Recommendation from NMAEYC Executive & Finance Committees

to establish

The Mary Ann Binford INCENTIVE$ Pay Supplements Fund

for discussion at the NMAEYC Board Meeting 7/21/15

Request to the NMAEYC Board of Directors: that the “Mary Ann Binford INCENTIVE$ Pay Supplement Fund” be established to honorMary Ann Binford’s professional development legacy

§  How will this be funded now?

o  The family of Mary Ann Binford (MAB) will make a donation or donations to start the fund. The family wants to donate money; they are eager to start this fund; they have not indicated how much money they are considering giving. This fund will be open to anyone who wants to donate to NMAEYC to support INCENTIVE$.

o  All donations made in the name of the MAB INCENTIVE$ Fund, will be held in a restricted account used only for INCENTIVE$ Pay Supplements. An administrative fee will be taken out according to NMAEYC policy.

§  Who will be raising money to keep this fund available into the future?

o  NMAEYC will make known the opportunities to donate to both to the Mary Ann Binford INCENTIVE$ Pay Supplements Fund and the Lenore Wolfe T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Scholarship® Fund through the NMAEYC website. NMAEYC will develop an additional Legacy Page that will include photos, stories, links to videos and slide shows, papers, research, etc. This will be linked to “DONATIONS” on the NMAEYC webpage; when people click on the “donate” tab, the MAB INCENTIVE$ fund will be one choice.

o  The MAB Planning Committee (Bobbie Bailey, Jolene Maes, Jorja Armijo Brasher, Baji Rankin) is planning on showcasing these donation opportunitiesat the 2016 NMAEYC Annual Spring Conference.

o  The MAB Planning Committee will use the data base of friends/colleagues of Mary Ann and Lenore to ask for donations.

o  The MAB Planning Committee will handle other routine tasks as they arise; for larger questions, the committee will refer to the NMAEYC Executive Director who will refer to the NMAEYC Executive Committee.

§  How and who will determine who the funds are awarded to?

o  INCENTIVE$ staff will select educators for the MAB INCENTIVE$ Fund. They will be fully qualified for INCENTIVE$ based on INCENTIVE$ protocol and will be on the INCENTIVE$ waiting list. INCENTIVE$ staff will take the next person / people on the waiting list when MAB INCENTIVE$ funds are available.

o  If the money in the MAB INCENTIVE$ Fund is less than a pay supplement, these funds will be held until there is enough money for a supplement to be paid to one person for one year.

o  The family wants NO role in the distribution of the funds orin any decisions related to the fund. They simply want to make donations once the fund is established.

Process: This has been discussed and approved by the NMAEYC Executive and Finance Committees on the July 6, 2015, to go to the NMAEYC board for their approval. This proposal will be sent ahead to Board members, requesting that Board members read before the meeting and be ready to vote at the meeting.

After Board approval, Baji will write a letter to the family to let them know that this fund is established.

The members of the two committees requested that the award letters to recipients of the MAB INCENTIVE$ Pay Supplements acknowledge that the funding source for their INCENTIVE$ pay supplements is the Mary Ann Binford INCENTIVE$ Fund. This is one way to acknowledge and honor the donors of this fund.

Background: The family is most supportive and excited about this proposal, especially with the "fit" between the “Lenore WolfeT.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Fund” going hand-in-hand with the “Mary Ann Binford INCENTIVE$ Pay Supplements Fund!” Both projects work in complimentary fashion to support the retention of well-educated, well-compensated early childhood teachers in their careers in the early childhood profession.The family is very appreciative about this exploration to make Mary Ann's professional legacy a permanent part of NMAEYC.

Suggestion from Alberto from February 23, 2015, Executive Committee meeting:

Request for approval of the MAB INCENTIVE$ Fund now with the idea that NMAEYC builds this as we go. What is the bigger, long-term vision? Could it be that the donation from the family gets added to a pool of INCENTIVE$ funds? When we have the long term vision, that will provide clarity and will help outline what’s to be accomplished – make it part of a the bigger INCENTIVE$ funding – to take eligible candidates off the waiting list -- so that all the steps align to a clear vision. As we begin to be more strategic, we can develop more defined ways of donations. This will include looking at how administrative fees on donations are handled.

Suggestions from NMAEYC Executive and Finance Committees on July 6, 2015: This is an appropriate task for NMAEYC to take on and needs to be put in place in NMAEYC’s structure.

Discussion for the future about the Legacy Page of the NMAEYC website: Who else besides Mary Ann Binford, Lenore Wolfe, and Don Thompson need to be included on the legacy page? Who will decide who will be on the legacy page?