New Member Check List

As a new member of a Rotary club you are asked to participate in club activities to become familiar with the club members and programs and to ensure that you are actively engaged with the club.

New members may be issued a membership name badge with a red ribbon attached stating “New Member” to draw attention to the fact that they are new to the club and to remind all members to be especially welcoming and helpful. The red ribbon is removed from the badge when certain tasks have been accomplished. They can be done in any order. Some of those tasks could be the following:

Complete Website Profile Page

Each member has their own profile page on the club website. This page, which is not accessible to the general public, contains personal, career, and Rotary related information about the member and is a valuable club communications aid. Shortly after being inducted into the club, you will receive an email message with your initial website login and password and providing instructions on how to find your profile page and fill in the requested information.

Serve as Greeter

Arrive early for the meeting and greet each arrival at the door. Pay special attention to guests to make them feel welcome when visiting the club.

Join a Committee

Become a member of a club Committee in an area of interest to you. See the attached New Member Inventory of Interest for suggestions.

Give Your Classification Talk

Your classification is defined by what you do for a living. Rotary clubs are unique among service clubs because we limit the number of representative from each business or profession to not more than 10% of each club’s membership. This promotes diversity within each club and prevents clubs from becoming dominated by any one profession.

In your classification talk, you will address the club at a meeting to tell about who you are, what you do and how you came to be involved in your career. Your vocation is of special interest because part of the value of Rotary stems from the diversity of occupations.

We also want to hear about your personal and family life along with some of your background and history.

Attend the Rotary Leadership Institute

RLI is a series of three sessions (plus a grad course) with Rotarians from across the District of all levels of experience on both leadership skills and on Rotary. The sessions take place on Saturdays and there are usually two in the fall and two in the spring. The format is a facilitated discussion that is both informative and interactive. This is a great opportunity to experience Rotary beyond the club level. Most clubs cover the cost of attending at least the first session.

Attend a Fireside Meeting

Fireside Meetings are informal get togethers at the home of one of the members. Specifically designed to familiarize new members with the goals and organization of Rotary, these discussions involve officers, Committee Chairs, and other members. Firesides provide an opportunity to gather in a less formal atmosphere than the weekly meeting.

Learn about and support the Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is our charitable arm and provides grants towards the goal of world understanding and peace. The Foundation is one of the highest rated charitable foundations in the world because, with its goal of doing good in the world. It is though donations to the Foundation that we can access grants for a greater impact on both community and international projects.

Membership on committees

As a service organization, Rotary needs the help of all its members. As a social organization this is the level at which we really get to know one another. Committee participation is the donation of your time and skills to organize the projects, and provide service to the club, the community and the world.

Attendance at club meetings

Rotary engages its members through fellowship at the weekly club meeting, service projects and other charitable activities. We hope that you will make regular attendance a part of your weekly schedule to help you "get the Rotary habit."

Visit other Clubs

Occasionally you will be unable to make a regular weekly meeting. Membership in a Rotary club means you are welcome at any Rotary club anywhere in the world. Attendance at another Rotary Club within two weeks, before or after, a missed meeting keeps your attendance current. Get a make-up card at the door of the Rotary Club when you make up and give it to registration when you return to the next meeting. Or just visit to see what another club is like. Each Rotary club has a different personality. Visiting another club is a great way to experience Rotary beyond your own club.

This is a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians. You will always be welcomed. Many Rotarians include plans for make-up meetings as part of their vacations.

Assist in one club project

Club projects are events in which participation of the membership is necessary to be successful. These activities are also great fellowship activities.

Get to know the members of your club.

Each club member is encouraged to introduce themselves, just as you are encouraged to take the initiative and talk with other members that you haven't had the opportunity to meet yet.

Attend a New Member Orientation

A new member orientation meeting will begin to provide you with a foundation of knowledge about Rotary International. You will receive a significant amount of information about the history, mission, and programs of Rotary. Spouses and significant others are encourage to attend.

Attend a Board of Directors Meeting

Important decisions about the direction, operation and plans of the club are discussed and determined during Board meetings. Let the club President know that you would like to attend a meeting.

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