About William Louis McDonald



Bill McDonald's educational background is in the fields of military aviation via both USMC and the California Army National Guard; combined with forensic anthropology as an artist. His work experience was as an undercover private investigator for over twelve years, working for private agenciesin liaisonwith major metropolitan police departments, federal agencies and the military. At the same time he was a precision fantasy, technical, scientific and commercial illustrator who fell into forensics as far back as high school.
He specializes in using correct investigative methods to conduct interviews with key specific witnesses in both criminal and paranormal cases, and the correct forensic procedures for rendering composite illustrations based on physical evidence and/or cooberated testimonies that can be used for legal inquest, commercial media, or paranormal &UFO related case research.
His work was adapted to rendering conceptual design for motion pictures, television, magazines and books. He designed and rendered all spacecraft versions used in the SHOWTIME telefilm "Roswell." A second independent film "Gemini Encounters" immediately followed. His artwork and interviews have been seen on multiple segments of "Sightings, Encounters," and "Strange Universe." He consulted for NBC series, "The Other Side," and "Unsolved Mysteries." Numerous cable channel and network specials followed including TNT's "The Secret KGB UFO Files."

Bill has presented numerous lectures on these subjects to:
THE HOMECOMING CONFERENCE at Mount Shasta, California
MUFON Orange County
MUFON Ventura County/Santa Barbara County
MUFON Las Vegas
The Little A 'le inn in Rachel, Nevada
The San Diego UFO Society
MUFON North San Diego County
Arizona AlienUFO Research Group (Founded by Lori McDonald in march 2004)
The San Diego Art Bell Chat Club
MUFON Alabama
UFO Lectures of Orange County / The Orange County chapter of the Art Bell chat club
The UFO Research Group of Kingman, Arizona

Bill has been featured in dozens of news stories about his investigations:
The Orange County Register
The Los Angeles Times
The London Sunday Times (Uri Geller's column)
The Huntsville Times
CNI News (On-line)
The Roswell Daily Record
The International MUFON UFO Journal
The College Times, -->ASU, MCC & SCC Area in Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona

Bill has also appeared on such television news broadcasts as:
KABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News, Los Angeles
KNBC Channel 4 News, Los Angeles
KCBS Channel 2 News, Los Angeles
KCAL Channel 9 News, Los Angeles
KCOP Channel 13 News, Los Angeles
FOX Channel 11 News, Los Angeles
FOX News Birmingham, Alabama
Numerous local television news organizations through-out the United States

Bill has also appeared on such televisionprograms and segments as:
Paramount Television's (Now UPN) syndicated "Sightings" (Now syndicated)
FOX Television's "Encounters"
UPN's "Strange Universe"
NBC's "The Other Side"
NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" (Now syndicated)
TNT's "The Secret KGB UFO Files" (Associated Television International)
Numerous syndicated programs on the Roswell crash on the SCI-FI Channel (Associated Television Intl.)

Past Coast to Coast am Radio Shows:

Space Travel & Creature Forensics

Tuesday October 2, 2012

Forensic artist and alternative investigator, Bill McDonald, shared updates on several of his projects including the biology of the Loch Ness monster, as well as how advances in technology will facilitate future long distance space travel. First hour guest, researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his exploration of ancient mounds and circles in the OhioValley. Host: George Noory

ETs & CryptozoologyWednesday January 13, 2010

Forensic artist and investigator Bill McDonald updated us on several of his projects including the biology of the Loch Ness monster, and the interface between UFO occupants and their spacecraft. Last hour guest, astronomer Ken Croswell talked about the incredible diversity of stars. ...
Host: George Noory
Art Bell: Somewhere in Time
Saturday August 8, 2009
Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to November 22, 2002 when Bill Doleman and Bill McDonald discussed the Roswell UFO crash, aliens, & DNA. ...
Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time
Autism & the ‘Grays”
Saturday December 23, 2006
Researcher and author Bill McDonald spoke about the dramatic rise in autistic children (from 1 in 10,000 in 1996 to 1 out of 166 in 2006), as well as his family's history with autism. ..
Host: Art Bell

Legends of UFOlogy
Saturday May 27, 2006

Filling in for Art Bell, Ian Punnett welcomed artist and researcher Bill McDonald, who discussed his background and work, as well as the late Leonard Stringfield and other legendary UFO investigators that have passed on. ...
Alien Vehicles

Sunday November 7, 2004

Artist and researcher Bill McDonald (AlienUFOart.com) returned to the show to share his analysis of alien craft. In his documenting of the Roswell incident, he said he created his illustrations based on interviews with 248 reliable witnesses. Describing the Roswell craft as a delta-shaped "metal crystalline" vehicle that was grown in layers, he stated it was capable of morphing under different conditions. ...
Host: Art Bell

EBEs & Spacecraft

Sunday December 7, 2003

Artist and researcher Bill McDonald discussed his investigation into the forms of EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities) and their spacecraft which interface with the brain for navigation. First hour guest, Steven Greer, the founder of SEAS, offered an update on the search for alternative energy. ...
Host: Art Bell