Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

Thank you for your interest in Engineering Ministries International (EMI) and the design/construction services we offer to Christian ministries in east African countries. You may have specific questions, but we ask that you review this application first since most of your questions may be answered in the following pages.

EMI is a non-profit organization of engineers, architects, surveyors and construction managers. We provide subsidized design and construction management services for evangelical Christian ministries that are helping the poor and advancing the gospel of Christ.

Our Vision…

  • People restored by God and the world restored through design

Our Mission…

  • To develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the Church

Our Core Values…

  • EMI revolves around the person of Jesus and serves the global Church to glorify God through:
  • Design: EMI works within the local context to design and construct culturally-appropriate facilities that are sustainable, affordable, and transformational
  • Discipleship: EMI develops people spiritually and professionally through intentional discipleship and mentoring
  • Diversity: EMI builds the Church by connection people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and ethnicities to demonstrate our love for God, our love for the nations and the unity we share in Christ

EMI evaluates potential projects based on the following criteria:

  1. The project ministers to the needs of an under-resourced community.
  2. The ministry works towards a direct and ongoing advancement of the Gospel.
  3. The project has a specific relationship to the advancement of the Gospel.
  4. The ministry has a realistic method of funding construction, building safely, and sustaining and maintaining the project.
  5. The land must be owned (or controlled through a long-term lease) by the ministry.

Since 1982, we have served in over 90 different countries designing and managing over 1,000 projects

To ensure each ministry maintains successful involvement, we require a portion of your projects design costs be underwritten by the ministry. By underwriting our operational costs for your project, you are helping ensure that EMI can continue to assist other ministries in East Africa spread the gospel and provide hope for the poor in the developing world for years to come. EMI will not be responsible for raising funds for projects or programs.

EMI provides professional design and management services for projects that are typically the largest capital investment a ministry will ever make. We want to help you be successful stewards of this important investment. We pray that the questions that follow in this application will help you navigate this complex process. Please take time to prayerfully answer all questions in this application that apply. EMI will review your project needs, creating opportunities for each of us to ask and develop answers to questions that arise. This is the first step in seeing your God-given vision become a reality.

Engineering Ministries International (EMI) Uganda
Pre-Application Form

Please note that this form can be completed electronically using Microsoft Word and should be returned via email to your EMI UG staff contact or to

A. Ministry Background

1.Organization & Project Name:

2.Organization History:

3.How does this organization minister to the needs of the poor?

4.How does this organization proclaim the Gospel?

5.This organization was established upon and operates with Christian principles: No Yes

6.This organization’s goal is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in word and/or deed: No Yes

7.Organization website:

8.Organization social media:

B. Contact Information

1.Name & Position of the person completing this application:

2.Phone & Email of this Person:

3.Name of Local Contact Person (if different than above):

4.Phone & Email of the Contact Person:

5.Name of International Representative (if any):

6.Phone and Email of International Representative:

7.Name of Partnering Ministry (if any):

8.Phone & Email of Partner Ministry Representative:

C. Project Background

1.The Location of the Project:Nearest Town/City:

2.Briefly describe the proposed project & your design/technical needs (e.g. ‘design of new primary boarding school campus for 100 kids on a new site’):

3.The Land for this Project is: rented/leased by the Ministry owned by the Ministry

owned by a Partnering Ministry owned by an Individual

4.The Land for this Project:
has vegetation but no buildings has buildings to be kept has buildings to be demolished

5.What is the approximate size of the land (acres, hectares)?

6.This Project is:
a brand new ministry in this location part of an existing ministry in this location

part of an existing ministry in another location

7.What is the total number of people to be served by this Project?

less than 50 50-250 250-1000 1,000-2,500 more than 2,500

8.How many people are currently being served at this location? (if applicable)

9.When do you hope to begin constructing the first building/structure? (Month/Year)

10.Why do you feel EMI would be a better design resource for your project than local designers?

11.What do you estimate will be the construction cost of this Project (USD)?

less than $50,000 $50,000 - $249,000 $250,000 - $1M more than $1M

12.Currently, your Organization has secured this amount of the estimated Project Cost:

D. Requested Scope of Work

1.What design services do you believe this project requires?

Site surveying

Master planning

Building architectural

Building structural design

Water supply and/or distribution

Waste water disposal / sanitation

Storm water runoff / drainage

Electrical supply, generation, or distribution

Mechanical systems- building plumbing, air conditioning or heating

Agricultural/farming development

Access road design

Bridge or other water crossing


E. Other Notes:

Date Submitted to EMI:

For information on the vision and ministry of Engineering Ministries International (EMI)
in Uganda and around the world, please visit

EMI UG Form Updated: 21 June 2017