enrollment Study Group is due to report to the president in the fall and its report may contain recommendations for a more coordinated marketing and recruitment effort.

George Julnes inquired about lowering of standards to meet enrollment targets and expressed concern that a focus on retention might lead to a lowering of standards. He also urged that any loosening of admissions standards because of the bimodal nature of the applicant pool be accompanied by enhancement of support services to improve the likelihood of student success. President Bogomolny affirmed that, in his opinion, retention at UB is high because of the excellence of its faculty. Betsy Yarrison added that the faculty still need increased funds for instruction to support them in their efforts to educate an increasingly less prepared student population.

Ms. King then announced that EMSA is increasing its outreach to community colleges, since the transfer population is increasing, but added that the largest growth in the prospect pool is still in prospective first-year students.

To facilitate an ongoing dialogue between Ms. King and the UFS, Dan Gerlowski offered to write a letter to EMSA seeking more information and offering the UFS to give counsel and to work more collaboratively with EMSA.

Dennis Pitta reported for the Faculty Work Life Committee that only the law school has made nominations for the Regents Faculty Awards. The committee will continue to accept nominations through May 16. A motion was made and seconded to permit an electronic vote by UFS on the nominations so as to have a recommendation to the Provost Office by early-to-mid-June. The motion passed unanimously.

Dennis Pitta requested a change in the charge to the Civility Committee. A copy of the request is attached to these minutes. Dennis Pitta moved, second by John Callahan, that the revised charge be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

President Dan Gerlowski then called for nominations for officers for the 2012-13 term. Dennis Pitta nominated Dan Gerlowski for president. John Callahan moved, second by J.C. Weiss, that the nominations be closed. The motion passed. Dan Gerlowski was then elected president unanimously.

Dennis Pitta nominated Chris Spencer for vice-president. John Callahan moved, second by J.C. Weiss, that the nominations be closed. The motion passed. Chris Spencer was then elected vice-president unanimously.

Stephanie Gibson nominated Josh Kassner for secretary. John Callahan moved, second by Stephanie Gibson, that the nominations be closed. The motion passed. Josh Kassner was then elected secretary unanimously.

Dan Gerlowski then asked for carryover items to be worked on over the summer and brought to the senate in September.

  1. George Julnes reported that the constitution committee would work on a new draft constitution.
  2. Dennis Pitta reported that that the Faculty Work Life Committee would present its recommendations for a revised university communications policy in the fall.
  3. Dan Gerlowski reported that he would solicit committee reports from all committees and councils scheduled to report semi-annually to the Senate and would report back to the senate on the progress of the group working to establish a digital catalog.
  4. Betsy Yarrison reported that the Academic Policy Committee was working on a five-year review of policies and procedures put in place in 2007 to accommodate the conversion to a four-year university.
  5. Provost Wood reported that his office was continuing to work on affiliate faculty appointments, a tenure review process for half-line tenure-track faculty, and a process for awarding credit for prior learning.

Dan Gerlowski then presented the shared governance document (April 24 version) for Senate approval. Chris Spencer reported that the College of Public Affairs had approved the document by a vote of 10-3. Julie Simon reported that the College of Arts and Sciences had approved the document by a vote of 12-1. Ken Lasson reported that the School of Law had approved the document unanimously. J.C. Weiss reported that the MSB faculty had not taken a formal vote but had voiced no objections. President Bogomolny announced that he expected approval by the Executive Committee. Catherine Johnson reported that the library faculty had approved the document 23-0.

Discussion followed. Concern was expressed that the document provided for coordinated governance but not for shared governance, that no faculty voice in management decisions is mandated, and that the document does not provide adequately for transmission of faculty concerns to the administration.

John Callahan moved that the senate accept the work of the committee and approve the new governance structure proposed in the document. Christine Spencer seconded. The motion passed 14-1.

Stephanie Gibson raised a concern about the process by which UB21 Catalyst Grants were awarded and asked for further transparency and for peer review in future grant procedures. Provost Wood responded that any curriculum or policy proposals that emerged from the grants would undergo full faculty review and would need to pass through governance in order to be put into effect.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:07 p.m.