Vacancy Applied for: Night Concierge – Elizabeth Street Project

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Calico is committed to employing a workforce that is inclusive and diverse by removing any barriers and tackling discrimination.
If you are a disabled person and you fulfil all the essential criteria on the enclosed person specification to the satisfaction of the selection panel, you are guaranteed an interview. If you wish to be included in this scheme, please indicate in the box below.

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Calico is committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability, age, transgender, religion or sexual orientation and in accordance with the 9 protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010. We therefore ask you to provide us with the information requested on this form. Please be assured that this information is used for monitoring purposes only in order to comply with current employment legislation and to promote equality of opportunity throughout the company. By monitoring this information for job applicants we are able to identify and remove any barriers that may exist for any groups or individuals. This form will be kept separately from your application form and has no part in the selection process

1. Vacancy applied for:Night Concierge – Elizabeth Street Project
2. Ethnic origin: (*To which group would you say you belong? Please tick one box.)

*These categories are approved by the Equality and Human Rights Commission
3. Gender


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4. Disability
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8. Where did you INITIALLY see the advert – please tick appropriate box.


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Vacancy Applied for: Night Concierge – Elizabeth Street Project
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Driving Licence

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Please provide details of how you are suitable for the position and meet the person specification. Please include qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge and any other information which you feel may be helpful to your application (continue on a separate sheet if necessary). CV’s will not be accepted.


Please return this form to: Human Resources, Calico, Centenary Court, Croft Street, Burnley, BB11 2ED



Please give details of your referees. These should include all employment references covering the last three years, including your present or most recent employer. In all cases a minimum of two referees must be provided.
If you are applying for a role involving client care you must provide details of your last CQC registered / care employer regardless of when you left.
If your first referee covers the last three years of your employment, you will still need to provide a second referee. This should be a person who has knowledge of your skills and would be able to comment on your ability to do the job you are applying for, for example: a Club or Charity for whom you work voluntarily; or School or College
If you have been self-employed for the last three years, or have never been employed, you should still provide the names of two people who can comment on your suitability for this post.


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Name: / Name:
Address: / Address:
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E mail: / E mail
Relationship: / Relationship:
Dates Employed / From: / To: / Dates Employed / From: / To:
Please note, it is the requirement of the Company’s Insurance Policy that satisfactory written references are obtained direct from former employers covering the previous 3 years. Therefore, an offer of employment will be subject to the receipt of satisfactory references

The disclosure of a criminal record will not debar your appointment unless the selection panel considers that the conviction renders you unsuitable for appointment. In making this decision the panel will consider the nature of the offence(s), how long ago and what age you were and any other factors which may be relevant.

Failure to declare a conviction may, however, disqualify you from an appointment, or result in the termination of your contract if the discrepancy comes to light.


On this form you must disclose any conviction you have received, including convictions as a juvenile, which have not become ‘spent’.

You must also disclose details if you are currently the subject of a police investigation/police proceedings which could result in a conviction, caution or bind over order.

Unspent Criminal Convictions
Do you have any UNSPENT convictions, cautions or bind over orders ? / Yes: No:
Details (Continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
Date / Court / Offence / Penalty

I understand that failure to disclose fully any unspent criminal conviction, caution or bind over order may lead to any job offer being withdrawn, or to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.


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