1.  The role of spiders, cats, and owls in an ecosystem is; Consumers and Carnivores. Another animal that has the same role is a Shark.

2.  Classify each of the following:

a)  Dandelion – Producer

b) Robin – Consumer

c)  Grass – Producer

d) Grasshopper – Consumer

e) Butterfly – Consumer

f)  Cod – Consumer

g)  Algae – Producer

h) Spruce – Producer

i)  Spruce Budworm – Consumer

j)  Lobster – Consumer

3.  What happens to the remains of a moose that dies of natural causes deep in the woods is: various carnivores and/or omnivores will start to feed on the moose. Once they are finished the Scavengers will come and feed on the remains left by the first level of consumers. Once the scavengers are finished the decomposers will break down the rest of the moose.

4.  Three places that you might find decomposers are;

a)  Food in your house

b) Composter

c)  Rotting Log

5.  If you leave a plum and a prune on your kitchen counter for several days, the fruit that will decompose first will be the plum because the prune as already been preserved by dehydration.

6.  A food produced by fermentation is; bread, cheese, wine, pickled cabbage etc.

7.  In the pictures in the book, the following role is being performed:

a)  The fungus is decomposing the log.

b) The mosquito is a consumer.

c)  The Shark is consuming the shrimp.

8.  Human beings are consumers because we cannot produce our own food.

9.  Most humans are Omnivores in that they consume both plants and animals.

10.  In the picture in the book, the process of pickling is being shown which helps preserve food. Vinegar and spices are added to help prevent the growth of micro-organism and then the air is removed to prevent bacteria from growing.

11.  One day you throw some potato peels into a composter. Two weeks later there is no sign of them because the decomposers having broken them down into nutrients for soil.