Althea L. Hrdlichka

951 Saddlebrook Lane (928) 925-0885

Fort Collins, Co 80525


As a birth professional, I thrive to maintain the highest level of individualized care to meet the needs of my clients, preparing them to be successful at attaining the type of birth and postpartum experience they desire. In continuing towards my goal to become a direct entry, licensed midwife, I am continually adding to my experiences to broaden my knowledge through numerous education avenues, while serving my clients with respect and dignity, always maintaining a nonjudgmental stance. In addition, helping them prepare physically and emotionally for this very important time in their lives.

Work Experience

·  Apprentice Midwife under Barbie Burrage, RN, CPM, LM 2014-present

·  National Midwifery Institute student 2014-present

·  Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainer 2013-pesent

·  Birth Doula for Children’s Hospital working with women with special medical needs 2013-present

·  Montrice, 2011-present

·  Owner Mother’s Life Tea, LLC 2009-present

·  Birth and Postpartum Doula-working closely with expecting clients supplying emotional, physical, and educational support for childbirth 2008-Present

·  Apprentice Midwife under Alison Haasch, LM, CPM-medical assistant at homebirths providing a calm, comfortable birthing environment 2010-2011

·  Teen MOPS Coordinator/Counselor, Chandler AZ-helping prepare teen and low income mothers for birth, parenthood, and life skills along with emotional support and counseling for their future choices 2009

·  Worked with disabled child with cerebral palsy and scoliosis teaching life skills and emotional, physical training in preparation to succeed as an independent adult 2007-2008

Personal Life Experience

·  Home birth with a Licensed Midwife, (LM) Certified Professional Midwife, (CPM) 2009

·  Natural childbirth in the hospital with a nurse midwife (CNM) 2007

·  Partially medicated childbirth in the hospital with a nurse midwife (CNM) 2005

·  Medicated childbirth in the hospital with an OBGYN 2003

Education and Training

·  Enrolled in National Midwifery Institute 2014

·  Neonatal Resuscitation and Transition (NRP Certified), by Karen Strange , CPM, lecturer and educator, AAP/NRPTM instructor 2014

·  CPR and First-Aid re-certification training 2014

·  Student Midwifery skills workshop, advanced suturing skills, by JanelleKomorowski, CNM 2014

·  Student Midwifery skills workshop, included phlebotomy, catheterization, pelvic and PAP exams, and suturing basics, by JanelleKomorowski, CNM 11/ 2013

·  Attended Colorado Midwives Association Winter Conference; teaching included well know educator and midwife, Karen Strange 11/2013

·  Enrolled in Midwife To Be Midwifery School 2010-2012

·  Trained as a Birth Trust Doula Trainer by Alison Haasch, LM, AZ 2011

·  Began Apprenticeship with Alison Haasch, LM at Lifespring Midwifery in AZ 2010-2011

·  Birth Trust Birth and Postpartum Doula Training, Alison Haasch, LM 2008

·  Developmental Disabilities Training, People First 2007

·  Direct Care Principles of Caregiving, People First 2007