YogaFit Routine

Mountain 1 = warm-up

  • Start with deep breathing. During this time, participants become centered in their bodies and acknowledge any conditions that may be present during their practice. Breathing helps oxygenate the blood, warm the body, and generate focus for the class. During deep breathing, we work to lengthen the count of each breath so that our breath becomes longer and deeper.

Valley 1 = Sun Salutations

  • In Yoga, a “salutation” is a series of poses linked together with the breath that has a specific focus or purpose. For YogaFit, the Sun Salutations complete our warm-up phase by working all major muscles and joints through their full range of motion.

Mountain 2 = Work phase

  • We use the heat built in Mountain 1 and Valley 1 to work into standing poses that build strength, endurance, and flexibility for the upper and lower body. Because our muscles are warm, they are now responsive to this type of training. Poses in Mountain 2 use lunging positions fo build strength and flexibility in the lower body, and arm and torso positions for similar effect in the upper body.

Valley 2 = Balance

  • In Valley 2, we perform balancing poses with the head above the heart. Performing these poses at this point has two primary benefits. First, we are improving overall balance and muscular coordination. Second, we are helping to equalize blood pressure in the upper and lower halves of the body. It is important that we do this prior to coming down to the floor to prevent potential health complications.

Mountain 3 = Cool down

  • During Mountain 3, we use the heat in the body to move deeper in prone (belly-down), seated, and supine poses that build strength and enhance flexibility through deep stretching. In YogaFit, seated and prone poses are usually reserved for Mountain 3 to create the optimal flow. Some Mountain 3 poses build strength, but most offer opportunities to deeply stretch the body.

These are the poses and order in which we have learned and practiced our YogaFit routine. In the space provided, draw or explain each pose.

Mountain 1 = Warm-up

  1. Standing Stationary Mountain
  2. Moonflowers
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Chair Flow
  5. Forward Fold
  6. Downward Facing Dog
  7. Cat Cow
  8. Spinal Balance
  9. Downward Facing Dog
  10. Walk Hands to Feet
  11. Reverse Swan Dive
  12. Standing Mountain

Valley 1 = Sun Salutations

  1. Mountain = inhale
  2. Forward fold = exhale
  3. Lunge = inhale
  4. Downward Facing Dog = exhale
  5. Plank or kneeling plank= inhale
  6. Crocodile or kneeling croc = exhale
  7. Upward Facing Dog or Cobra = inhale
  8. Downward Facing Dog = exhale
  9. Lunge = inhale
  10. Forward Fold = exhale
  11. Mountain = inhale
  12. Chair = exhale

Mountain 2 = Work Phase

  1. Warrior 1

Mountain 2 = Work Phase (con’t)

  1. Warrior 2
  2. Reverse Warrior
  3. Pyramid

Valley 2 = Balance

  1. Tree Pose

Mountain 3 = Cool Down

  1. Child’s pose
  2. Locust
  3. Bow
  4. Child’s
  5. Camel
  6. Child’s
  7. Cradle the Baby
  8. Boat

Mountain 3 = Cool Down (con’t)

  1. Butterfly
  2. Incline Plank
  3. Knees to Chest
  4. Spinal Twist
  5. Final Relaxation.